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Gucci pour Homme II by Gucci

Well, this just goes to show what a personal and subjective thing fragrances are, because while Gucci Pour Homme II may be a classy and unique addition to the market that a lot of very cultured noses like.... I just personally can't stand the smell of tea.

And that's what it boils down to with this fragrance, because to me the tea is really the predominant note from top to bottom. If I got up in the morning and washed my hands and face with wet tea bags, that's more or less the character and strength of what I get from wearing this fragrance. I know most people consider tea a nice, sweet, comforting smell - and a lot of people are enthusiastic imbibers of it too - but I don't drink the stuff and have always hated the smell and taste of it, almost at the level of a mild phobia. For that reason Gucci Pour Homme II makes my stomach a little queasy.

I can't use my own personal (and seemingly quite unusual) dislike for tea as a reason to call this a bad fragrance, though. The lack of sillage and longevity are more legitimate, general criticisms, which, as some others have said, might make you reconsider splashing your cash on this one. But most of all, potential buyers should MAKE SURE THEY REALLY LIKE TEA before adding this to their collection.
29th December, 2010