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Havana by Aramis

There is nothing like Havana. Spicy, warm yet invigorating, complex, refined, yet it has a bad-ass edge to it. There are so many facets to this fragrance. This cologne is not for the clean sweet and fruity or powdery-vanilla crowd. Havana is super masculine. The aroma is powerful and assertive, yet sophisticated and classy.

I get cinnamon, bay rum, an ever-present spiciness, a light grassy vetiver at the end along with many other notes I cannot describe. In addition, I get that perfumer's tobacco note you catch in Guerlain Vetiver (ribbed bottle).

For those who like to leave the house crisp, confident and "boldly spiced". Can be worn year round too. Check me into the clinic, I'm addicted to it. Also worth mentioning: I'm highly sensitive to chemicals used in most modern fragrances and I do not detect synthetic chemicals in this. To me it is extremely natural and niche quality.

Definitely sample this one first though.
30th January, 2012

PS by Paul Sebastian

Just tried this the other day (at Macy's) and had to buy it. Yet, I bought it at Marshalls because it was cheaper. What a perfectly balanced, soft but masculine oriental with very good longevity and sillage (needing only 1 spray). All these years I walked by it at the department stores thinking it was a cheap cologne for old men. Boy was I wrong. This one is such a winner. I see it being so versatile, except for maybe in extreme heat. I can't believe the quality of this juice ...and a mere $20 for a 4.0oz bottle.

This must have legions of fans since it has been on the market so long, yet rarely is it mentioned. I agree, it is not the most exciting scent around, but it's conservative and mature nature is what makes it great. A nice mixture of subtle spice, musk, powder and the slightest hint of vanilla. Pure class. I can't ever see myself without a bottle of this.

Update I bought a bottle of PS by Paul Sebastian at Marshalls and praised it a lot the review above. However,last week I found a tester bottle for cheap on ebay and figured, what the heck, I'll grab it. I noticed that the bottle I got from Marshalls has nothing written on it, while the bottle I received from Ebay (reputable seller too) has "fine cologne" in black letters on the bottle.

Anyway, the bottle from Ebay is horrible! Like it was watered down to 1/10th the strength and all of the quality notes are gone. It doesn't last and smells cheap. Anyone know if the Paul Sebastian has been reformulated by Elizabeth Arden (I wouldn't be surprised)? I've checked amazon reviews and some people obviously have received the good stuff while others complain of receiving a watered down ghost of the original.

Judging by what EA fragrances did to Z-14 recently (it's ruined completely beyond recognition), I'm going to guess that PS has just been reformulated. I understand cost cutting, but what the _____, don't destroy the product! This must be the case as I find it really hard to believe there are people out there opening bottles of PS and diluting them, then refilling the bottles and repackaging them.

Will it ever stop? These companies trying to pull a fast one on the consumer. It's literally out of control. I can imagine people getting PS or Z-14 for Christmas and spraying it on themselves and thinking "what the hell happened? This isn't the same as I remembered it at all".

30th November, 2011 (last edited: 17th December, 2011)

Halston Z-14 by Halston

I got rid of the new version of Z-14 recently because I wasn't impressed. It felt flat, plain cheap cinnamon aroma. I give it a 5 out of 10 overall. It ONLY had treemoss listed as the ingredients, NO OAKMOSS.

Fast forward to today, I found at a discounter what I believe to be "old stock", as oakmoss is indeed listed on the box. Even before spraying, I smelled the nozzle and it smelled really dark and deep. I just sprayed this "old stock version" of Z-14 with oakmoss listed in the ingredients. Immediately after spraying I get intense natural smelling citrus with spice in the background. In the "non oakmoss version", I didn't get this flavorful bouquet of citrus, instead I detected a strong astringent/biting scent that was rough and sharp. All smooth so far in the old version though.

With my nose up close to this (oakmoss included blend), I literally feel the scent tickling my nose hairs (with a heat-like feel) as it rises off my skin. Again, this was non-existent in the treemoss only blend. Now I'm getting a heavy leather & spice smell with citrus in the background. No cheap cinnamon (Big Red Gum) aroma either.

This stuff is unbelievable. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY did they have to put restrictions on Oakmoss (I know why, but I'm just sayin). This old version might have just rocketed to my # 1 favorite fragrance already.

Well, there's only one thing left to do. Stock up on this "old stock" version of Z-14 before it is gone forever. I'll be going back to do just that. You should do the same.
23rd November, 2011
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Jacomo for Men by Jacomo

Jacomo for Men (Jacomo Silver) is a really unique spicy masculine scent, with notes of pimento, ginger, pepper,and a touch of dried plum and pineapple. As it wears on, you smell some vetiver and tonka bean and amber. Minimal sweetness makes it stand out from most of the current mass market designer these days.

This one has it all. Refined, complex and mature for sure, but does not smell like an old man. Excellent longevity too. To me, this scent evokes confidence and power, especially early on. For those who want to smell like a man and not a fresh fruit salad. I consider this best for evenings, cold weather and at least semi-formal attire. No more than 1-2 sprays, it is powerful. Original and a superb deal.
22nd November, 2011

Guess by Marciano for Men by Guess

I am new to the fragrance game. I just got this and really enjoy it. I have colognes that I love and ones that women love (the only reason I wear those ones). But there's something about this cologne that makes me want to constantly smell myself. I see it as a cologne that anyone could appreciate being around. I bought this as a blind buy based on reviews from numerous sites. This works best as an evening or fall/winter scent but what do I know, I'm a rookie. Slightly reminds me of Obsession but softer and not "old man-ish" like Obsession smells to me. Paid $16 (shipped) for a 3.4oz tester, what a steal.
28th December, 2010

Perry Ellis for Men (new) by Perry Ellis

"Newer is Better"

This is perfect for anytime because it has citrus and fresh scents with underlying warm inviting notes. It's versatility is amazing and if I had to pick one cologne as a staple this would be it. Wear this one anytime and anywhere. A safe bet for anyone because although the smell is not super unique, but it is unique in that a manufacturer makes something that can be worn to work AND in the evening. It evolves like a cologne should. It is a clean scent with notes that are alluring but not trying too hard to be a lady killer. Will appeal to the masses.

23rd December, 2010 (last edited: 07th February, 2012)

360 Degrees Black for Men by Perry Ellis

If you like 360 White (a JPG La Male clone) you will love 360 Black because they are similar, but black has extra spices in it which makes it slightly more masculine and complex. Both are cold weather, romantic or evening colognes though so I don't feel it is fair to compare them to the original 360.
23rd December, 2010 (last edited: 26th December, 2011)