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Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

I was given this scent about a year ago, there really isn't much to say about it.

Want to smell professional? Check.

Want to smell just "good"? Check.

Want an innofensive, yet somewhat sexy fragrance? Check.

Want great longevity? Not happening with this one.

Want to project across the room? Too bad, this cologne won't do it.

Want to smell different? Sorry.

I guess this is just 100% in what YOU want. If your going for a safe, good fragrance. Hit this one up. Not too sure on what to say for the smell. I guess I'd describe it as a very masculine scent, peppery and woodsy.
11th December, 2010

Voyage by Nautica

This scent will appeal to MOST people,

-Want to be the highschool kid who smells fresh, but isn't wearing Di Gio or Lacoste? This is for you.

-Are you the preppy type?
This is for you.

-Are you a professional who doesn't want to offend anyone?
This is for you.

You could spray this stuff on your body 7 times and not offend anyone- seriously. Are girls going to stop in their tracks and bask in aroma this cologne gives off? No. Will you get some compliments? Maybe a few. Are you going to get noticed? Not really.

For a fresh scent, longevity is quite good (6-8 hours). Silage is good for the first few hours, but after the 3rd hour it won't project more than a foot- but people will catch a pleasant whiff as you pass by.

This fragrance is very fruity and flowery at first, for the first hour you could call it a unisex fragrance. But after it stays on you for a while, you will catch some more masculinity settling in, but the fruit and freshness will still stay in there.

Here is the reason I gave this a neutral rating- this scent is just too safe for ME. Not saying it is a bad scent, it is just playing it really safe which doesn't match my lifestyle or personality. Most people will really like this though.

If you are the confident guy that sticks out from the crowd and is willing to take risks, pass this one up. Will I purchase this fragrance again? No. Do I regret buying it? No

-Pros: Fresh, clean, safe, great longevity for a citrusy fragrance
-Cons: A little to safe
11th December, 2010