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Aventus by Creed

7/24/12 lot ...12A01: quite pleasant, lasts, all the primary notes are there.
11/30/12 lot ..12C02: more pepper, less pineapple.
9/20/14 lot ...14D01 subjectively, not as good as previous lots, more ashy, but still pleasant overall, and a compliment getter. Strange, this lot, to me, seemed to have almost a Tom Ford Grey Vetiver vibe to it. I don't recall noticing anything like that on any other batches I've tried. Still great longevity on me - 14 hours so far.
21st September, 2014

Habit Rouge by Guerlain

I own both EDP & EDT. Between the two, I prefer the EDP, the EDT seeming more harsh, or raspy (comparatively). The EDP seems more refined, smoother. I've worn it a number of times, and am still trying to figure it out. Recently, I sprayed the EDP, sat down, listened to music, while I savored the scent's transitions over time. Then, for the first time, I sensed something familiar, but hadn't noticed before... I was thinking burnt vanilla, but, no, that wasn't quite it... suddenly it struck me. For a brief time it conjured up one of the phases of Bvlgari Black. It was that odd, yet pleasant, tea (some say burnt rubber) joined with vanilla that I sometimes get from Black. Anyone else notice that?
28th November, 2012

Antaeus by Chanel

Initial take- top: citrus (lemon-lime, bergamot?), nice, somewhat sharp, but generic perfumey scent
@ 10" I'm picking up some mild floral aldehydes that I can't quite identify (perhaps rose), with some slight spiciness (almost, but not quite, Old Spice-iness)
@ 30" I'm sensing non-descript woody notes, nothing yet animalistic
@ 45" smooth, sweetened patchouli, + what?
@ 60" Oh my goodness- what happened? This is really NICE! But how do I describe it? Beautiful! Believe it or not it makes me think of the nicest aspects of Kouros (I know, I know, some of you probably think there ARE no nice aspects of Kouros, but, there it is). I like it- but, do I like it enough to buy it? Undecided, but considering- will have to test a few more times first…
09th January, 2012
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Stetson by Stetson

For the $5/1.75 oz. sale price, this edc might be worth a try. Not one of my favorites, but here's what I get:
initial take: strong, sharp, citrus floral… not so good, but it does project
@ 5" a little powdery feminine floral
@ 10" still flowery, maybe a slight hint of ambery/leather?, along with some sort of cheap lavender
@ 15" pretty much the same with rememberances of a cheap imitation of Givenchy Insense (a much better choice for a men's floral fragrance).
@ 30" OK, it's starting to soften a little, and I may be picking up a little amber?
@ 45" Definitely softened, closer to the skin scent now; reminds me of another fragrance, but I can't quite pick it out...
@ 60" Now it's getting strange... wait a minute, wait a minute... I'm thinking, Bogart pour Homme??? I sprayed some to compare. No, it's not the same, but still, does anybody else get that tie-in?

Well it's not likely to enter my personal line-up soon, but, for the money, one could do worse. After all, Tania Sanchez gave it a 4*, and wrote she'd wear it herself :-)
02nd January, 2012

Yatagan by Caron

Wow! How do I describe this sample from The Perfumed Court (now own Yatagan)?
Initial impression: herbal, including basil & something else…
@ 5" in, I'm picking up another vegetal note- a clean celery (IFF's Vertofix?). No lavender yet, & no pine yet at least not of the resinous, evergreen, unless, just a whiff of dried, seasoned pine lumber.
@ 10" Perhaps there's also a hint of the celery morphing into wormwood or vetiver. I also get memories of Hugo Spirit with a touch of Ungaro pour L'Homme III. Is there an unlisted cumin or curry note?
@ 20" I'm picking up additional notes that remind me of the scent of the bark on the Live Oak in my back yard
@ 30" the same
@ 60" no change
@ 2 hrs no change except projection fading
I don't get it- after multiple tests over several days, it's another nice Caron. What's there to say "Yuck" to?
2011 update: while it's not in my top 5, I did like it well enough to buy it, & wear occasionally.
01st January, 2012 (last edited: 14th May, 2014)

Michael for Men by Michael Kors

The 1st time I tried Michael for Men, I thought, "disgusssting! Who would wear this nasty stuff? Smells like ****!" Half an hour later, it smelled even worse (if that were possible). Thoroughly displeased, I washed several times to remove all traces of the offending odor. Some weeks later I sampled it again, just to show someone how vile it was. To my surprise, they liked it- a lot. I gingerly sniffed my wrist again, and, what's that? That smells great! Note, it HAD dried down over an hour before I smelled it this time. What a difference! Fairly strong sillage, and I can easily detect it the next day. I've grown to really appreciate this scent. I just need to make sure I apply it well before I leave home to let it air out a bit. Anyone else have a similar experience with this one?

PS I detect similarities between this and Cartier's Pasha; several notes in common from top through mid to base, with more of a dried fruit,tobacco and boozey notes added. The nod goes to Michael over Pasha, though. See my review of Pasha.
21st December, 2011

Pasha by Cartier

While not as long lasting, I detect similarities between this (pre-reformulation) Pasha and Michael Kors for men, which I happen to like. There are notes in common in top, mid, and base. I don't get Turin's disparaging "Lemon Pledge" or "big in Brunei" (whatever did that little country do to deserve that cut?) comments. I enjoy reading Turin, and for the most part, appreciate his comments and evaluations. Sometimes his humor is lost on me (probably more my fault than his). At any rate, I like Pasha enough to give a semi-thumbs-up rating. I have a small bottle and not sure whether or not I'll replace it when empty.
21st December, 2011

Ormonde Man by Ormonde Jayne

Initial review: I LOVE the green, green, freshly cut Kentucky Bluegrass/evergreen opening on this (is it the juniper berry followed with black hemlock coming through already?)! It brings back memories of high school days in Lexington. I keep wanting to smell it time after time. I wish the top lasted longer- it's so refreshing! Clean, pleasant, mild mid note of oude introduces itself soon afterward. Dry down is nice, but fairly non-descript to me. It is anticlimactic after the earlier phases, ebbing to just a skin scent far too early. Smooth, well-blended. Worth getting.
12th December, 2011 (last edited: 18th December, 2011)

New-York by Nicolaï

Initial review: Combine Chanel's Pour Monsieur Concentree with Shulton's Old Spice, and you get OJ's New York! OK, it's not exactly the same, and New York is definitely my preference over cpmc, but you get the idea. Enjoyable scent if you don't mind spending the money.
12th December, 2011

Jack Black Signature Blue Mark by Jack Black

Mild, slightly spicy (maybe ginger, but don't think ginger root), slightly citrus, vaguely reminiscent of John Varvatos Artisan, Perry Ellis 360 Red, or even Burberry Sport. Pleasant enough, but not on my "to get" list.
09th December, 2011

St Johns Cutlass by West Indies Bay Company

Owned many years ago. I remember it as a spicy citrus (bergamot, orange?) with some sort of woody (sandalwood) and light musk or amber base.
18th November, 2011

Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Initial impression: only very slight rosemary immediately after spray, along w/ nice, clean lavender; maybe a little anise, reminiscent of Azzaro pH;

@ 10" maybe geranium, no clove; @ 20" still no clove, but something a little sweet;

@ 30" faded, close to skin, not much projection. Don't get the vetiver, gaiac wood, perhaps a note of patchouli.

@ 50" no change. Does not seem to project much on me, though received positive compliments from others. Very nice, classic, smooth dry-down, pleasant to wear.
03rd November, 2011 (last edited: 26th April, 2012)

Bogart pour Homme by Jacques Bogart

A little harsh at first, strong projection, sweet tobacco (maybe a little like cherry pipe tobacco in the pouch- is it the Tonka Bean/coumarin?), strong, acrid to my nostrils…… but boy, the final dry-down, so smooth; still some tobacco, but warm and lasting. What a nice finish! It's worth the wait. Plan ahead & apply lightly some time before going out, or a little heavier if you're planning on staying home to enjoy it. Is it a little synthetic? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes.
02nd November, 2011 (last edited: 10th December, 2011)
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Absolue Pour Le Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Initial: cleaned baby diaper pan or wipes? Closely followed by burntish (or smokey?) rubbery note, then somewhat unpleasant unidentifiable note (@ 2" in- not barnyard as others say, but is it civet?)… no honey or cedarwood yet, nor frankincense… benzoin is supposed to be in there somewhere, but not sure what it's supposed to smell like...;

@ 10" in, initial notes somewhat muted, w/ rubber starting to turn into what seems to me a little like tea/tobacco, w/ a little sweetness (honey?). OK, @ 13-15" in, I detect what may be frankincense. Don't get any cumin or cloves, though.

@ 20" in: a little more syrupy, smokey incense? The somewhat unpleasant note is mostly gone, or I'm getting used to it.

45": unpleasant odor faded, definitely sweeter, but w/ touch of sweat?; still faint rubber note (ala Bulgari Black) if I sniff close to skin. OK, maybe a touch of cinnamon, (cloves too, but I'm not sure I would pick it out if I hadn't read Darvant's review - power of suggestion?); may be safe to go out into the public now...

60": It's a little more dressed up, presentable, even elegant now.

2 hours in: pretty much the same, a little less projection, closer to the skin. Hmmm... but I know how it really started out.... Interesting, heavy scent to test and experience occasionally, but not sure I would actually wear it anywhere. I have no plans to buy it, the sample is enough. Barely one thumb up.
02nd November, 2011

Encre Noire by Lalique

The initial notes of this dark beauty, though sweeter by comparison, recalls Ungaro III, (older & newer formulations), which seems more austere. I guess it's the vetiver, but something really reminds me of the old linament you can still find on the shelves, Absorbine Junior. It contains, among other ingredients, wormwood extract, camphor, iodine, absinthium oil, echinacea, and thymol. I'm thinking some similar combination may exist in Encre Noir. I also get a slight hint of that bright smokey woody incense in Timbuktu. Having said that, if you like that scent (& I do), this could be a worthy addition to your collection. If you don't like it that much, you could at least use it to clear that stuffy nose this winter... or ease those aching joints.
22nd October, 2011 (last edited: 25th October, 2011)

Timbuktu by L'Artisan Parfumeur

I've only tried this in a store, but here's my take so far: Light, heady, dry clear incense smoke with a hint of woodiness and vetiver. Do I detect a touch of cardamom in the smoke? Seems quite natural, not synthetic, like most modern scents. I can see this being worn by either men or women, but it seems a little more on the maculine side to me. Nothing quite like it. Luca Turin [I know, I know, and I don't always agree with him either] in his Perfume guide rates this 5* out of 5. According to Turin, creator Bertrand Duchaufour used a rare Indian essential oil named "Cypriol" to create the light smokey effect. It does seem fairly linear to me, so theire doesn't seem to be a huge change from top to base over the approximate 10 hours I've thrice tested it. Sillage has died down from the initial projection, but it's still maintains a definite presence. All in all, a fantastic creation!
17th October, 2011 (last edited: 21st July, 2012)

Reaction for Men by Kenneth Cole

Foetidus has it about right, in my opinion. I've tried this a few times. First time, I didn't like it (not a great fan of melon). Tried again recently, and actually thought it was fresh & pleasant. Dries down within an hour or so on me to a VERY faint hint of sandalwood, maybe musk. But you really have to get your nose right next to the skin to pick up anything. Might be ok for casual events that don't last long. After trying a few more times, I find it reminds me of Azzaro Now, which I prefer over this, & which lasts longer on me than Reaction.
10th June, 2011 (last edited: 06th July, 2011)

Dunhill d by Dunhill

duh... nhill I don't get this one. Not bad, but very generic. I smell the rosewood and mandarain orange, & a hint of cypress in top notes, but can't pick out the jasmine. Fades so quickly, I can't quite make out the heart or base notes, even after multiple applications, with my nose next to my skin. Given to me probably 12 years ago; wouldn't have bought it for myself.
06th June, 2011

Boucheron pour Homme by Boucheron

Ouch! A light spray of the edp on my skin.... what smelled ok on paper turned into a nose/throat burning monster to me. Certainly got lemon rind (maybe some bergamot too?), but in an unpleasant, soapy way. If a chypre has citrus top notes, Boucheron has it in spades, but not in the breezy Florida orange grove kind of way. It certainly has staying power, but after about 6 hours I had to wash it off.... "Out, damnned spot! Out I say!"

My apologies if I offend any who gave this positve reviews, but this is really the first fragrance I just can't handle. It is fascinating however, to see such a wide range of opinions on this one.
14th May, 2011 (last edited: 04th January, 2012)

Infusion d'Homme by Prada

I kind of liked this one, somewhat sophisticated (no, it's not the Prada name, which doesn't appeal to me), but kept getting hints of hairspray mixed with the soapy scent- a classier soap, but not so much the hairspray. Seems to last well, mild projection, but don't think I'll add this one to my collection any time soon. BTW, I noticed similar "hairspray" odors in other Pradas for men, but not sure what's behind that note. Any ideas anyone?
14th May, 2011 (last edited: 10th June, 2011)

Kelly Calèche Eau de Toilette by Hermès

Should be a beautiful scent on a woman; clean, fresh, lilly floral. I don't really get the leather, though. What I do sense, is a realy nice tea....
14th May, 2011

Dior Homme by Christian Dior

It's somewhat ok, but I get constant makeup kit smell (not bad, but not what I'm looking for in men's frag. Low sillage, very close, doesn't last long on me (<2 hrs & it's very faint). I detect the powdery scent, not unpleasant, and maybe a hint of the cocoa as it dries down.I sometimes use cardamon seed as breath freshener, but I don't get the cardamon here at all.
--- Retest, Dec 2012. revisited this, & now I get the cardamon. Seems composed of quality stuff, and I liked it enough to buy it. Changed from neutral to thumbs up.
26th February, 2011 (last edited: 23rd December, 2012)

Chanel Pour Monsieur by Chanel

Really different. The original PM seems more lemony and more short-live than PMC which seems more woody than the original. I know this goes against most comments, but I almost think I prefer PMC to PM. Semi-thumbs up.
26th February, 2011 (last edited: 30th December, 2011)

Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men by Giorgio Armani

I like it (even though a little synthetic), but it fades way too fast on me; almost enough to change to neutral rating. Probably wouldn't buy because of that.
26th February, 2011

Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

Projects like an IMAX theatre in the round! ... Which wouldn't be so bad if it smelled good. For the life of me, I can't figure why anyone likes this one. Not on my list, even toward the bottom.
26th February, 2011

Set Sail St. Barts for Men by Tommy Bahama

The lime is nice, but fades pretty quickly through faint clairol perm smell to faint suntan cream lotion. Can't wear this one!
26th February, 2011

Tommy Bahama for Men by Tommy Bahama

I don't really enjoy this one. Ends up generic and a little plastic, not really pleasant for me.
26th February, 2011

Play Intense by Givenchy

Initially reminds me of Rochas Man but mid note not as interesting. Don' t smell tar others mention, maybe it's the pink pepper? On subsequent testing, I like it better, but not sure why. I really get the sense of (& like it) the celluloid plastic note you get from new table tennis balls or canasta cards. I detect a similar note in Armani Diamonds pH and in Fahrenheit. Is it the iso e-super?
25th February, 2011 (last edited: 04th November, 2011)

Rochas Man by Rochas

This one's a nice change of pace for me- warm smooth, sweet. Top: cotton candy melting to light caramel. Dries nicely to vanilla, amber? base. Not sure I smelled lavender top or mocha base. Really nice dry down to the base!
25th February, 2011 (last edited: 04th November, 2011)

Tom Ford Extreme by Tom Ford

Rich, I sensed cinnamon in the top, leather in the mid, with a sweet base (patchouli?). Excellent blend, and the scent is intoxicazting, but for the high price, one would expect it to last much longer (3-4 hours on me).
25th February, 2011 (last edited: 04th November, 2011)