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Iquitos by Alain Delon

Remarkable that a movie star kown for his macho image produced this one of a kind, confusingly androgynous cologne for men. Dior released Poison for women roughly at the same time, and to me Iquitos was in the same realm. Almost intoxicating, mysterious to the point of something sinister, therefore possibly a little too out there for most men. But are vampires not the latest old revival thing right now? Lady Gaga's videos would go terribly well with a somptuous splash of Iquitos.

Named after a notoriously seedy and dangerous city in Southamerica, as Alain Delon explained it the counterpart to Marseille, there is definitely something "fin de siècle" about it and maybe it lacks a contemperary sence about it, but I went through 3 bottles and loved it immensely. Anyway, reveling in decadence was hot in the eighties, what about names like Obsession, Opium, etc?

01st December, 2010

Feeling Man by Jil Sander

Although I haven 't had the chance to wear this for almost 2 decades the scent remains unforgettable. Since Calvin Klein's Contradiction is similar and maybe even sort of a copy of this I would agree this sexy fragrance should make a come back, there are too many on the market that leave no impression at all.
01st December, 2010