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Norma Kamali Incense by Norma Kamali

I absolutely adore this scent and find it unspeakably beautiful. Even so, I recognize that it has a certain acrid quality - especially prominent in the opening - that even I find a little challenging. In contrast to other reviewers, I do not smell "burning", but I can see why people might say that. I don't find it spicy or animalic either. The most prominent note to my nose is labdanum, present in huge amounts (and oddly not mentioned by others here). I don't doubt the copal, but I don't know that scent in isolation, so I'm unqualified to comment on it. Incense is perhaps the most tenacious scent in my collection, and possibly also the strongest. I'm not quite sure how to put this into words, but it is a little EVIL - a perfume for malicious spirits. However, the late late late drydown (say 24h. or so after application) is one of the most sublime scents I have ever smelled. This juxtaposition of heaven and hell may be what inspires my sincere LOVE for this fragrance.
10th December, 2008

Costes by Hôtel Costes

After hearing wonderful reviews about what a lovely spicy woods fragrance this is, I was so optimistic that I would love it. However, on smelling it, I get overwhelming rose, and not much else. I have encountered a few other people on other boards who agree with this assessment, so I am reassured that I am not completely alone, but hmmmm... still no idea why the rose in Costes is so incredibly prominent to my nose. If I liked rose scents, I would probably like this one, but I'm just not a fan in general - preferring rose to be a minor note, when present. AND, I'm hesitant to recommend this scent to people who are looking for a rose scent since so many other people seem to not smell the boatload of rose here that I smell. It's definitely not one to buy unsniffed - especially if youre sort of ho-hum on rose.
10th December, 2008

Féminité du Bois by Serge Lutens

Feminite was my very first true fragrance love and I adore it still. Wondrously woody with juicy red fruits, spices, and violets, and just enough cumin to make you wonder if it's there or not. I own this in every format I could get my hands on (Eau Timide, EDP, parfum, lotion) and I love and cherish all of them. This is about as close as I think I'll ever get to a signature fragrance. Absolutely delightful.
10th December, 2008
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Cabaret by Grès

Beautiful, and so incredibly easy to wear. It combines several of my very favorite notes (wood, patch, incense) with soft florals. This scent is my choice whenever I just cant decide. It's lovely in any season and for any occasion, and I have never once regretted spritzing this one (as I sometimes do when I make the "wrong" choice for a day/season/occasion/mood). I'm having a hard time describing my feelings about it without making it sound mediocre, but the REASON I love this so much is that it's neither too much nor too little. It smells wonderful without making a loud statement or attracting undue attention. It is complex and deep, while somehow simultaneously being sheer and light. It's the sort of scent you'd choose when you want people to pay attention to you and not your fragrance. I hope Ive succeeded in conveying the right impression here. I'll close by saying that of literally hundreds and hundreds of scents tested by me, Cabaret is solidly in my top 10.
10th December, 2008

Royal Parvati by Ava Luxe

I intensely wanted to love this, but was stopped by a vaguely mushroom-y undertone. I am not sure what note or note combination causes this, but it is not unique to this particular scent! Other people that I talked with about this did not smell it, but your mileage may vary.
04th December, 2007

Oude by Ava Luxe

While I agree with the 2 previous reviewers that Ava-Luxe Oude is an odd smell, and I'll even admit that it isnt exactly a good smell in the *classic* sense, I'm incredibly attracted to this scent! I have both the EDP and the lotion and wear them alone regularly. This exact smell is the dominant (the only?) note present in the drydown of Ava-Luxe's Moksha, another of my very faves from this line. Perhaps those who crave additional notes in their Oude would like that one instead.
04th December, 2007

Tokion by Ava Luxe

I had very high hopes for this one, since I am quite the fan of Ava-Luxe's agarwood (oude) scents in general, but in the end I found this too sweet for me. If you like sweet woods, its definitely worth a try.
04th December, 2007