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Mûre et Musc Extrême by L'Artisan Parfumeur

OK, I have lived with the Mure et Musc Extreme for three years now and finally feel like I can review it.

My initial impression was just that it was "safe". Something easy to wear, nobody would notice really, not sexy, just good and pretty smelling, light. Great scent for a kindergarten teacher or for situations where perfume isn't appropriate; it flies under the radar. But it is also, conversely, the perfume that I get the most comments of "sexy" on from men, oddly enough. Consistently.

I really, really do love this smell. It's unspecified berries, citrus, and musk, but the musk is animal enough that the perfume doesn't sit on top like clothing, it sort of sinks in and mixes with my skin, it smells human, not like I am a plant, or fruit, or flower; and the fruity smell doesn't ever get unpleasant or cloying even in deepest summer here.

At times I am really quite irritated by paying so much for what is, really, just an idealized body wash scent, except that it's SO idealized that it's damn near ideal.

A story - a few months after I'd been going out with the Boyfriend (I always wore the Mure et Musc Extreme around him, we hadn't had any perfume conversation and it's my backup smell for those situations) , one day he says, smelling at me: "you always smell so good." So I say "yeah, that's the perfume, the mure et musc." and he replies, "no, I don't think so, it's your shampoo or something, or just the way you smell, your biology, you smell so GOOD." He really didn't believe it was perfume.

That, to me is the genius of the Mure et Musc Extreme. It doesn't smell like perfume, nope. Doesn't develop, doesn't challenge, is not artsy or elegant, it just smells good, like I smell good.

I like this better than the original, the original is more sour and herbal and 'bracing' to my nose, this Extreme version isn't more extreme, it's just lower pitched, the berries are tuned louder but the overall impression is softer, rounder.
13th March, 2015

Shewolf by Smell Bent

This has the best "dirty musk" accord that i have ever run across. It is not really wearable everywhere, and not something I imagine would be universally appreciated. But it is just a fantastic sexy musk, not clean, mixed with a little vanilla and citrus to round it out. I have the oil, not the spray. It is the same musk smell that is in Horny Little Devil, but without the cinnamon that made my kids say I smelled like a christmas candle.
14th March, 2014

Réglisse Noire by 1000 Flowers

This is a really lovely scent; it starts off cool and misty, like a licorice fog (the "ozone and mint" I suppose) then over time warms to a spicy nice smell, still licorice, but warmer. It never smells earthy, stays sort of on the clean side. Very well put-together. It does not smell strong when I put nose to wrist but little wafts come off it for hours and people can notice it, so it has some throw.

People who notice it comment favorably and nobody actually says "licorice", or "vanilla" or "patchouli", it is definitely blended into something wonderful, the pieces don't stand out.
22nd January, 2011 (last edited: 24th March, 2011)
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