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Eau Sauvage Parfum (2017 version) by Christian Dior

This fragrance is actually true to it's name, and actually resembles the original Eau Sauvage EDT, in a Parfum concentration.

Congratulations to Francois Demachy, and Dior, on constructing a well executed omage to the original legend.

Excellent longevity, with moderate sillage.

Amazingly, Demachy has managed to make this 2017 version smell like both the 2012 version (with relentless, persistent myrrh) as well as smelling more true to the original "dirty" citrus of the iconic Eau Sauvage EDT.

More wearable, and versatile than the 2012 version, yet retaining many facets that make that fragrance so iconic.
This is a fragrance with depth, and character.

Congratulations, Dior, on your first quality fragrance in some time. Keep it up, please.
14th September, 2017
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Ispazon by Parfums de Marly

This is my first foray into the house of Parfums de Marly, and I'm quite impressed. This is a niche version of a "barbershop" fragrance. One of the best I've smelled since Invasion Barbare, HdP 1725, etc. It has the "shaving cream" accord, supported by some ambery/musky basenotes. Lovers of Azzaro PH, Rive Gauche will be pleasantly surprised by this one. I highly recommend it as a "buy" with one caveat: if you can find it for around $130 shipped as I did. I wouldn't pay any more because the longevity and sillage are only average. Otherwise, this is an outstanding example of a "niche" barbershop fragrance done right. Thumbs up from me.
16th July, 2016
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Cologne Intense by Houbigant

The opening greets you with the smell of dried sweat, body odor, and vomit. Those are the only "intense" part of the journey. If you can get past those first 30 minutes, you'll be treated to an under performing, underwhelming fragrance that is a mockery to the otherwise sterling reputation of the house of Houbigant. Do NOT blind buy this fragrance expecting a traditional Eau de Cologne on steroids, or a fragrance on par with Fougere Royale, because this is neither of those. There is a reason it's selling for $58 shipped on eBay...
16th July, 2016
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Armani Code Sport Athlete by Giorgio Armani

This is a very "nice" summertime sport fragrance.
Perfect for office wear, or when you don't want to offend anyone. Would also be nice as an after shower fragrance.
But, don't expect much more than that from this fragrance.
Yes, it's nice. The citrus and mint opening are invigorating. But the longevity is abysmal. This is excusable for a fragrance like 4711, which you can buy for pennies on the gallon, well, not quite, but almost.

If this were priced around $30 for 2.5oz, I'd say buy it and spray liberally. But, at $65 per 2.5oz, I can't recommend it. Scarcity does not equate to quality. This fragrance is no different. It gets a sold "meh" from me.
16th July, 2016
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The Dreamer by Versace

Tried this one several years ago, 2011 I believe.
At the time, I found it repulsive on a paper test strip and never bothered to test it on skin.

Needless to say, my tastes have evolved since then.
This is a very nice, Iris/Tobacco scent. The version I'm wearing now and have been testing is from 2014.

A very warm, inviting and comforting scent that I think will perform even better in the fall/winter.

This one can be had cheap online right now. I paid $23 shipped for the 3.4oz tester I'm using now.

This is one of the best designer bottles I've found in ages. It is a wonderfully masculine aroma. Suitable for ages 25 and up.

Get this one while it's cheap. It smells anything but cheap.

18th August, 2015
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Colonia Essenza by Acqua di Parma

I've had the pleasure of sampling 100's of fragrances at this point in my journey. Essenza is, hands down, the best citrus fragrance I've ever smelled.

The opening is simply amazing, and must be experienced if you are a fan of citrus-based fragrances. Orange, Lemon, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Mandarin, slightly sweet, but masterfully tempered by the Petitgrain. It's like being enveloped in the most beautiful, fragrant citrus grove that you can imagine. That opening, that magical rendition of olfactory citrus bliss, lasts a surprisingly long time.

As it dries down on your skin, after about 30-45 minutes, the floral notes emerge slowly, and effortlessly. Although listed as unisex, I think it leans ever so slightly masculine in spite of the florals. And I'm a guy who usually shies away from anything too floral.

And underpinning this masterful orchestration all the while, is a subtle, but expertly blended patchouli, musk and amber accord that provides an anchor for citruses, and helps to extend their longevity beyond the realm of the run-of-the-mill eau de cologne, while never smelling remotely synthetic or cheap. Absolutely brilliant composition.

On my skin:

Longevity--5-6 hours.
Projection--Very good for the first hour, closer to the skin hours 2-6, but I can always smell it on myself throughout it's duration, and that's what matters most to me.
Sillage--absolutely perfect. It doesn't announce your presence, but those near to you will notice it.
Season--Year round
Rating: 10/10 a masterpiece, and benchmark for it's genre.
04th June, 2015
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Tiffany for Men by Tiffany

I don't do many reviews, but I feel compelled to add one for Tiffany for Men.

I cannot recommend this fragrance enough. Off the top of my head, I can't
think of a more well-blended men's fragrance. Every note and transition is seamlessly
blended. It is "just right" in every category: projection, longevity, and sillage, you name it.

If you love cardamom, nutmeg, oakmoss and amber, you owe it to yourself to give
this one a try. Others have described this one as "powdery." I have to respectfully
disagree. I think it has just the right balance of sweetness and dryness. It's a spicy, yet delicate masterpiece.

Although it has "Cologne" on the bottle, this fragrance is certainly not cologne-strength.
It lasts longer than almost every other EDT I've tried, and in fact, with it's discreet, close to the skin presence, it behaves much more like an EDP.

I think it can be worn year-round and would make an excellent signature scent.
It can be worn anytime: to work, to school, running errands, to a wedding, to a cocktail party, etc. etc.

Some might say Tiffany for Men is a more mature, outdated fragrance, whose best days have come and gone. I'd say that class, elegance, and refinement never go out of style.

And these can all be found in Tiffany for Men.
03rd April, 2012
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Colors Uomo by Benetton

Does anyone else think the opening of Colors is similar to Acqua Di Parma Colonia?
I find them similar, and that's saying a lot. Colors is a quality fragrance, period.
If you look around, you can find it very cheap. I paid $12.99 for a 3.4oz bottle at TJ Maxx.

This fragrance is better than the vast majority of designer fragrances being produced today. I almost hate to recommend an Ann Gottlieb fragrance, but in this case, I can't help it. Very, very good. Pick up a bottle now, while you still can.
17th March, 2012
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A*Men Pure Energy / A*Men Pure Shot by Thierry Mugler

Mugler Cologne with some juniper/mint thrown in.
Horrible projection, horrible longevity.

What a joke. Pass this one up and just go for Mugler Cologne
and save yourself a chunk of money.
07th March, 2012