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Furze by Gorilla Perfume

Creamy mimosa!

This is a gorgeous mimosa scent. Furze is a very creamy and faintly powdery mimosa sprinkled with sweet coconut. Yes I know mimosa is not listed here nor is it the highlighted note on Lush's website (I'm sure that will be corrected soon enough) but mimosa absolute is among the top ingredients of this gorgeous perfume! Furze is my new mimosa love outside of L'Occitane's. I am so happy! This is MUCH better than Caron's Farnesiana! Yes, I said it. And it has great longevity too. 
It is only available in 15 Lush stores in North America and I believe also on their website. If you love mimosa like I do, you owe it to yourself to try this beauty!

Pros: It's very existence
Cons: None

17th May, 2013

Flower's Barrow by Gorilla Perfume

THE BEST and TRUEST rose geranium perfume

This is hands down THE BEST and TRUEST rose geranium perfume out there and I have tried so many- Frederic Malle, Miller Harris, Parfums de Nicolai etc! I dabble with therapeutic grade essential oils and have always wanted a perfume based on rose geranium whose scent I adore much more than roses and I can say that I have finally found it! 

Flower's Barrow does the rose geranium full justice. It does not try to tweak or "control" it or even gender it like many perfumers do even with their unisex offerings. Geranium, like lavender, is wonderful, complex and genderless in nature. This perfume respects rose geranium, accepts every facet of this plant and allows it to shine. If you love geranium, especially the rose geranium variety, you have to try this. 

This is a refreshing scent with some spiciness to it (like the real thing) and some bubbly quality to it from the blackcurrant. It has moderate sillage and amazing lasting power!

Pros: The real deal
Cons: None

17th May, 2013

Mimosa de L'Esterel by L'Occitane

If the golden sun had a smell, it would be Mimosa de L'Esterel by L'Occitane. I was taking a leisurely walk down Yonge street and an ad for a different perfume caught my attention when I walked into the L'Occitane store but the SA took a look at me and said "No. I have something that would suit you better" and then she spritz this sunshine on my skin! AH-mazing!! I felt impregnated by the sun and was instantly comfy and joyous. I bought it on the spot! It is a beautiful dry fragrance of seamlessly blended mimosa, bitter almonds and violet leaf. The mimosa shines all the way through with the violet leaf and almonds offering fragile support to the flower. You can't pick them out but you know they are in there because of the qualities they lend to the mimosa. I have since sampled other mimosa scents including L'Artisan's (weak, powdery and sweet) but none are as brazenly raw and vivid as L'Occitane's gorgeous gem!

I usually steal my mom's scents. This Mimosa is the first perfume I have gotten for myself with no connection to those my mom has and that is saying a lot! No surprise, I have nothing else that smells like it! I do believe my mother would love this scent but too bad it has been discontinued.
12th May, 2013
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Hermèssence Santal Massoïa by Hermès

This is nothing like I would expect from reading the notes. There is nothing milky in here, I don't smell fruits and it is barely, just barely sweet.... if at all! Imagine dry woods impregnated with dusty iris and you have a better idea of what this actually smells like. Never trust the listed notes because you never know what they combine into. This is quite dry and very masculine even though it is listed as unisex. It smells like shoe polish.
31st March, 2013

Sécrétions Magnifiques by Etat Libre d'Orange

So I finally got to try SM. I may be in the minority unaffected by the hype and able to embrace the scent for what it is, I dunno. I do believe, after trying this, that the bad rep it has gotten is more a result of conformity than anything else. Perhaps due to what it is supposed to represent and a few bad reviews by esteemed reviewers, others are quick to reject it without giving it an unbiased testing. I do not find it vile in the least. There are scents that are FAR more disgusting which are surprisingly praised by many and I am willing to bet they got the thumbs up from some respected reviewers/bloggers too!

My neutral rating is because of me not SM. All you need do is look at my review history LOL. It is very hard for me to really like a fragrance so do not count this against SM. On first whiff, I smell what will soon become the death of the fragrance for me at least, a deep inky metallic note but it is yet to overcome the florals at this stage. As time goes by, this inky metallic note becomes a bully and possesses the scent. SM actually bears some similarities to Comme des Garcons Odeur 53 and 71 because of the metallic note. The difference is that CdG is easier on the nose due to the metallic note being fused with citrus to make for a less cloying and more bearable scent. I think on the right person, this is very wearable. Hey, if you like CdG and some other inky/ metallic scents, you just might like this..... or you just might genuinely hate it but whichever the case, this is a unique experience to be had.
10th August, 2011

Back to Black by By Kilian

OMG!!!! This scent is SOOO perfect, it makes me weep.. literally. I weep because of its amazing olfactory personality and well... because of its amazingly high price tag!

I have never cared for honey, in foods or in scents but this is an exception. The honey in Back to Black is not the urine like honey you find in other fragrances. The tobacco is not really out there. It is more of an undercurrent to all the other notes. Everything is smooth and seamlessly blended to perfection. This is the kind of scent that elicits the "OMG!! You smell so good" as opposed to "what perfume are you wearing?" response.

The ultimate comfort scent with a price tag that ultimately causes discomfort :'(.

05th August, 2011

Nymphéa by Il Profumo

This is a nice soft scent for jasmine lovers and can also serve as an introductory white floral scent. The jasmine overpowers all the other notes from the first spritz. They become a wee bit more present in the dry down but the jasmine remains front and center all the way. I do smell something like patchouli in the dry down. It is not a listed note so perhaps it is a result of an interaction of some of the other notes. This is not aquatic to me which might be why I am giving it a neutral lol! To me it is a nice soft floral. I do not detect any aquatic or marine facets whatsoever.

If you only enjoy white florals from a distance because you find them too much up close, you will likely enjoy this one because it has been stripped of the monstrous sillage and wears closer to the skin than most jasmine scents. It is also softer and airier which makes it less offensive than the richer, sharper and denser jasmines on the market. It has average to low sillage as noted above and the longevity is about 12+ hours on me. If I was ever in need of a lovely soft inoffensive jasmine scent, this will fit the bill :).
31st July, 2011

Marescialla by Santa Maria Novella

I am updating my review. This is because even though I found the scent beautiful from the get go, I think my former review should have given more credit.

This is a beautiful scent but it is much more than that. It is a complex scent possessing zest, sweetness, spiciness and earthiness all in one. It is a lovely light scent of nutmeg on a rich bed of zingy citrus infused crystal roses with winds of soft leather breezing past its magical fields. It is lovely! It is mysterious and otherworldly. Is it unisex? Yes. Marescialla is yin yang in a bottle. Definitely worth a try!

17th April, 2011 (last edited: 25th May, 2011)

Ginestra / Broom by Santa Maria Novella

I am beginning to question the usage of words like "unique" etc. This is because I am yet to find a truly unique scent but I find the adjective being used ever so often. SMN Ginestre is not unique by any stretch of the word. I have no idea what the flower smells like and I hope to smell it some day but for now, I plan on getting a therapeutic grade essential oil to get an idea. SMN Ginestre smells like the generic base scent found in a lot of men's cologne so no, it is not sweet and yes it is a bit sharp, citrusy and green. I can confidently say that you smelled this scent within the last 24 hours probably under a different name and company of course. This goes for a lot of these fragrances, niche or not, master perfumer or not.
17th April, 2011

Laundromat by Demeter Fragrance Library

When I got the sample, I kinda had ideas of what to expect. I mean, it is called Laundromat so I figured at the very least, it should smell of laundry detergent and/or dryer sheets and/ or fabric softener. Well, it does not smell like any of these to me at least not in the North American laundry/laundromat way. I suppose in that respect Demeter might have failed with this one but imagine my surprise when I sniffed it and it smelled EXACTLY like Omo detergent powder!!!!! The bright blue small granules of Omo!! Oh My Goodness!! I still can't believe it. Most of my boarding school mates used this detergent and I would get some from them when my beloved Klin detergent ran out (gosh I miss my Klin! Nothing like it).

Anyways Omo, I mean Laundromat :P, has a non-floral, dark soapy scent if that means anything. It does not have as much lightness/brightness as regular soapy scents and I think this makes it odd to some people who reject it quickly because they don't understand such a combination but it works!!! If someone who likes soapy scents gave it a few more tries to get used to the combo, I am confident they would change their minds and fall for this scent. It is a beautiful scent albeit HEAVILY soapy! I am talking soapiness to the MAX! I suppose this makes sense given that you use more soap when doing laundry than when showering. The scent is linear and stays this way even in the dry down which in this case is a good thing. It lasted at least 8 hours on me. For something more conventionally soapy, Demeter Pure Soap would do though I think Laundromat is worth sampling :).
03rd April, 2011 (last edited: 04th April, 2011)

Magical Moon by Hanae Mori

My dearest Magical Moon,

How I wanted to love thee. Your promise of the mysteries and magic of moonlight, of blue, of endless possibilities, of renewal... so tempting, such a temptress you are Magical Moon. Such promises... oh Magical Moon, queen of deception. How can I unknow thee, erase the knowledge of thee, this disappointment, the building hope that only fell of the cliff?

You knew we were incompatible yet you led me on. You knew you were not unique and just another tiring regurgitation in perfume land yet you lied. Your fruity florals did stay all through your stages, stayed up to play in the dry down with deep powdery grandmaish vanilla. They even made love and birthed a troubling printer toner scent but again, nothing special. A lot of your peers smell like you. Your monster silage was worrisome. What did everyone around me think? I hope they did not feel ill from your aggressive presence. 30 hours later and you still cling to my skin. I guess love is not a two way street else you would leave me be.

Sincerely yours,

Wounded Heart.
01st April, 2011 (last edited: 04th April, 2011)

Hanae Mori (new / Butterfly) by Hanae Mori

Another generic fruity floral scent. I smell peach for some reason. I don't believe it is listed as a note but it is about all I enjoy in this. Nothing special here.
01st April, 2011 (last edited: 04th April, 2011)

S-ex by S-Perfume

S-ex perfume! From the reviews I found online and the rumour of it having sperms printed on the bottle, I expected a more masculine scent but I still couldn't resist trying such a perfume with such a cool combination of notes of two different types of leather and musk, strawberry, salt and malt. Malt! My fave thing in the world in a scent? Just couldn't resist the combo.

Now to the scent. I found this to be very sweet! You can hardly detect the saltiness if any. My beloved malt was MIA! I would describe the actual scent to be a "not clean yet not dirty" musk with whiffs of leather which is only noticeable in the top notes, and stable fruit note accompaniment. I assume this is supposed to be the strawberry. *smh*!! At such low level of quality, all "fruit" notes are indistinguishable. They just read as 'cheap subpar fruit of no particular kind' and of course when you sniff them, you know that no fruits smell like that. If you are all excited to try this because it lists strawberry, expecting the said note to smell like strawberries, you will be gravely disappointed!

S-ex is neither ugly nor attractive. He is just average but only in appearance! S-ex is NO one minute man. I'll tell you that. Whatever he lacks in appearance, he easily makes up for in performance. This one outperforms his more attractive and unique peers! I'm talking over 40+ hours of powerful nonstop continuous action, in the shower and out and this S-ex machine just wont quit! This well endowed mister has a very strong back I tell ya!

Of course S-ex avoids a thumbs down for being.. well, a machine :P. Overall, I won't say this fragrance wooed me but I must be fine with it because cutting my arm off from such a monstrous lasting power never crossed my mind...... Then again, why would it? ;)
01st April, 2011 (last edited: 04th April, 2011)
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Passage d'Enfer by L'Artisan Parfumeur

white lily, frankincense, aloe, white musk

With such notes it was hard not to sample. One if the few of its kind without rose and woodiness and I love that. It actually makes for a more unique scent than it would otherwise be if any of the two had been added. The beautiful aloe colours this composition. Less is more as Passage d'Enfer proves. It has a delicate smokiness from the lovely frankincense. The notes stick around to the end with each one taking turns for centre stage while not overshadowing the others. The scent is soft, neither harsh nor abrasive yet it is deep, cold and dark. Its effect is one of inviting coldness. Paradoxical but true :)! It is too dense for me unfortunately. If it was a bit airier, I would be in love with it.

If you like very very dense scents, or "dark" scents as most have come to know them, you just might fall in love with this one. Don't try it if you are not ready for a love affair. You have been warned lol!
01st April, 2011

Musc Bleu by Il Profumo

lol! I can't believe the hype over this fragrance. Just go to that tiny weird looking corner shop in your market. Pick up the musk and sniff it. That's right! Musc Bleu for you. 5 bucks and universally local!
01st April, 2011

Yuzu Ab Irato 09 by Parfumerie Generale

I'll keep this short. Car air freshener + hair pomade= Yuzu Ab Irato. Sexy? Trendy? I think NOT!
01st April, 2011

Maharadjah by Nicolaï

OMG! I can't believe it. This has me in a trance! I can't stop... I can't stop sniffing this. It is a drug, my drug. I am officially a drug addict, addicted to Maharadjah! I find it quite funny seeing as I hate medicine of any kind. I would rather sleep off a headache than take Panadol but here I am needing to sniff this scent. It is like I need it to survive!

The lasting power is great. It lasts all day on me. There is something about this perfume. It does something to your brain! It is as if it releases some feel good chemicals or hormones or something. Reading the notes can't do it justice. You need to experience Maharadjah. It is so complex and unique. It is soothing, comforting, safe and warm like a mother's embrace yet mesmerizing, dangerously exciting and mysterious like that hot stranger walking out that high rise building.

There is nothing "vapour rub-like" about the spices in here and it won't cheat you like a lot of fragrances by luring you in with seductive top notes only to leave you hanging with cheap generic dry downs! The notes are seamlessly blended, teasing your senses and never letting go. The lavender, cinnamon, clove, pepper, amber?..... oh wow! I am in a hex and can't think clearly enough to write better.

I didn't set out to sample Maharadjah. I wanted to try Maharanih. I only added Maharadjah at the last minute because it brought my total up to qualify for an 8% discount plus it has lavender which I love (love the lavender essential oils and lavender plant. Not a fan of the masculine lavender perfume notes). Fast forward and here I am, unable to try my other samples including Maharanih because I just can't pull myself from Maharadjah to try anything else. I have to admit that Maharadjah and I have a love/hate relationship. We are like two teenagers in love. Even though Maharadjah is androgynous, I like to think we are in a spicy lesbian love affair! Sometimes I hate her but even then, I can't get her our of my head and then I love her and I feel euphoric. She really knows how to mess with my head :). She has given me a new found appreciation for clove and cinnamon, two notes (and spices) which I despise that she flaunts ever so brazenly throughout her composition. From an afterthought to a constant thought, Maharadjah is one special lady!

01st April, 2011

Sexy Angelic by Honoré de Prés

Oh boy! I think I have found my new fitness craze and that is sniffing Sexy Angelic. I tell ya, I can feel my ab muscles working!! This is more like Eau Fraiche not Eau de Toilette. Unlike most people, this has a good lasting power on me, about 24 hours. The problem however is that you have to struggle to sniff it even right out the bottle.

It smells like a fancy plastic doll. No kidding! It is actually quite lovely and I would have bought this in a heartbeat for an everyday wear but like I said, you will be burning calories trying to sniff this baby on your skin and even from the bottle lol! It starts off with bitter almond and liquorice then melds into what I will call a perfumer's rendition of fancy plastic doll scent. No sugar in sight. I love it... until the dry down- sugar feast with some vanilla. The almond rushes out the building before the party is over. When the almond is present, this is such a lovely lovely scent! I can't get it out of my head. I am on the hunt for something similar that I can smell while sitting upright or standing up straight with my hands to my sides:).

Too bad the perfume molecules are either unadventurous or just terribly afraid of air space so they desperately cling to your skin and with such fragility at that! On the plus side, if you are one of those who dislike perfumes but want your skin to smell lovely, you might want to give this a try but you and your significant other will only smell it if you have your noses on your skin. I dislike silage but I want to be able to smell my own perfume without trying lol! This is also good for perfume free zones and also if some of your loved ones are sensitive to perfume. They just might love this if their noses end up on your skin.
01st April, 2011

Mandarine Mandarin by Serge Lutens

This IS Tresor by Lancome! Add a little smokiness and you get Mandarine Mandarin. I am not going to paint some fairy tale and build up your expectations only for you to end up disappointed. I mean, I know how hard it is to get a hold of some SL so if there is a mall near you, go sample Tresor. If you like what you sniff from Tresor and want some smokiness then get Mandarine Mandarin.

I was in search of a deep, dry, complex and unique citrus scent (emphasis on dry and unique) and a lot of people recommended SL Mandarine but I ended up being reunited with Tresor. This is not a bad scent by any means but for me this was a let down. Tresor was one of my signature scents in high school. I was way ahead of my peers. No teenage fragrances for this girl lol! Anyways, I really really wanted something different.

The spices here are seriously deadened by the screaming caramel sugared mandarine so much so that you don't smell them unless you actively search. The smokey tea holds its own and nicely blends with the candied mandarine. In fact, I think the spices are mixed into the smokey tea and then added into the mandarine if that makes any sense. What I am trying to say is that whatever little spice is in there, I sniff them in the smoked tea and not in the candied mandarine. Smoked spiced tea + seriously candied mandarine= Mandarine Mandarin.
01st April, 2011

Gypsy Water by Byredo

I bought this because I thought it would be awesome. I wish I got the same experience as a lot of reviewers but I didn't. This is what I got from Gypsy Water: a ridiculously cheap white musk with its usually imperceptible cloying aspect amplified here to the 10th power and flowers growing from toxic waste lands joining in to sing a song of self conscious terror called Gypsy Water. I don't know why I thought it would smell differently on me than in the bottle. The bottle sure whispers what is to come.
29th March, 2011

Néonatura - Cocoon by Yves Rocher

Oh my goodness! This is horrible! This was actually recommended to me by some lovely women on makeupalley but, phew my body tolerated it for 5 minutes and that was hard because it was so strong and ridiculously sweet and very generic, nothing special here. Oh wait, I lie! There was something special to this fragrance and that being that after a short time, my battle for survival began! The scent went from disgustingly sweet to just.... well, disgusting. It quickly became repulsive and just desperately clung to this quality like its life depended on it. I don't get any cocoa from this. I get something that I assume is supposed to represent the coconut but fails and I get a very nasty vanilla scent. I didn't know there could be such a terrible vanilla scent! Here I am being repeatedly assaulted by this fragrance and I can't file charges! Call this the anti-medicine. Designed to make you ill. Excuse me while I go throw up.
19th January, 2011