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Eau des Baux by L'Occitane

I like this fragrance, however it is one that people who smell it will love or hate it based on the opening. Some say it starts off like Shoe Polish. I do not see that, i admit that it is strong though and slightly odd smelling. The opening is the Red Peppercorn that seems to take over. This fragrance is original and it is fair to say that you will not have anybody wearing juice like this unlike Cool Water or one million. The dry down is good and is like an incense stick fizzling out.

Longevity is excellent, lasts and lasts. Silage is great if you can get passed the initial opening which as I have said will take over the space.
31st December, 2015

Cool Water by Davidoff

I resisted getting this fragrance because it seemed every male and some females had this. When finally getting this i was surprised at the poor longevity, it seems to fizzle out after 2 to 3 hours. I love the Orange and Sandalwood, and feel that it smells similar to Champion though goes stale at the end. However in common with Champion this does not last long. The opening is very nice and very masculine, it is worth getting to add to your collection. However be warned, it seems most guys are wearing this, it is not original and that is the drawback.
31st December, 2015

Mankind by Kenneth Cole

Very impressed with this fragrance. Heard some positive reviews and bought it with a gift set for £22.00, and that was for 100ml. Smells lovely and is masculine. I like the Cinnamon and Pineapple the most. The wind down is the Oakmoss, this lingers and if you spray on your clothes will stay forever. Longevity is very impressive, i put it on at 3pm and still smelled it at midnight, so your looking at between 9 to 10 hours. Worth getting if you want to get away from the usual fragrances.
31st December, 2015
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Boss The Scent by Hugo Boss

I heard many good things about this fragrance. To be fair it is nothing special. I feel that the leather which is down as the bottom note seems to take over from the start, problem with that is that the ginger seems to be lost in the shuffle. Longevity is ok, maybe 5 to 7 hours, sillage is good. Boss Scent is nothing new and has been done before, i would advice people to get this with the Gift set rather than on its own.
31st December, 2015

Cacharel Pour L'Homme by Cacharel

Cacharel Pour L'Homme is a Fragrance I had in 2007, I managed to use it all fairly quickly and could not find another original. I managed to find a bottle seven years later and it smells as great as ever. It is in my all time top five scents, it's masculine bit has a touch of feminine to it, possibly the Lemon Notes. I agree with other comments that the opening notes fade fairly quickly. You are left with the nutmeg and lemon but more sofisticated. You would not know that it was 1981. Paul Smith brought out a recent Frgrance that smells similar, but Cacharel is still the best. It last about 6 hours on me, silage is great just avoid putting too much on.
03rd October, 2014

Lanvin L'Homme Sport by Lanvin

Lovely smell, quite different to other Sporty fragrances around.
only issue is the longevity, lasts approx four hours on me.
Worth buying even if you get four hours from it.
10th November, 2013

Roadster Sport by Cartier

I went into a well known store in Birmingham UK to look for a Fragrance. Saw the usual Suspects, Creed, Tom Ford, Gucci. Smelled a few but could not decide. Smelled Roadster Sport by Cartier and checked Reviews, lots of negative ones. Decided to buy it and it was not cheap, but smells good especially the Orange and Black Pepper. I managed to get 8 hours from this which was impressive. Sillage is very good but not overpowering, and longevity is impressive as stated. Can be used most places and have had many compliments.
10th September, 2012

Bespoke by Hackett

This fragrance has an opening burst of Lemon and Lime, it then drys down to not much really. I struggled to get more than 30 minutes longevity out of this one yet the opening is still quite impressive. I got this one cheap, its ok to wear after the Gym but that's about it really.
23rd June, 2012

Eternity Summer for Men 2006 by Calvin Klein

An average summer scent, very strong on initial burst. Musk and Cedar are prominant with this one. Sillage is ok but longevity wise it struggles. I am lucky to get 2 hours from this, their are much better summer fragrances out there. Longevity has to be a decider when getting a scent otherwise it is pointless. The original Eternity lasted longer and had better Sillage, if you have that avoid this one.
08th June, 2012

Adidas Victory League 2006 by Adidas

I have heard many things about Adidas Victory League, the Boss Bottled Rip off thing was among many reasons why I decided to get this fragrance. This screams of Vanilla and for me that is good. It is quite sharp from the beginning and you can smell the Pear blending in after about ten minutes. The Cedar comes through but is not as prominent as the Vanilla and Pear. Their is a hint of Basil which makes the blend work.

I have Boss Bottled also and for me Victory League wins hands down. VL has better Sillage, it lasts longer, it is not overpowering, plus you get better value for money. There are so money fragrances coming out that seem to smell the same, and at times I struggle to pick out the ingredients, but with Victory League you can pick out the ingredients and they do work.

I wore this for one day and recieved numerous compliments, people wanted to know where to buy it from and how much. I have stopped wearing Boss Bottled now as I do not see the point.

08th June, 2012

Champion by Davidoff

This scent is tolerable but its not new by any stretch. Strong burst of lemon that lingers for a short while. I am not convinced by the longevity as it seems to vanish after a a few hours which for the price is poor. This scent has been done before, Cool Water smells like this. You will not win many marks for originality in the clubs with this one as many people will be wearing Champion. It is too familiar with no surprises.
02nd January, 2012

Love and Luck for Men by Ed Hardy [Christian Audigier]

I heard so many positive reviews about this scent. On trying it I was initially impressed with the smell coming out, I have always been a fan of Orange and Cedarwood in my scents and this one had these. The big downside is the longevity, I can barely get 1 hour out of this scent and that has to be a big issue as many other people have said the same. I want to spray something on me and be able to smell it a few hours later, this scent slips up in this department and for that I could not recommend it.
31st December, 2011 (last edited: 03rd October, 2014)

Armani Eau pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

Armani Eua Pour Homme is a strange scent, I cannot really pick many faults with it and I like the Lemon and Tangerine. This scent is from the classic mold and is not over complicated. I would question the amount of time that this fragrance lasts on my skin as it barely goes beyond 4 hours, but it smells lovely and is worth a small investment. It is far removed from other armani scents that are doing the rounds in the clubs.
31st December, 2011 (last edited: 07th January, 2012)
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Chrome by Azzaro

So many reviews of this scent, pleased to say that I checked it out for myself. Orange comes out but not as full on as I thougt it would, the initial burst stays with you for a while where the Sandalwood kicks in, maybe its ny nose but the Sandalwood hangs around but in a good way. I have tried many scents this year and finally at the end of 2011 I have one that is quiet superior to the usual run of the mill synthetics. You can pick a 100ml Bottle up quiet cheaply. Chrome has great sillage and distance plus I got compliments on first time of wearing.
31st December, 2011

Clubman Virgin Island Bay Rum by Pinaud

There are numerous Bay Rum Incarnations around, I however went for a Pinaud creation as they have a touch of class. Yes I agree that the Cloves take over this Fragrance, but it has a kick that I love that interacts with these Cold Winter Days and Nights. It last on me up to 6 hours and Projects very well. You can buy this for £9.00 if you know where to look. Well worth getting and a little treasure.

Rating: 7/10
03rd December, 2010

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Summer by Issey Miyake

Lovely Smell. I see this as all year round rather than Summer. This Fragrance produces amazing results in the Winter when itss Frosty. I Love Fruits in my Fragrances and this one has Grapefruit which I Love. A Graet smell and its in my Top 5 ever.

Projects great and lasts ages, definately 9-12 hours on me.

Rating: 9/10
03rd December, 2010

Halston Z-14 by Halston

You will either Love or Hate this Fragrance. I bought this very Cheap years ago and initially I never wore it due to having others that were similiar. However I am trying all my fragrances and I'm going to give a fair assessment to it. Z-14 goes well in winter as it has a kick that works with the Cold season. It starts off with a Lemon zest feel that quickly goes and then the Cinnamon takes over and seems to dominate for half an hour or so. The Leather and Moss finish it of with the Leather feel totally dominating the fragrance a it disapears into the mist.
Sillage is patchy, Projection is average with me getting 4-5 Hours with this.
Worth trying as a 5 m or 30ml Bottle. Not the worst smell out there, it has style at least and that why its worth a try.
02nd December, 2010 (last edited: 02nd May, 2015)

Dirty English by Juicy Couture

This is one of my favourite EDT Scents in my collection. It starts off with a Bang and lets you know its there. I can feel the Smokey Woody vibe early on with this, the leather stamp on it is strengthened later on. Some say it has a Whiskey or Scotch smell to it, I would agree with that view, possibly Irish Whiskey. The smell of Candy also takes shape from the Bottle and thats not a bad thing. The Name is cool because it is unique and I like unique. The Bottle looks great to look at, its in the top Five Bottles to look in my collection. Sillage is good with Projection excellent. It lasts easily up to 10 Hours on a Winter Day and is good in the Cold Weather. Women comliment me on this Scent on Trains and in shops and they cannot quite say what it smells like. Get this Sent 'NOW.
02nd December, 2010 (last edited: 31st December, 2011)

Bulgari pour Homme Extrême by Bulgari

I love this Scent, its my favourite by miles. As soon as I put this on I feel amazing and special. This Scent to me works well on so many levels. The Citrus blast is strong yet it works and doesn't come across as vulgar or overdone, there are notes in this that are not on the list or maybe its just my nose. A while later the Green Tea takes effect, abit like Earl Grey i feel, then we round of with the Cedar and thats what gives this Fragrance the Sexiness it deserves. Sillage is awesome, it stays on Projects far and wide, I would say minimum 10 hours with this one, max 12. Bulgari Pour Homme Extreme is a compliment getter and is a must have. Some say Summer, some say Winter, I say all day every day.
02nd December, 2010 (last edited: 18th December, 2010)

1881 Amber by Cerruti

I like this Amber version more than the Original. Its smells Sweet and that why I like this one as the Cedar really does the job. Longevity is poor, you are lucky if you get more than 2 Hours with this one, but its still worth a try. Possibly get a small Bottle.

Rating: 5/10
02nd December, 2010

Polo by Ralph Lauren

I find this Frgrance way too strong. It lasts for what seems eternity and whenever I have worn it I could not wait to get under the Shower. Fair play if people like it but its too full on for me and for that I will pass.

Rating: 3/10
02nd December, 2010