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G. Bellini X-Bolt by Lidl

I wondered if a citrus/tarragon/apple fragrance would leave me smelling like a marinated pork chop, but the woody/vanilla base stops that happening. It's a nice sent and a real bargain, you could pay a lot more to smell a lot worse.

I have been led to believe that G. Bellini X-Bolt smells very similar to Boss Bottled, but since I haven't smelled the latter recently I can't confirm that.
20th January, 2013 (last edited: 21st January, 2013)

Cologne by Boots

It's funny: I've been shopping at Boots on and off for almost my entire life, and I never knew this existed until I stumbled across it on Basenotes! As a fan of both traditional eau de colognes and bargains (it's £4.39 for 400ml at the time of writing), I had to check it out. I found it in one of the larger of my local Boots, stocked with the women's deodorants. This mostly explains why I'd never seen it before, as I'm not a woman. I later splashed some on after a shower, and I was not disappointed. It was cooling and refreshing, and had exactly the faintly medicinal, citrus/rose/woody notes I was looking for. The smell faded away fairly quickly, but I expected that. I'm not going to pretend it's a truly exceptional cologne, but it's certainly exceptional value for money.
08th July, 2012