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Flash Back in New York by Olfactive Studio

Very nice and comforting, woody, leather goodness. Rounded off by vetiver, birch and sweet tonka bean. I can imagine wearing this fragrance by the fireplace on a very cold day. ( I can ONLY imagine since I live in Miami). Very nice.
30th November, 2018

Forty Thieves by Fort and Manlé

I received a sample of Forty Thieves and did not like it at the beginning. Don't let the first spray disappoint you. At first application it can be a bit harsh. Then comes the good part..the dry down.
Absolutely beautiful incense with honey rounded off by rose, papyrus and bergamot. Definitely a cold weather fragrance. It lasts a long time on me.
27th November, 2018

Terre d'Hermès Eau Intense Vétiver by Hermès

I am a huge vetiver fan. Terre D'Hermes Eau Intense vetiver is just that dirty, earthy vetiver. Mixed with the citruses and pepper, this fragrance will be a classic. I DO NOT smell the DNA of the original Terre D'Hermes and that's the way it should be. This one stands all by itself, a delicious and pure vetiver fragrance.
01st November, 2018
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Vetiver des Sables by Montale

I do not smell vetiver in Vetiver Des Sables. I do smell lots of spices and wood, which should be the main notes. Perfect for the Fall. It's very long lasting on me.
30th October, 2018

Les Années 25 by Tauer

An absolutely stunning fragrance just like all my other Tauer perfumes. It is a blast of citrus and ginger. I love the comfortable smoky feel. I definitely smell the rose and ylang-ylang in the background. As the day goes on the more I smell it. I get many compliments when I wear this.
03rd October, 2018

Cologne Intense by Houbigant

At first spray I get a big citrus burst which smells very clean. It is green, earthy, citrus and floral. Very masculine.
Perfect wear for a nice pair of jeans with a white crisp shirt.
20th September, 2018

Black Tulip by Nest

Black Tulip is an excellent fragrance. Sweet and delicious with a touch of patchouli and spices. Received a decant from Scentbird and it was love at first sniff. Very well made.
06th September, 2018

Replica Beach Walk by Martin Margiela

Living in South Florida (Miami) for many years and being VERY familiar with the beach, Beach Walk reminds me of Copertone suntan oil of the 70's. I do smell the coconut mixed with the ylang-ylang and heliotrope. It is sweet and creamy. To me this fragrance IS the beach.
31st August, 2018

Replica At the Barber's by Martin Margiela

This is how I smell when I leave the barber shop and I love it! Shaving cream, spices and after shave mixed together. Leather, tonka bean and moss give it that masculine touch. It makes me feel sophisticated and elegant.
29th August, 2018

Ombré Leather by Tom Ford

Wow! I received a sample from Luckyscent and it was love at first sniff. This leather is earthy with the patchouli, moss and amber added to it. It is manly and sophisticated. I simply love it like all my other Tom Ford fragrances. Very long lasting fragrance.
07th August, 2018

Salvia Sclarea by Tom Daxon

Salvia Sclarea is very sharp and herbal. I really like the way it goes from sharp citrus (bergamot) to sweet (elemi and violet leaf). It disappears and all of a sudden I get a sniff and it reminds me it's still there. I wore it today for the first time and I already got compliments.
02nd August, 2018

Eternity for Men Aqua by Calvin Klein

Eternity Aqua is a very fresh fragrance. Fruity and citrus with a touch of aquatic. I just discovered it in 2018 and I love it. Perfect for the summer months. Lasts a long time on me. I'm glad I purchased it.
13th July, 2018

Perdizione by Nobile 1942

Perdizione is a beautiful, citrus, vanillaish creation. At first I get a burst of delicious neroli, orange blossom mixed with some sweet vanilla. The dry down is just pure citrus on me. Perfect for the summer months. It is a bit strong so 2 sprays is enough.
08th June, 2018
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Coach for Men (new) by Coach

Coach for Men is a really nice smelling cologne for the first 10 minutes. After that, pooof! It's gone. What a shame since the opening has such good potential. As mentioned before an "intense" version would be nice.
30th May, 2018

Bel Ami Vetiver by Hermès

I would like to start by saying that I am a huge vetiver fan. Bel Ami Vetiver is THE vetiver I have been waiting for. Leather and vetiver mixed with citrus, genious! Absolutely intoxicating and masculine. I have gotten a lot of compliments when I wear it. It lasts 7-8 hours on me.
23rd April, 2018

Smolderose by January Scent Project

Smolderose is a delicious jammy and smoky rose. It is mysterious and alluring. Gypsy rose! Esmeralda. Add some incense smoke, olibanum, patchouli and wow, mind blowing. Perfect for Fall days. Excellent work by John Biebel.
30th March, 2018

Déclaration L'Eau by Cartier

Declaration L'Eau is a lighter version of the original Declaration, which can be a bit strong. It is bright and sunny, fruity and woody. The pepper gives it a spicy touch. It lasts a very long time on me. Perfect for summer days. I love it!!
24th March, 2018

Saint Julep by Imaginary Authors

I love Imaginary Authors because of their potent and lasting power. Saint Julep is no different. Sweet sugary mint like a "Mojito." In this case a "Mint Julep" which is similar. Add the fruit, whiskey and magnolia and wella! It lasts and lasts on me. I get a whiff of it now and then and it makes me and my nose very happy.
20th March, 2018

Bracken Man by Amouage

Bracken Man is another great EDP by Amouage. I love the cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg rounded by the cypress, lavender and patchouli. I don't smell any citrus here. It's all spicy/floral in a very well done way.
It's very earthy which is brought on by the patchouli.
It is also herbaceous, ferny, green and mossy.
A real winner!
22nd January, 2018

Cuirs by Carner Barcelona

Cuirs is a great fragrance from Carner Barcelona. Sometimes OUD can be overwhelming but in this fragrance it is blended the right way. Sweet and spicy. It does smell like Black Afgano but sweeter not as strong. It is a perfect fragrance for the Fall/Winter. Longevity is very good, lasts up to 8 hours on me.
25th October, 2017

Acqua Essenziale Blu by Salvatore Ferragamo

Acqua Essenziale Blu is a fresh start to a brand new day. I wear it every time I need a pick me up. The lavender is soothing and uplifting with the citrus notes mixed in. Nice summer/spring fragrance. It is perfect for the office or a casual night out.
21st August, 2017

Platinum Collection : Vetiver by Commodity

Beautiful clean vetiver with a bit of patchouli and light fruity notes. Jasmine is detectable and rounds off the vetiver. Very nice, safe fragrance and it shines in the hot weather of South Florida. It lasts a long time on me.
24th July, 2017

Lily of the Valley by Penhaligon's

I only smell one note in this perfume, Lily-of-the-Valley, pure and simple. Beautiful Lily-of-the-Valley, my second favorite flower. It lasts a long time on my skin. Pure perfection.
27th March, 2017

L'Eau Mixte by Nicolaï

Citrus and spice is what I get from L'Eau Mixte. Grapefruit, bergamot and lemon mixed with musk, rose and spicy notes. Very green and earthy, absolutely beautiful. Great fragrance for the spring and summer months.
24th March, 2017

Amazingreen by Comme des Garçons

Amazingreen is a very casual fragrance. Grassy, earthy, watery and sharp. Perfect to wear during hot summer days AND nights. I am taking it on my cruise this year. It's not an amazing fragrance BUT it's not terrible either.
23rd March, 2017

Mediterranean Neroli by Ermenegildo Zegna

Mediterranean Neroli reminds me of bright sunny days. Neroli at it's best, bright and beautiful. Blended with petitgrain and bergamot. Later drying down into a soft woody/citrus. The neroli lasts throughout the day. Absolutely delicious! It lasts a long time on me and I have gotten many compliments.
21st March, 2017

Carthusia Uomo by Carthusia

Wow Carthusia Uomo is a blast of geranium and green leaves. It smells sophisticated and clean. Balanced off by soft musk, woody notes and citrus. Very, very masculine. I love the way I smell right now. Very well made and long lasting.

07th March, 2017

Fougère Nobile by Nobile 1942

Since I discovered Nobile 1942 I have been very satisfied with their fragrances. Fougere Nobile is no exeption, it smells delightful. The relaxing lavender with the tobacco and tonka bean. I can also smell the geranium. It is a quality fragrance, elegant and sophisticated.
14th February, 2017

Narciso Rodriguez for Him Bleu Noir by Narciso Rodriguez

For Him Bleu Noir is definitely different from the other Narciso Rodriguez fragrances. Bleu Noir is sweet and spicy mixed with the musk. I can smell the musk but it is not dominant like the others. It has great longevity, it lasts a long time on my skin.
31st January, 2017

Spice Bazaar by Nishane

From the moment I laid my eyes on Spice Bazaar by Nishane, I knew I was going to love it. I love the combination of spices with sweet vanilla and juniper. To me it really does smell like a spice market. It lasts a very long time on my skin. Every time I wear it, I get many, many compliments.
30th January, 2017