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    Apparition Wild Orange by Ungaro

    A well done orange citrus fragrance. beautiful...nuff said

    25th March, 2012


    Diesel Zero Plus by Diesel

    Reminds me of Big Red chewing gum. very bad! Bought it blind then gave it away.

    22nd February, 2012


    Armani Mania by Giorgio Armani

    This fragrance reminds of La Nuit De L'Hommein in a very good way. This smells awesome!

    28th September, 2011


    Frapin 1270 by Frapin

    For the people that enjoy the butterscotch drydown of this fragrance you should checkout Robert Cavalli Black that one also has a nice butterscotch drydown.

    15th September, 2011


    Versace Man Eau Fraîche by Versace

    This smells like Hugo Energize not very unique. All I get from this is melon it doesn't deserve the hype it gets on you tube. To my nose Hugo Energize does the scent of melons better. It's not bad but it's not great!

    10th August, 2011


    HisStory by Avon

    This is good stuff reminds me of Curve in a way. I've gotten lots & lots of compliments when wearing this fragrance, very versatile. This is great for the outdoors if in an office go easy on on the trigger.

    02nd August, 2011


    Bellagio for Men by Fragluxe

    Awesome scent! & for the price even better! 8-10 hours superb because you can easily get the fragrance for about $20 or less!

    21st July, 2011


    Adidas Deep Energy by Adidas

    Clinique Happy for men but way cheaper in price! The scent lasts about 3-4 hours after that you won't get more out of this. This is a after shower scent!

    20th July, 2011


    B*Men by Thierry Mugler

    Smells like peanut butter!

    20th July, 2011


    Tommy Bahama for Men by Tommy Bahama

    This reminds me of Marc Jacobs Bang at the begining but the smell of this fragrance is more tame. Just perfect!

    18th July, 2011


    Light Blue Pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

    The opening of this scent is the drydown of Kenneth Cole Black which is ok.It will guide you through your day & get you home safe. Nothing to applaud about. There are better fruit aquas out there.

    11th July, 2011


    Dior Homme by Christian Dior

    I don't understand why men get so pumped up about this fragrance I don't like it & all the girls working in Sephora don't like it either. Men stop fooling yourself this a horrinle fragrance. I'm labeling this fragrance a thumbs up so that all the Dior Homme bandwagon/followers can read this. The lipstick smell is always there & it won't go away. THIS IS NOT GOOD!

    10th July, 2011


    Corvette Red by Corvette

    Fresh & cool, awesome longevity & projection! Versatility at it's best. Nothing ground breaking but for the price you can't go wrong. There are better fragrances out there but for the collector/aficionado this would be an enjoyment in anyone's collection. This is part of the CoolWater genre. Cool & crisp!

    06th July, 2011


    La Nuit de L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

    This fragrance was made to attract the opposite sex & it does it's job very well. This night of the man fragrance will get you noticed every time have no doubt of that..

    19th June, 2011


    Allure Homme Edition Blanche by Chanel

    This is identical to Virgin Island Water by Creed! Great scent!

    18th May, 2011


    Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne

    Just awesome! It's that funny guy in the room with a big heart and no money.

    14th May, 2011


    Hollywood by Playboy

    This Hollywood Playboy fragrance smells really close to YSL's La Nuit De L'homme. This is a great fragrance.
    you will get noticed wearing this frag in a good way. This is very inexpensive 13-14 dollar fragrance. Thumbs up all the way!!!

    22nd April, 2011


    RSVP by Kenneth Cole

    Smells great! Smells like juicy fruit gum on my skin.

    08th April, 2011


    Animale Animale for Men by Animale Parfums

    This is fantastic smells like Thierry Muglers Pure Havane minus the outrageous asking price for Havane.

    27th March, 2011


    Sung Homme by Alfred Sung

    This fragrance almost smells identical to Prada Amber Pour Homme. Get this instead of Prada & save yourself about 60-70 dollars. This scent smells awesome.

    22nd March, 2011


    Joop! Homme by Joop!

    Nicolas V; I used to think this one smelled like a clown's fart, but not anymore.
    This is a great description.
    Powerful, sweet, candy store sweet! I spray on the upper chest is all you need for this fragrance.
    Awesome fragrance, king of the sweet gourmand fragrances. 5 out 5...

    07th March, 2011


    Infusion d'Homme by Prada

    There's nothing special here just another money maker for Prada. I can't see anybody actually buying this & thinking they're really going to make an impression. The only people they're going to impress is themselves. I got a sample of this for free & that's as far as I'll go to using it. It doesn't smell bad it smells like soap & for that effect I'll stick to using Dove. It smells like a different variation of Prada Amber Pour Homme. If you happen to get this as a gift the best time to use this fragrance would be after a shower. I see no point in purchasing this fragrance.

    17th January, 2011


    Duc de Vervins by Houbigant

    This kinda reminds me of the Paco Rabanne classic, the green bottle. Smells like rompope, a Spanish holiday drink.

    29th December, 2010


    Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

    Green Monster!

    19th December, 2010


    Bulgari Man by Bulgari

    Nothing special here reminds me of Bulgari Aqua. A poor effort! It's not a bad smelling fragrance but I've smelt it before many times. Smells identical to Z Zegna which I own. Then again Z Zegna smells kind of like Aqua DiGio.

    19th December, 2010


    Wild Country by Avon

    Stay away from this stuff!

    18th December, 2010


    Black Suede by Avon

    This is not good, no need to say more. Stay away from this stuff

    18th December, 2010


    Tom Ford Extreme by Tom Ford

    This fragrance smells good but it's not original. This fragrance smells identical to Twice Iceberg. The only difference I see is the price, you're going to pay alot more for this fragrance. Twice iceberg you can get for cheap & it came out first. Save your money & do not pay the ridiculous amount of money they're asking for this fragrance.

    16th December, 2010


    Prada Amber pour Homme by Prada

    Sung by Alfred Sung smells identical to this but even better. Same soapy feel but I get more out of Sung. Price wise Sung is very inexpensive it's bargain priced. Save yourself 40-50 dollars & get sung instead. This Prada fragrance is very feminine also.

    15th December, 2010 (Last Edited: 31st December, 2010)


    John Varvatos 10th Anniversary Fragrance by John Varvatos

    A very long lasting fragrance that smells like Blu Notte! Perfect for cool weather! I think I'll stick to Blu Notte by Bulgari. Blu Notte can be picked up at Ross for 20-30 dollars instead of paying 70 to 80 dollars for the Varvatos. I'm not bashing JV where the original is one of my favorite fragrances. Projection, sillage & longevity are great for the JV though.

    15th December, 2010

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