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Folavril by Annick Goutal

I'm somewhat confused by Folavril, since (to my nose) it smells almost identical to Eau de Charlotte. Don't get me wrong, I like Eau de Charlotte... but I was expecting something, well, different. If I were to toy with the idea that I'm actually smelling different notes, I might suggest that Folavril is a bit more "soapy" than EdC. To me, EdC falls in that category of "oddly pleasant"-- somewhat similar to liquid fingernail polish remover and somewhat similar to a citrusy floral. Folavril, on the other hand, is fingernail polish remover with a hint of Ivory. Since I have a mini of EdC, I can't see any reason to invest in the Folavril... yet, my nose tends to go through its "awakenings." We'll see.

03rd November, 2007

Cuir Venenum 03 by Parfumerie Generale

Oooooh. No. This just doesn't make sense. I don't know if I'm wearing grape soda, cough syrup,, blueberry syrup. From reading the reviews, I shouldn't be having any of these responses. To my mind (and nose), this means that there is no reason for keeping this around--and oh, for the love of all things holy, discontinuing a masterpiece such as Bois Blond. However, if I ever have a "wild hair" that creates a certain itch for grape/blueberry flavored beer, I know which scent sample I'll reach for.

23rd October, 2007

Amandes Orientales by Montale

Waaaayyyy too sweet. I need more almond and less amaretto + bandaid. This may work well on someone else's skin, but on mine, it turns to "big scary monster."
23rd October, 2007
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Jour de Fête by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Ooooooo..... angel-food numminess. This is everything I've ever wanted a gourmand to be: light, airy, fluffy, well-whipped, subtle in its sweetness, and overwhelmed by egg whites! If egg whites had a scent... (hmmmm!)

I have yet to try any of the Demeter cake scents (other than Vanilla Cake Batter, which is a *wee* bit too buttery, but still a great gourmand); I can only HOPE they smell this lovely. Angel-food cake. I'm smitten.

23rd October, 2007

Eva by Santa Maria Novella

YES! I cannot get enough of this scent. It smells so off-putting in the sample vial... yet after two minutes on your skin, it smells almost identical to some wonderful Italian unisex scent that I worshipped several years ago... (still not sure what scent that was, but the men wore it well and the ladies wore it gracefully.) It's very clean, very crisp, somewhat citrusy, and reminds me somewhat of Neutrogena's Face Lotion (and soap, etc) for Men-- one of my favorite scents ever. I would REALLY love to have a full bottle of this, while it's still (hopefully) around.

23rd October, 2007

parfums*PARFUMS Series 5 Sherbet: Peppermint by Comme des Garçons

Hmm. This was not what I'd wanted it to be. I wanted it to be that peppermint that actually lasted... a scent that had a longer life than AA Herba Fresca and Mentafollia. It's nice, but for THIS price tag, mamma needs it to last a great deal longer.

23rd October, 2007

Ofrésia by Diptyque

Excepting my experiences with the flower, I never once thought of myself as a "freesia" gal. In fact, I never knew anyone besides BBW did a freesia scent... I just took it for a cheapie note that could be done however one would do it. Boy, howdy, was I mistaken.
I received a sweet little decant from my dear sister in scent (Dear K, my nose now trusts your every decision! :) What can I say; I've been instructed in the way that a freesia should "behave." I don't know why this flower likes my nose so much, but it does...and I wouldn't mind having more of it for my nose to appreciate. Thumbs up, all the way.

23rd October, 2007

L'Ombre dans L'Eau Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

Diptyque is currently pulling some odd tricks on my nose. My first umpteen sniffs of L'Ombre were disturbing... I smelled sharp, dank, muddy, rosy, and green. This was offensive; I didn't want to smell sharp, dank, muddy, rose, and green. Yet my recent scented "reminders" of how much I adore the smell of pond water and rose did something odd to my brain. Now, L'Ombre rocks my world (and, very soon, I'm sure, my pockets too...) It's rose and pond water. Seriously, who could wish for more?!

23rd October, 2007

Route du Vétiver by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

Am I the only femme in love with this scent? On first, second, and third sniff, I am reminded of the muddy pond that I swam in as a child during hot southern summers; it's muddy pond water in a bottle. It sounds repulsive, I'm sure; yet, it's such a captivating, intoxicating scent... I loved that scent that stuck to my skin after taking the boat out in the pond, jumping in, and swimming around. It was somehow both clean and ancient, muddy and pristine. I've smelled so many vetivers, at this point, that I wouldn't recognize one if I met in in broad daylight...yet I love whatever is going on in this scent, and whatever its master-nose had in mind during the creation/composition. It takes an insanely genius nose to come up with a scent like this.
Oh-- this is NOT a scent for snuggling with the husband or boyfriend. If you're a femme who grew up in rural environs, it's worth every penny for the experience. If not, try it anyway; you might just convince yourself. If you're male, men and women alike will be won over by your utter "back-woodsy-ness." It's THAT rustic (and yes, dreamy...)

23rd October, 2007

Patchouly by Etro

Very nice, for a patchouli... Not one of the notes that I would go out of my way to sniff, but usually forgivable (if not forgettable). Etro's take on the patch is a good one, though. In the bottle, it's "hippie gone wild"-- but on the skin, it mellows nicely into a woody, clean, relatively tame (yet still sexy) patchoo. It reminds me of the plant more than the incense.

23rd October, 2007

Messe de Minuit by Etro

I'm going to jump in and share the "ewww...." I'm starting to realize that frankincense is just not an incense note I care for. This *is* somewhat more tolerable than Avignon--certainly sweeter-- but not enough so that I'd voluntarily wear it. To my nose, this smells like a gourmand version of Avignon-- as if the priests were cooking up an enormous torte de cinnamon, honey, sweat and tallow. And it's covered in pastel birthday candles.
23rd October, 2007

Lemon Sorbet by Etro

Etro Lemon Sorbet is a *nice* lemony scent, without any sweetness or "tang." The rosemary makes it a nice, dry, aromatic EdC worth its 7 or 8 minute life-span. If it were longer lasting, I'd be looking at my scent for some future summer... but it doesn't stick around long enough to make an impression. Sigh.
23rd October, 2007

Fig-Tea by Nicolaï

Wow-- I'm surprised at the response to PdF Fig Tea. To me, this scent was such a pleasant summer surprise-- not too sweet, not too (or very) figgy, but light, fresh, a wee bit woody, and infinitely wearable. In the warmer months, of course. Then again, I'm a sucker for most tea scents. The fact that it's also very affordable makes me like it even more. All in all, it's just a great summer scent.

23rd October, 2007
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Bois Farine by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Yet another scent that is SOOOOO heavenly, and SOOOOO unaffordable. I received a very generous decant of BF from a lovely swapper, and in three days, have almost emptied that decant. I am now convinced that I need a FB, even if it means taking out a loan. BF is a perfect capture of that smell that flour gets when it has spent a few weeks in the freezer.... frozen flour. There's not a hint of peanut butter here, nor is there anything gourmandesque (depite the fact that it's a flour scent). It's a sugar-free, unsweetened version of Jour de Fete. I don't pick up on the oatmeal, vanilla, or cream notes that others have mentioned... It's all dry, cold (frozen) flour that *hints* at its sweet potential (like flour before it becomes a cake), but never moves past that hint of sweetness. Oddly, it's become my ideal summer scent, if only because it constantly reminds me of sticking my head in the freezer as a child, sniffing the odd melange of ice, frosty plastic, and freezer-burned flour. (Yes, my mom thought I was insane.) Yet it's surprisingly "cooling"... I haven't been this knocked over by a scent in quite a while. Better still, no one will KNOW that you're wearing perfume; they'll assume that your natural body scent is just THAT amazing. It's now at the very top of my "must have FB" list. (Thank you, dear K! :)
Similar (but not *quite* as awesome) scents: Jour de Fete, FM L'Eau d'Hiver. If you like either of these, you'll love Bois Farine.

23rd October, 2007

Ambra by Etro

Not such a bad amber; however, I wouldn't buy a bottle on the basis of "not bad." Yes, there's something ambery going on here, but something offsets its potential ambery goodness. I may be the odd one out, but I get more of a "custard" or "creme caramel" impression, with amber popping its head up here and there and there and here, without ever actually planting a flag. I would redirect amber-seekers to L'Artisan's Ambre Extreme--one of the nicest ambers I've yet sniffed. Etro's Ambra is nice enough in its opening, but quickly putters out into something less pleasant. (I should end this review now, since every passing minute increases the "meh..." on my skin. The skin of others may be less persnickety, though.)

26th June, 2007 (last edited: 23rd October, 2007)

Vie de Chateau by Nicolaï

This is quite nice-- hay, a hint of leather, and grass. For the first 10 minutes, it smells quite a bit like CdG #2-- crisp, tangy, almost citrusy, but with a more earthy base. To me, (sorry scenteur7!) this would make a nice summer scent.
06th April, 2007

Bois d'Ombrie by Eau d'Italie

I would have a difficult time, indeed, coming up with a better description than that given by Caltha (below). So far, I have loved everything I've sampled by Eau d'Italie. Somehow, Bois d'Ombrie has become my ideal "woodsy, smoky, dry, spicy, leathery (cognac-y?)" scent. I'm also fascinated by the wild carrot note--which I probably wouldn't recognize if it bit me. This said, to my nose, it's just not a gourmand scent; rather, it's a dry, slightly peppery tanned wood. I'm stunned that this hasn't received more attention! It's certainly one of my favorite discoveries of the past year.
05th April, 2007

French Lime Blossom by Jo Malone

I received a sample of JL French Lime Blossom from a lovely swapper. I note this because Jo Malone is not a fragrance line I would have gone out of my way to meet. JM's fragrance names are so unimaginative, so uninspiring... (not that I have unreasonably high expectations!) After five days of sniffing the sample vial, I finally decided that today would be the day to test it on my skin. To my surprise, my skin actually liked it and turned it into something nicer than it seems to be. In the vial, it smells exactly like lime-scented liquid dish detergent. I'm still amazed that it has mellowed so nicely on MY skin, which inevitably turns each and every citrusy floral scent I dare try into a Demeter. (Love it and leave it, baby!) JM French Lime blossom wears surprisingly well, and reminds me of visiting my aunt in Florida, who has a house surrounded by lime trees...and alligators, but I digress. The tarragon note might be key here... something keeps the scent from becoming too sharp, while remaining citrusy green, clean, and floral. It may be that I've found my summer (and possibly spring) '07 scent.
31st March, 2007

Sienne L'Hiver by Eau d'Italie

After two short months of Tabac Blond weather here in perpetually-sunny So. Cal, I'm starting to remember that there are several other months of the year to be accounted for, perfume-wise. I adore TB, but it's a scent that becomes somewhat petulant when met with months-on-end of sun and heat. Ironically, Sienne l'Hiver promises to be everything I want in a spring/summer scent, reminding me that snow and chestnuts do, indeed, exist. I've read so many wishy-washy reviews of the scent, and yet my skin loves this like no other (except, of course, TB). I adore the odd combination of smoke+ozone+chestnuts+cobblestones+cold air+violet+something green+wet earth. So, for the love of all things Italian, why must it be so *expensive?* (Yes, one day when I sprout money from my ears, I shall bathe in this and Bois d'Ombrie...)
19th March, 2007

Encens Epicé by Il Profumo

I'm trying, really, I am. Il Profumo's web site places Encens Epice in the "oriental, smoky, woody" olfactory family. (Just for the heck of it, and since I have the page open-- EE's "Psychological effect" should "stimulate mental activity, provide serenity and induce to meditation." The Italian description, I'll admit, is somewhat more poetic than the translation...) The point here is that for such a promising (if not eyebrow-raising) description, I'm getting nothing but essence of Glade. More precisely, this is the scent of the waxy air freshener with the push-up plastic cover and gelled substance beneath that turns into hard wax after a month. To my nose, this is sharp and waxy, and should be called "Glade Summer Breeze." The notes of "Glade Summer Breeze": accord de Pine Sol, fabric softener, wax, something burnt (not incense), and possibly lemon. Lovers of this scent, I welcome criticism of my olfactory know-how... but to my nose, this is a "no-no" in profuming. Perfuming.
16th March, 2007

Omnia Crystalline by Bulgari

Absolutely divine. Omnia Crystalline is possibly the most delightful green/citrus/floral fragrance I've found yet. It achieves what Bulgari's Green Tea and White Tea could never quite reach--presence, sillage, and delicacy with a pleasant bite. I don't find this scent sweet at all; rather, to my nose, it is crisp, clean, prismatic, oddly reminiscent of lemon-mint Italian ice (though neither lemon nor mint is included among its notes). Crystalline's notes: bamboo, Japanese pear, lotus flower and balsa wood. This is a full-bottle worthy scent if ever there were one.
22nd January, 2007

Kretek by Ava Luxe

Another excellent fragrance by Ava Luxe. Kretek has all the advantages of smelling like exotic clove cigarettes without the unpleasant, lingering stale stench of aged clove-cigarette smoke. This is very wearable indeed. It's also worth noting that Kretek has helped get me through many a late-night craving for Caron's Poivre. The two scents aren't identical, of course, but they do seem to share the pepper, clove and hint of tobacco. Wears well (and long), and as the previous reviewer mentioned, is quite affordable.
22nd January, 2007

Leather by Demeter Fragrance Library

Hmm. I've spent a month sniffing and re-sniffing the bottle trying to make up my mind on this one. My first reaction was the same as a previous commenter: beef jerky. It has that artificial-smoke-flavoring-that-is-added-to-fake-meats smell. (You've smelled the "fakin' bacon"...but do you really want to wear it?) To be fair, I bought this PMU in an attempt to make a fake-leather book smell more "authentic." Alas and alack, the book now smells more like gunpowder tea. That said, there seems to be a large divide between the male nose's response to this perfume and the female nose's response. So far, five male friends have accurately identified the scent as "leather," while six (of seven) female friends thought the scent belonged in the "smoked meats" category. Demeter's "Leather" also has an underlying note of "skin," which makes it infinitely more fascinating than many of Demeter's smoky-scents. In sum, this is one of Demeter's more interesting, if not pleasantly unpleasant, fragrances.
EDIT: If you want a more intriguing(and somewhat more wearable) leather from Demeter, try "Riding Crop." It lasts surprisingly long for a PMU and serves as a nice "quickie" substitute for the more expensive leather/suede scents.
22nd January, 2007

Ange ou Démon by Givenchy

Oooh, nice. Came home today to find my mini in the mail, with a slight leak from the cap. The rest of my mail smelled divine, needless to say. As the fates would have it, my copy of the Suskind book, Perfume: the Story of a Murderer was also in the mail, and now smells quite lovely. Since my hands are completely covered in this divine (if leaky) juice, it makes sense to try to translate the sillage into words. The opening notes are somewhat abrupt, but not unpleasant; if you have a soft-spot for Angel, you won't mind the bold gourmandesque opening. The dry down is rather fascinating-- the gourmand notes seem to settle down and reveal the more interesting middle and top notes. (Was this scent engineered to work backwards?!) The rosewood and oak base notes carry the lily, orchid and ylang ylang notes nicely; the white thyme and saffron come out clearly on top, giving the scent an overall well-grounded-yet-sparkling body. It's tempting to ask if bergamot isn't also included in the mixture. (I'm also tempted to say that this smells like the love child of Bulgari's Omnia and Omnia Crystalline...) Overall, a very nice--and interesting--composition.
02nd January, 2007

Green Tea by Thymes

This is one of my husband's favorite perfumes. In fact, he just keeps buying it for me. (It's a good thing I really like it...) To date, I've only had wonderful experiences with the Thymes fragrances; this scent is equally fantastic. While I wouldn't describe this as smelling anything like green tea, it does have that crisp, light green scent that I love. It has a hint of something almost rosey, or vaguely floral--but the undertones of bergamot (and moss? cedar?) make it well-grounded and earthy. I love it.
11th November, 2006

Eucalyptus by Thymes

If I could make my entire apartment smell like this, (and if I weren't on a graduate-student salary!), I would in a heart-beat. This perfume has been at the top of my list for at least eight years now, and I've never for a moment grown tired of it. I love clean, crisp fragrances, and this is one of the best. I would describe the cologne as having citrus notes--though not identifiably, or conventionally "citrusy"--and green, with hints of dill, sage, and (of course) eucalyptus that come together to create a classy, unique fragrance. [An added note: the most interesting--amd memorable--comment I've received on this perfume was from a friend from New Zealand, who spent the better part of an hour "sniffing" me during a faculty lecture. At the end of the talk, he told me that I smelled "wonderfully familiar.") What a cool scent....
11th November, 2006

Aromatonic by Lancôme

The first time I tried this on, the man in my life said it was the most wonderfully, citrus-y thing he had ever smelled; lime, lemon, and green tea. It set the scent for the most wonderful summer of my life. This is *THE* summer scent, and it comes (or came?) in the most amazing semi-lotion-tonic-liquid-fragrance form you'll ever find, which actually cools your skin when it's 98-degrees in the sun. My now-husband loves it. I'm a bit concerned that I haven't been able to find it in the last year or two... dear gods, please tell me that Lancome has not discontinued this miracle serum.... The one word of warning: Use *all* of this during the first year or two that you own it. After year two, it starts to take on a strangly potent gasoline/benzina smell that *you* will notice (but your loved one won't, oddly enough...
05th November, 2006

Oh! de Moschino by Moschino

Moschino's Oh! is a delightfully vibrant floral with slightly citrusy opening and woody undertones. I was expecting something with less body--a relatively weak EDT or EDP with little staying power. However, Oh! is not at all shy; it is crisp, yet round, and surprisingly energizing. This is a nice scent to put on first thing in the morning when you want to wake up your senses. Very nice.
18th October, 2006

Loukhoum by Ava Luxe

Ava Luxe's Loukhoum is beyond delightful, and has a rare (and sweet) sophistication that sets it apart from other gourmand scents. Pistachio, hazelnut, cream, light musk, and a very light hint of rose water. Nice, indeed.

Note: I recently ordered a bottle of the Loukhoum Body Milk, and must add that it is one of the most delightfully addictive scents I own. (Nicely priced, too!)
27th September, 2006

Doll Face by Ava Luxe

Cabbage Patch Kid in a bottle. Nice. I'm rather impressed by AL's Doll Face, and would recommend it wholeheartedly. This is a soft, powdery floral that has a hint of vanilla, a touch of white musk, and a light note of plastic (or rubber?).I don't pick up on the violet note at all, though it may be part of the floral/powder combination. Overall, very nice.
27th September, 2006