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Burberry London for Men by Burberry

I love it. Imagine chewing on a leather jacket covered in cinnamon and sugar... well it wouldn't taste so great but it sure does smell awesome. The leather smell combines with some other ingredients that are less apparent to have a base smell thats manly and thick, and the top smell is that spicy sweet thing... so its like you're tough but also edible at the same time. Totally rad combo.

20th January, 2011

Corduroy by Zirh

I got this without knowing anything about it per suggestion of a friend. My purpose was to have something cheaper to douse on when I dont want to use burberry london or Michael kors for men. I don't much like it and In fact I think it smells VERY effeminate.

This is my initial reaction (knowing nothing about this cologe or whats in it)

Upon intial spray, you smell like rubbing alcohol. I immediately assumed I got a tampered with bottle because it's pretty brutal.

The alcohol smell fades pretty quickly and then you smell like potpourri. I said (out loud) It smells like they poured vanilla extract and ground up lavender into the bottle. Turns out those are some of the ingredients, though I cant smell much else. This really smells like a mediocre womens perfume to me. :(
20th January, 2011