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Pour Un Homme by Caron

The lavender and bergamot explosion induces a terrible headache on me, every time. It's better when the vanilla comes in and finally gets rid of the top notes. This scent has an amazing progression, but good god it nukes my head every single time.
05th January, 2006

Envy for Men by Gucci

My personal favorite, and by a long shot! It's pure sex appeal! Warm, inviting, comforting, assured, manly and sweet enough... I love it!!!
15th November, 2005

Michael for Men by Michael Kors

On me, the anise note strikes out from begining to end, and I hate that smell. Kors smells very very cloying, awful, strong and repulsive. I have a deep hate for it. What's worse, I couldn't get this stench off of me! It's okay to like it, I can see why some people would, but I DEFINITLY don't. At all. Be careful and don't buy blind!
09th November, 2005
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Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge by Jacomo

WOW! I really really really love this!
the top notes remind me, for some reason, of a chocolate factory, they dry down to a sweet, manly, pure and PERFECT smell that I just can't describe!
definitly a new favorite
Only one slight problem, the whole cycle lasts only 4-5 hours on me :(

Ah well, at least I get to re-apply some more! The top notes are my favorite of the bunch. And at this price (I paid 13 USD for a 3.4 oz on ebay) I really don't mind buying more when I run out.
06th November, 2005

Photo by Lagerfeld

On me, this starts very powdery, which I don't like all that much. But soon enough it dries down to a much more floral scent, which is very pleasant. Sadly, it only lasts about 2 hours on my skin, which is quite a shame for such a nice dry down. The not-so-special top notes and short life spawn grant this one a neutral review from me, it still is good though.
06th November, 2005

Iceberg Twice Homme by Iceberg

Very sweet smelling and quite long lasting (a bit over 8 hours on my skin)
Reminds me quite a lot of "Le Male" and "Jacomo Rouge", which I both love. It sadly lacks the amazing top notes of Jacomo Rouge but does last much longer. I definitly suggest this scent, expecially at the price. Really good and gathers many compliment!
06th November, 2005