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Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel

I have worn this fragrance for to 32 I was discussing with my son today who is 22, his experience ala Al Pacino with a woman at a cocktail lounge recently. (he loves this story) He met an older woman, and as she was leaving he held his hand out like the gentleman he has grown to be. and she hugged his neck briefly. He put his face close to her neck and in that moment as I am sure he will every single time he smells this scent his whole life (as his mother has worn it his entire life) he inhales, leans very closely to her ear and whispers.. Anais anais......quietly. ahhh so sweet. She virtually swoons and he says.(and yes he is gorgeous, a german gyspy..) ahhh the scent of a jazz bar, the scent of unknown things the scent that will fool a man, .. when he thinks he has you pegged... the undertones the essence, the basenote of the mystery of this scent comes forth.. She of course hands him her room key(how could she not?!)and he declines.. my son. a jazz blues guitarist. his mama a jazz singer. a blues singer my whole life. My child says mama, that smell is like home, and love and warmth and beauty and Paris. I took him to the factory there. or was it Nice? or GRASSE..well France!darnit
so. we make an experiment this Christmas night... WHAT is it that makes this smell so very compelling.. what is the mystery that has held me captive my entire life, hence my googling the overtones undertones of this scent that is part of me,.and my child. I couldnt explain it.. I tired to before I found the answer.. I said "Steffen I always think I wont like it anymore, or that I wont be swept away every time I smell it.. I've tried to wear other perfumes throughtout the years. well not that much yet. this is the way I descibed it. so clean so floral and yet WHAT was that undertone that made it umm not patchulesque.. but something... something like incense. Now I know. how could I have not?.. sandlewood. yes of course.. How brillant is that? an otherwise boring old lady scent... the sandlewood changes it all. It fools you. it encaptures and compels.
I have a tattoo of that flower. If you knew me Im not the kind to wax profound over perfume.. maybe a sunset, mayhap the look of love in one I love as well. but perfume. Yet.. that is the way of it. In this lifetime it will be the scent of me, my memories my loves.. and in my sons and his children as he told me tonight(naturally he gave it to me for my Christmas present.) he said"mama, I will keep your bottles and I will show my children and they will know how my mama smelled and how much I love you. mom. My grandchildren will know much like my son does about my mother.. something intimate and singular to me..
and yes sister, who posted before me,with such eloquence, it does indeed smell like a smokey jazz bar in Paris and yes the fishnet stockings would naturally be there. and yes. there is more to us than meets the eye.
Merry Christmas all.
May you meet Mystery at every corner, with joy and expectation and may there be more to you as well.. than meets the eye.
26th December, 2010