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Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

I finally pulled the trigger on the great Kouros:
Yes it IS a powerhouse.
My favorite frag of all time is Body Kouros but i noticed the reviews on BN seem to be VERY split on the original.

I am glad I only got a sample-It is a very sharp and 'old' smelling scent to me (and I'm 39 years old).

Body Kouros truly smells NOTHING like the original and thank goodness.

If you started with Kouros and didn't like it, get yourself a sample of BODY Kouros. They are worlds apart, trust me.

I can't imagine one person loving both scents.
Just my 2 cents on an overly-populated thread, but it might lead you a new favorite, and that is BODY Kouros.

17th November, 2011

Narciso Rodriguez for Him by Narciso Rodriguez

Really really like the opening.. as in the 1st 10 minutes...I can see the wet concrete reference a little bit.
After 10 minutes, im bored and want to wash it off.
Maybe violets/lavenders don't seem to last long enough for me.

There are better frags out there and the ratio to thumbs up/ thumbs down should be your clue to move on and try something else.

Giving it a neutral...barely
21st September, 2011

Euphoria Men Intense by Calvin Klein

I would almost buy this, it's just too weak. Get a small bottle and cary it in your pocket because it only last 45 minutes. Easily the shortest-lasting cologne I own. Sad
19th September, 2011
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Yatagan by Caron

The three worst notes in perfume history are here in Yatagan: Pine Needles, Vetiver, Patchouli. A soapy smelling mess. I actually broke the bottle top open, dumped it all in my car as an air-freshener. I can explain it better in the car, rather then on my body.

If you happen to like smelling like Pinesol and other household cleaning products and love Pine Needles, Vetiver, Patchouli, this is your cologne.
This thing needs to stay back in 1976.

18th September, 2011

Bijan for Men by Bijan

if you are into smelling SUPER SUPER SUPER clean with pinesol in your veins, this is for you.
I really can't imagine ever getting a compliment on this. It may have pushed the limits in 1981, and thats where it should stay

With soooo many scents out there, feel free to skip this patchouli bomb.
Super potent.
Super pointless
With soooo many scents out there, feel free to skip this patchouli bomb.
18th September, 2011

Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

Let me start off 1st, by saying, this review is biased. It is biased because I learned (thanks to this website and others), that I strongly favor men’s colognes, that fall under the ‘Oriental Spice’ category. Kouros Body is an oriental/spice cologne. Keep that in mind as you read my review.
It is said, that the sense of smell is more tied to memory, than any of the others, including vision. A few years ago, this couple walked past me at a concert. I smelled the sexiest smell of all time. I literally stopped in my tracks, and was compelled to ask the guy and the girl, what they were wearing, but the guy looked like the type that might misconstrue my question, as hitting on his girlfriend, so I never asked.
Fast-forward 8 years later and a couple dozen cologne sample suggestions later (from fellow Basenoters-Thank You), I got my sample of Kouros Body. BINGO !!!!!!!!!! I was instantly teleported back in time to that concert. I was 100% certain, I had found ‘the scent.’
Reunited at last.
If you tend to favor Oriental-Spice fragrances, Kouros Body is easily a blind buy for you. I can’t describe it any better than most of the thumbs up reviews here already. My favorite being the ‘caramelized river running through fields of cotton candy’ review. On the surface, that sounds too cloying and sugary for me. Now combine that review with a negative review saying it reminded him of baby wipes. BOTH reviews are right!
4 sprays in the morning and my projection completely neutralized my co-workers Green Irish Tweed. I was fully aware of my smell for at least 6 hours.
Thumbs up for a very sexy scent in an absolutely horrible bottle because you can’t see how much is left.
20th August, 2011

Salvador Dali pour Homme by Salvador Dali

I blind bought a sample of this because of all evil references in most of the reviews on Basenotes.
This smells like everything from 1970-1980 all mixed together. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as scary as I imagined and was slightly let down. I wanted a TOTALLY obnoxious scent, stronger than gasoline but, I didn’t get it.
I describe this like an old dusty bottle of POLO, burning in hell, sprinkled with baby powder. The dry down was actually pleasant, but not worthy of a regular rotation for me.
Unfortunately, it does contain the ‘grandpa’ note, that is to say, if your grandpa is CHUCK NORRIS.

19th August, 2011

Cool Water Game by Davidoff

Keep in mind, I am biased towards Oriental/Spice frags. I thought I'd explore the Citrus/Fresh side of things for a change and I was curious about the 'Watermelon' note, so I blind bought CW Game.

If you went to the store, and bought the cheap, powdered laundry detergent, that comes in a box (the one for $4.99 on the bottom shelf) and ripped that little cardboard tab off that wraps round the whole box...opened it, took a big whiff, then talked to your friend who was sucking on a watermelon Jolly Rancher candy who was standing 5 feet away from you, you'd have Cool Water Game.

It's like 94% 'Clean/Fresh/Light/Soapy' and 6% watermelon.
It's not for me, but it might be for you- so it gets a Neutral rating

I spray it on all my socks before I shut my sock drawer now.
22nd January, 2011

Thallium by Jacques Evard

Funny how SmellyNinja said 'Just don't get swindled paying full designer house price at a mall kiosk.' because thats exactly how I found it and I overpaid for it as well.

If you got an extra $20, this might be a safe blind buy. There is nothing to really hate about this EDT, but there is nothing really to rave about either.
I like to spray down my sheets with this to sleep in. The spray mechanism is great.

It's good for work because it won't choke out the person in the next cubicle, and it doesn't come off as trying to hard, and you don't smell like you just came from the club and went to work.

20th January, 2011