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Boss Bottled Night by Hugo Boss

This one is best for summer nights. Disregard the suit that Ryan's wearing. I get lavender and a sporty accord similar to Axe. Whatever it's similar to, I LOVE THIS ONE.
28th January, 2011

Big Pony 2 by Ralph Lauren

I wanted to get this one but after testing and re-testing it, I found it boring. I don't really detect the chocolate note as others strongly do. It was a pleasant smell, nothing too special though, and after 1 hour it was gone :(
It's supposed to be the sensual one among the 4.
30th November, 2010

Style In Play by Lacoste

Think apples, a dash of cinammon, some berries, and juice that makes these ingredients smell manly.
30th November, 2010
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Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

It smells dirty. It's probably the leather. I got a dirty, OILY man hint from it.
30th November, 2010

212 Sexy Men by Carolina Herrera

Smells like lipstick rubbed on arm pits. Boo
30th November, 2010