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Casual Friday by Escada

This is a similiar to Lemale, but richer and more potent. I discovered this thru my 11 year-old nephew who was given this by his father. To me, it was Lemale and chicken grease, but I kept spraying every chance I got. Soon, I acquired the remants of the bottle from my nephew, who is no big fan of fragrances. Before my acquisition, my nephew and I spent a Saturday(No, it wasnt Friday)together. As we rode the bus home after an all-star high school football game, I noticed a wonderful aroma everytime the bus door opened to let another passenger aboard. Finally, I remembered that my nephew had sprayed Casual Friday on himself before we left for the day. Wow! What a great scent. It often seems that fragrances smell better on others.
11th April, 2007

Magnetism for Men by Escada

The name and the bottle are the draw. The scent, an oriental, is nothing special. You want to like this one.
10th April, 2007

Unbound for Men by Halston

I also, as stated by a previous poster, purchased this for $10.99,excluding tax at a local Marshalls. This is the fragrance I wear around the house or to run to the grocery store, although it is good enough for more casual occasions. I like it very much. I get good compliments, and it lasts pretty good to my surprise. Strong upon initial application. My only discrepency is that the violet dominates a bit too much at times.
10th April, 2007
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360 Degrees for Men by Perry Ellis

Ive smelled this on others and it was very good and powerful, but application on ones self does not render the same results. Only good from a distance.
10th April, 2007

Cuba Gold by Cuba Paris

I sprayed on Axe Kilo, nothing special for the days work ahead. I jumped into my co-workers truck, heading to our work site for the day. I kept getting a sniff of a wonderful scent. The Axe I had on was a nice smell, but I knew it couldnt be me. Finally, I asked my co-worker if he had on cologne. He said, "Cuba". O.K., I had the name. I had seen the cigar shaped fragrance before and passed it off as cheap without testing it. Coming to this site, I discovered there are a number of Cuba fragrances in a variety of colors. My co-worker only said, "Cuba", so initially I wasnt sure which one it was. Viewing the posts, I came to the conclusion this was the one since LeMale did come to mind. Good to know I have a decent scent of smell. This stuff smells damn good. The cheapest ever for a great scent.
04th December, 2006

Armani Mania by Giorgio Armani

My girl just got this for me. Ive had previous samplings with Mania. In retrospect, I figure if I had not bought it by now, it left something to be desired. Of course, I cant tell my girl that. Besides, Im happy to add another bottle to my modest collection. What can I say about this? It is fresh, but I dont get watery or marine from this. Not that type of fresh. Someone said this is supposed to smell like an Armani suit. I can go for that. Smells like something freshly pressed. To be more exact, it smells like "Faultless" spray starch, but not as lemony. Thats not a bad thing. I think the saffron captures my attention in this. It is an unusual note for me. I like to see this used more often in fragrances. The oil content in it is plenty according to my simple test, but the top notes do seem to fade rapidly. As mentioned previously, I think this may be one of those that is still there after you cant detect it. More experimentation is needed. For me, this is something for the office, which I dont work in. I require more character. All said in done, its a different and nice addition to my collection.
30th October, 2006

Realities for Men by Realities Cosmetics

I had a similiar experience as a previous poster. I ran across this at T. J. Max. Liz must have been trying to clone D & G. They are that similiar. At $25.00 for 3.4 ozs and my bottle of D & G near empty, I seriously considered it. I wisely decided against it. D & G has everything going for it. I have to say it is good. If I said it was bad, then I might as well say D & G is bad. To say so would be a sin.
27th October, 2006

360 Degrees Red for Men by Perry Ellis

Its good to see that my sense of smell is keen. I also thought of Acqua Di Gio when I smelled this on my co-worker. I was a bit surprised when he told me 360 red. I guess the bottle threw me off. Its not frosted or marine blue like most watery or marine scents. I will have to test it on myself. So far, Im sold.
27th October, 2006

Unforgivable by Sean John

I had never been a big fan of Sean Combs, but as of lately, Ive been feeling him. I think I like his image more than his music, although presently, I really like his single "Come to me." All that said, Unforgivable is nothing special. I cannot detect individual notes in this. It seems to remain uniform until it fades. That is not so bad in itself. My favorite fragrance, Dolce and Gabanna has this charateristic also. The scent itself just isnt unusual or a nose catcher to me. I expected something more elegant or sophisticated...a power scent. Also, the bottle is ugly and Im not crazy about the name. This will end up like "Curve." Everyone will be wearing it. My girl seems to like it. I told her she would have to buy it for me. I havent smelled any of the Creed fragrances. If this smells like anyone of them, Im sure I would pass. Unforgivable doesnt give me that feel. Sorry Diddy.
27th October, 2006

Coastline by Avon

I would sample my friends bootle when I was over to his place. They were going in the watery-marine direction with this one. I like it alot. Most Avon fragrances in general are not bad, but they are cologne strenght. With my chemistry, I need something that is potent. I guess I will have to reapply often. I will pick up a bottle being that it is really affordable.
27th October, 2006

Paris Hilton for Men by Paris Hilton

Not a fan of Paris, but I think this is nice. I get alot of water melon also. I also agree this is leaning towards the feminine side, although thats no factor. I may buy this pending longevity tests.
26th October, 2006

Pleasures for Men by Estée Lauder

This reminds me of one of those "Cool Water" type scents. It does not smell bad at all. I would have to say this is more elegant than those similiar. ill give it 4 out of 5 stars because it is based on the foundation of another.
21st October, 2006

Boss Soul by Hugo Boss

I have a sample of this. There is something interesting about it. I think it may be the cinnamon. I dont see myself buying it. It is not different enough. It would be another oriental in my collection along with A*men, Desire, Lemale and Pi to name a few. Im moving away from orientals at this time.
13th October, 2006
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Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

This is one of the top must smell fragrances on my list. I have yet to run across it at the various shops I frequent. I think 212 has too much incense in it. It is not as pronounced in Envy. As of now, I dont think incense will be a note I will look for in fragrances. Nevertheless, I must smell this one. Looking at its pyramid, the notes in it seem interesting. Only one way to be sure.
06th September, 2006

Stetson by Stetson

Its nice enough to catch ones attention. This guy I worked with told me he wore this after inquiring. I personally wouldnt wear this. For some reason, it makes me think of cowboys.
17th August, 2006

Raw Vanilla by Coty

For those having a hard time finding this, try Bealls. I see it there all the time at cheap cheap prices. I smelled it once, but dont remember enough to comment.
14th August, 2006

Quorum by Antonio Puig

My father bought this for me as a teen-ager. I could never remember what happened to that bottle. I ran across it one day and decided to sniff it for old times sake. I immediately knew why that bottle went missing. Seems they just threw a bunch of oils in a bottle that amount to chaos. Sorry Dad.
14th August, 2006

Wings for Men by Wings

This kinda reminds me of Cool Water or one of those type fragrances.Its different from most of my fragrances.It lasts good for a fresh fragrance.I like this one, although I dont wear it much.
03rd August, 2006

Michael Jordan by Michael Jordan

I would have never purcahed this myself, but my girl got the gift set for me.Surprisingly, I think this is very good.I can smell various notes in it throughout its evolution.I have gotten good compliments wearing this.It lasts well also.This is not one of my top guns, but I cant knock it.A nice addition to my collection.
03rd August, 2006

Mesmerize for Men by Avon

I like this. It is something to spray on for cheap that smells good.I wear this to work.I first smelled this on an old guy at Kentucky Fried Chicken while waiting to order.Despite the smell of chicken, this stuff was great.The old fart seemed reluctant to reveal his secret,but I got it out of him.I bought my bottle for 8 bucks.
03rd August, 2006

Desire for a Man by Dunhill

I couldnt stop smelling this after my initiall whiff.It was so strange and different to me.The handsome bottle was a bonus.I envisioned it on my dresser.I had to have it.This is probably the fragrance that made the greatest initial impact on me.Then again, I was a rookie at that time. It didnt smell sweet.It was kinda funky.Now, it is still one of my top guns,although it is sweeter now.I never did detect the apples.It does last well and I get good compliments. I think the name is very fitting.
03rd August, 2006

Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne

I didnt initially like this one because I could barely smell it.It seemed to be a bunch of alcohol. Also, everyone in Polk County wears this.Once I got into green scents I guess I appreciated it.Also, I guess my nose became more acute to various notes due to all my sniffing.It is "green", but theres some other notes in it, but none dominate to me.I think it is blended well.I dont think there is much oil in it.It doesnt last long.It is airy and I guess thats why people notice it.For the reason I mentioned earlier, I dont wear this much.Women know it when they smell it. I prefer a little more mystery.
03rd August, 2006

Contradiction for Men by Calvin Klein

This was one of my first purchases when the addiction began.I bought this at a flea market for $10.00.No, it wasnt a knock-off.(It came topless).This old couple would sell a bunch of generic fragrances,but sometimes they would get a few decent bottles.This was one, I thought.I didnt know much then,but I thought it was the worst fragrance I had ever smelled.I asked myself,"Why would Calvin Klein make something like this?"I kept this in my collection for a minute(although I didnt wear it)because I was more into bottles than quality.Well, I know better now and it is no longer in my collection.There are fragrances I no longer wear, but this one had to go.I will sniff this again to see if my tastes have changed. I doubt it.
03rd August, 2006

Black Suede by Avon

I sniff this from time to time, but I never wear it. Its o.k.,but smells like hair grease to me.A female gave it to me.She said she used it for air freshner.I tend to do the same thing.
03rd August, 2006

Pi by Givenchy

Despite the the fragrance pyramid, anyone with a nose knows this has vanilla predominately in it. I guess they didnt list it because so many complain of vanilla boredom.We are not the typical consumers.What the ---- is magnetic wood. Anyway, for whatever reason, I didnt intially perceive vanilla as the dominant note in this.I t seemed full of sandalwood. Maybe because I had been sniffing on sandalwood extract at that time.It was th e first scent I could pick up in any scent.If you overdose yourself on a scent, you will be sore to catch it out of many.

26th June, 2006

Jacomo de Jacomo Original by Jacomo

Here is my 2 cents. This smells like a spicier Pierre Cardin.More bang for your buck.
26th June, 2006

Cool Water by Davidoff

This fragrance deserves all of its props.It is the grandaddy of many.There are better now.This is great, although I dont own it.
26th June, 2006

Chrome by Azzaro

I like this as much as CK One.Actually, it initially smells better than CK One,but quickly becomes the same scent.Since I already have CK One, it makes no sense to have the same scent in two different bottles.This is for those who like CK One, but who are bothered by CK Ones unisexuality.It kinda amazes me that they dont seem to share the same notes, but you get the same smell.
26th June, 2006

PS by Paul Sebastian

This isnt that bad.It smells like a male version of White Diamonds. I will give this one another whiff.
21st June, 2006

Freedom for Him (original) by Tommy Hilfiger

Had something until the chili peppers was added.They just clash with the tropical blend.
21st June, 2006