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    Heliotrope by Etro

    I wouldn't call this "chilly" but it is definitely a very white fragrance. It does indeed smell like almond cream with a substantial dusting of icing sugar. It is reminiscent of the parfum version of Farnesiana. The Caron is a golden scent, however, richer than the Etro with less powder and more custard and cherry. Farnesiana is a full-fat dessert, egg yolks emphasized. It is considerably more expensive than Heliotrope, but it has far better sillage and staying power, and I think the usual dark, luxurious Caron base gives it more interest. Etro would work for those more interested in wispy lacework, and there is a very light toasted note to it that somehow makes me believe it might be the more masculine of the two.

    18th May, 2006

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