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Aqua Allegoria Tutti Kiwi by Guerlain

If only the beautiful top notes of rhubarb (yummy!), lemon, and orange would last forever! On my skin Tutti Kiwi is very long lasting with slight sillage. Upon drydown and wearing awhile, the woodsiness and geranium come out and overpower the soft citrus and kiwi. Usually I like woodsy, but this one has a masculine aftershave feel on my skin. Sadly, that's the strongest note on my skin after dry down. Wouldn't repurchase. I'll give this a neutral because, I think it's my chemistry which turns this one.
16th May, 2006

Miss Rocaille by Caron

On other fragrance review sites I'd saw Miss Rocaille described as masculine. Masculine sure isn't a word I would use to describe Miss Rocaille. Tho, I could imagine if your chemistry makes the basil & jasmine overwhelming, perhaps it could be masculine. Luckily on my skin Miss Rocaille is really pretty. Mandarin, lilac, muget, well done jasmine and violet laced powder. This isn't a scent I'd normally be attracted to, but I really like this one. Makes me want to wrap myself in warm handmade quilts in the winter and walk in a flower garden in the summer. The box is really cute with the little polka dots & girly pink bottle. Very girly and as another reviewer said pixish. Worth a try!

14th May, 2006

Bois de Filao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Usually I'm a pretty big fan of CSP, but Bois de Filao I cannot wear. It turned out to be a scrubber. Even after scrubbing I could still smell it. Literally Bois de Filao makes me sick at my stomach. Yes, I realized after I sprayed it on that it was a men's scent. Even on a man, I think only a man with a certain chemistry would be able to carry this one off. On my skin the patchouli totally overwhelmed every other note. Would not purchase again.
13th May, 2006
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Bijan With a Twist by Bijan

3.5 star rating. On my skin Bijan with a Twist smells like bergamot/orange, a touch of some spice, amber, vanilla, maybe grapefruit & lavender? This isn't overtly strong and it changes very softly playing all the notes throughout the day. The ending act is a powdery bergamot spice. Quite nice. The lasting power is incredible. Two sprays lasted for well over 8 hours on my skin. I wouldn't repurchase after I run out, as I have so many I wear more often. Tho, I do really like this. Worth a try.
13th May, 2006

Dior Addict 2 by Christian Dior

Addict 2 is a grapefruity floral with a powdery violet like undertone. Very similar to Gucci's Envy, but better. Pretty, but lacking that exciting bottleworthy quality in my opinion!
11th May, 2006

Colours of Love by Guerlain

Colours of Love has a very similar feel of Guerlain's Precious Heart, but much better made. Much better fruit notes in this one. Fruity floral that's very light, but long lasting. Almost a shower fresh type of scent. It's enjoyable, but not bottleworthy or really outstanding in my opinion. Would be great if you liked this type of fruity floral.
09th May, 2006

Shania by Stetson

Actually, I enjoyed Shania's perfume when I sprayed it on at K-Mart yesterday. Smells very pretty when layered with Caron's Bellodgia EDP. Shania EDT is similar to Lady Stetson with the rose, grapefruit and raspberry notes. Actually I thought the freesia in this was quite well done, as it didn't turn shampooish like most freesia notes. Tho Shania won't become my HG or a staple in my collection, I did enjoy it.
09th May, 2006

Anglomania by Vivienne Westwood

Anglomania, is definitely what this perfume gives me! I find Anglomania sensual and exciting. On my skin the middle & base notes come out the best. Spicy and yes, a bit powdery because of the violets, but not overtly so. The rose is a sexy rose with the nutmeg and amber giving it a spicy tone. The leather, vanilla and otto give it the sex appeal. The green notes give it the lasting power. I find Anglomania quite exquisite. The lasting power is excellent too. The bottle is gorgeous, as all the Vivienne Westwood bottles. I purchased this unsniffed and I Love it!
09th May, 2006

Matin Calin Sugar Milk / Lait Sucré by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Usually, I'm a pretty big fan of CSPs. To me Matin Calin smells like the milk that's left over in your cereal bowl after you've ate the cereal out of it. On my skin Matin Calin doesn't evolve at all, it stays linear from start to the quick finish. The lasting power is just horrible on my skin; 5 minutes if I'm lucky. I will stick to my beloved Vanille Peach!
06th May, 2006

L'Air du Temps Free as the Air by Nina Ricci

A much greener, fresher and a rose tinted version of L'Air du Temps. Not for my body chemistry, if you like green notes, you might enjoy this.
06th May, 2006

Island by Michael Kors

Don't judge this scent when you first spray it on. When first sprayed it is very synthetic smelling. After an hour it turns into a very basic soft white floral. Nothing original at all. I added a lippie for great lasting power. I will be kind and give Island a neutral, as this is one that would be more enjoyable on someone else.
29th April, 2006

Euphoria Blossom by Calvin Klein

While Euphoria Blossom isn't as good as it's sister scent, it is very enjoyable. Fresh, sexy & sensual, but a bit too light for my tastes. Top notes of kumquat, a dewy green accord & pomegranate. Heart notes of orchid blossom, lotus blossom & pink peony petals. Base notes of blond wood, white amber & frosted sheer musk. I'd of liked a bit more sillage. Otherwise, it is very good. A scent to be worn in the sunshine!
24th April, 2006

Incanto Charms by Salvatore Ferragamo

2.75 stars I'd give this. Incanto Charms starts out with the most mouth-watering passion fruit and apple smelling note. Then after it marinates on the skin for 20-30 minutes that honeysuckle just grows and grows, until it over takes the pretty fruit notes. I really think this is a case of me just not having the right chemistry for this one. Most honeysuckles turn overtly sweet then rancid with my body chemistry. I much prefer Incanto Dream to this!
20th April, 2006
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Shanghai Butterfly by Nanette Lepore

Have you tried Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue? Yes? Then you've tried Shanghai Butterfly! On my skin they are identical. In fact I'd bet money that in a blind sniff test 99.9% of testers would not know the difference. If you have Light Blue, I wouldn't purchase! I will give this a neutral because it's so similar to Light Blue and Light Blue is longer lasting.
20th April, 2006

Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein

I love the Women's version and I also love this version on my husband. Very sexy.
20th April, 2006

Calèche Eau Délicate by Hermès

Well, looks like I'm the first bad review for Caleche eau Delicate! For some reason, on my skin this smells just like very strong celery seed. The lasting power (as in all Hermes scents) is incredible. This does soften to something soft and somewhat tolerable, but to me not worth the 120 minutes of smelling like a spice jar full of celery seed. On my swap list :)
20th April, 2006

FlowerbyKenzo by Kenzo

First of all, I tried Kenzo's Flower EDP expecting to hate it. As, the last 2 Kenzo perfumes I hated with a passion. Violets, vanilla and a very delicate rose are the main notes on my skin. This has to be the most realistic violet note; hence the powdery feel of Flower. I have to say this is one of the only violet perfumes that doesn't turn dusty smelling on my skin. Also, the rose note in Flower EDP is so well done. It's not a synthetic, heavy, overtly perfumey rose like most others I've tried. It's really a delicate and light rose undertone. On my skin this smells cool, modern and just beautiful. Flower is very long lasting too, with wonderful sillage.

Keep this in the refrigerator for a wonderful refresh on a warm sunny day. I love to spritz on after I get inside from planting flowers.

20th April, 2006

Unbound by Halston

This is a very pretty feminine floral with lots of well done sandalwood. Great casual, feel good fragrance. Poetic in it's simplicity.

Info from Fragrancenet:
FRAGRANCE NOTES - a fresh scent of leafy florals, sandalwood and musk.
19th April, 2006

Amour de Cacao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Amour de Cacao has to be the most realistic cacao scent I have ever smelled. Literally, makes you hungry! As Scenteur7 mentioned "hot chocolate mix before adding the water", I agree. As most CSP's this is very long lasting. Amour de Cacao also has a soft, lingering sillage. Very comforting and sweetly sexy cocoa. Just great!
17th April, 2006

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

Flowerbomb? Smells sweet, spicy, caramelly and a bit like all-spice. Also this reminds me of blonde brownies baking in the oven. This isn't what I expected from a perfume named Flowerbomb.?! This is one-dimensional, as it doesn't change from the moment you put it on till it slowly wears off. In all honesty, Flowerbomb smells EXACTLY like Avon's Extraordinary! In a blind sniff test, I wouldn't be able to tell them apart. The only difference is Flowerbomb does last longer and has a bit more sillage. Also on the plus side the, bottle is very unique and makes a great conversation piece. Tho I like this, I don't think it's bottleworthy!
16th April, 2006

Miss Me by Stella Cadente

Miss Me's main two notes are Tolu and Benzoin? Tolu and Benzoin are both balsamic resins that are used mainly in cough syrups and medicine. Which explains why when wearing Miss Me, I smell like I've just climbed out of a plastic vat full of cough syrup and chalkdust.

Pretty little bottle? Yes. Original? No. Long-lasting? Yes. Groundbreaking? No. Miss Me? Not Much!
16th April, 2006

Mûre et Musc Extrême by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Mure et Musc Extreme is probably my favorite L'Artisan so far. I'm not a very big fan of many of the L'Artisan fragrances I've sampled thus far. Tho, this one is unusual. When first applied to my skin it smells like: a bit of camphor, spices and flowers with a kind of masculine aftershave quality bergamot. In around 10 minutes it sweetens up a little bit and at that point it reminds me of Merlot. This has to be the longest lasting L'Artisan; around 2 hours on my skin anyway. Tho, this is interesting and enjoyable I don't find it bottleworthy.
16th April, 2006

Allure Homme Eau Fraîchissante pour l'Été by Chanel

Remember that show Married with Children? Well, Eau Fraischissante smells much like I imagined Al Bundy's feet to smell like. Sweaty and filthy. Truly gut-wrenching!
16th April, 2006

Platinum Égoïste by Chanel

I bought this for my hubbie and it smells okay at first. Seems it turns to soury and mildewy lavender after it dries down. Needless to say, I took it back.
16th April, 2006

Allure Eau de Parfum by Chanel

I just don't know what it is, every Chanel fragrance with the exception of No.5 smell just like a cigarette ashtray. Sadly, Allure EDP is not an exception. Ashtray city!
16th April, 2006

No. 5 by Chanel

This is the only Chanel fragrance that I don't think smells like an ashtray. It's truly a classic and will continue to be. No 5 always makes me think of pearls, lace, crimson and white roses.
16th April, 2006

Versace Jeans Woman by Versace

Ummmm, upon looking up the notes of Jeans Couture I found the notes listed as: jasmine, orange flower, freesia, heliotrope, vetiver and iris. Odd, because upon spraying on my skin all I smell is pure tuberose and more tuberose! As this dries down the freesia gives it a very shampooish and soapy tone. In my opinion Jeans Couture smells very similar to Versace's Blonde. Granted that Jeans Couture isn't quite as strong and better balenced. With the lost strength tho, it doesn't last very long on the skin. In conclusion, Jeans Couture isn't one that I can wear well. I think I'd enjoy this better on someone else.
12th April, 2006

Safari for Men by Ralph Lauren

Sexy packaging. Smells like a sexy and very desirable older man. Something about this makes me think of the 1920s, when most men dressed to the nines. Very masculine. Love this on a man.
12th April, 2006

Hero by Prince Matchabelli

Personally, I always loved Hero cologne. It was a great buy. I always bought this for my Grandpa for Christmas and he always loved it and wore it often. It smelled great on him. It's a very deep oriental with a surprising freshness about it. I miss this!
12th April, 2006

Escape for Men by Calvin Klein

This smells exquisite on men. Great for a day out on the water. Very masculine.
12th April, 2006