Reviews by Mistertaz


Full Incense by Montale

A nice but typical austere frankincense style incense. Much like Avignon and Cardinal, but with a nice slightly citric edge which renders it a little more fresh and wearable. Good sillage and longevity. Serious and contemplative. Good to read and work while wearing. Not original, but a good representative of the style. Thumbs up.
28th May, 2015

Égoïste / L'Égoïste by Chanel

My all time favourite... A smooth melange of spices, woods and dusky rose with a sprinkle of sparkly aldehydes. Like chai and champagne...
14th May, 2015

Arso by Profumum

Beautiful. Initially there is sweet pine sap and incense, but then it rapidly begins to smoulder and become both deeper and airier. Pine sap, cedar, incense and smoke. It smells as if you were downwind of a flaming bottle of Serge Lutens' Fille En Aiguilles.

Me: I love it. If it weren't for the price I would regularly wear this.
You: If you're a niche fraghead, then definitely. If you wear designer or Creed, probably not.

Scents with similar elements:
Fille En Aiguilles - Pine sap.
Sycomore - Sweet smoke.
Encens Flamboyant - Fire and burning incense.
16th March, 2014

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

A simple no-nonsense review:

Ignoring all the ludicrous praise heaped on this fragrance, I put Creed's Silver Mountain Water on with no expectations and was quite pleasantly surprised.

It opens with a nice dry black tea scent mixed with the smell of berry herbal tea. The black tea forms a smooth base, with the berry tea notes sitting on top. It then very smoothly moves into a lightly floral watery note with a hint of stone.

I don't think there is much sillage, but the longevity is definitely very good. I sprayed it on at noon and I can still clearly smell it now wafting up from my neck and chest at 8.30pm.

Warning! Wanky interpretation:

Interestingly, I think that the scent very accurately renders the title. The soft tea and berry notes give the impression of the scent of fruiting trees in Spring being blown on the breeze. The watery note with the unusual stoney aspect conjures up the image of a mountain stream, and both themes are linked by the subtly floral aspect of the watery note.


In my (rather uneducated) opinion, Silver Mountain Water is a very well blended and executed fragrance, which doesn't have any sharp edges or jarring transitions. The notes are clear, but soft and obviously cleverly chosen to portray an idea.

I think this would make a lovely work scent, or would go very well with a preppy casual outfit as it has a very clean and elegant vibe. However, despite my positive experience, it's not really my style. As soon as I finish typing this I'm going to have a shower and put on some Serge Lutens! ;)
31st August, 2012

Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf present their new fragrance for 2012... BubblegumBomb!

I passed through a department store today and sprayed some on my hand... It instantly smelled like Hubba Hubba Bubblegum! A fruity citrus (but NOT sharp or refreshing) mixed with cinnamon (flavouring) and sugar. Perhaps there is the slightest hint of tobacco in the base, but that might be my imagination.

All up... on my skin and to my nose... it just smells like bubblegum and would be more appropriately launched by Comme De Garcons and called Candy Series 9: Cinnamon bubblegum. Not for me... but maybe others will enjoy it, and I think it could be quite wearable by a woman (who's 14 and listens to Britney Spears... but then she'd just be chewing bubblegum and smell like it anyway).

NB: I have a very average nose, so please take my brief impression of Spicebomb with a "pinch of salt".

01st February, 2012

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

Inexperienced Review:

If you're wondering what it smells like... it smells *exactly* like its name. It smells of tobacco, as if you've just opened a fresh packet of cigarettes (in a good way) and vanilla.

To my inexperienced nose it smells very simple and linear. There' s no subtlety or progression, it's just tobacco and vanilla. However, the clarity, sillage and longevity of the scent is amazing! It just keeps going and going! I put some on this morning and I can still smell it strongly this evening! Interestingly I find that I smell predominantly tobacco, but apparently the sillage from a distance is more vanilla?!

I enjoy wearing this scent because of the longevity and also because of its simplicity and clarity. What do I mean by that? Just that it's not abstract or ethereal. It is what it is. It's masculine and uncomplicated. It brings to mind a well dressed man in the 50's with a cigarette hanging from his lips.

However, *personally*, the scents that I enjoy the most *are* the ones which are more abstract and use the ingredients to create a memory or paint a mental image, which is something that I associate more with art than just perfumery. Which is why I prefer Serge Lutens Chergui to Tobacco Vanille. However, I think both are sufficiently different and excellent in their own ways to have both.

22nd June, 2011