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    Lyric Man by Amouage

    Soapy (don't like it) and a quite feminine (don't mind it).

    Rose is a indeed a very sensual and elegant note. If one has had little experience smelling rose fragrances, they will find Lyric excelent. To me, however, it smells ordinary, almost cheap.

    Other rose fragrances I have smelled are richer (Lumière Noire, Rose 31 and Black Aoud, for instance) and my nose just tells me Lyric is one (or more) step(s) below them.

    By the way, Lumière Noire is not so different from this and is so much less soapy, more on the masculine side (still on the edge though) and richer.

    I'll pass on Lyric Man. It's just OK for... soap.

    08th April, 2013


    Bulgari pour Homme Extreme by Bulgari

    Pretty linear on my skin. In fact, to my nose it's 99% Iso E Super and 1% sweat.

    20th February, 2012


    Millésime Impérial by Creed

    It's veeeery similar to 212 on Ice. I had to put on both on my skin to compare.

    I've got both on my arm now. Millesime is slightly a bit classy and more of a gentlemen's perfume (I think it's because the lemony scent is quite softer here) and reminds me, somehow, of Hugo Boss Bottled. HBB is darker, tougher, though.

    When I smelled the bottle I got the salty ocean spray from the ambar that is not present in 212 OI. Once sprayed on my skin, it suddenly disappeared and turned into a 212OI smellalike. I was shocked and disappointed.

    In Millesime, it seems that the spoiled child is asleep but it's definitely not dead, I'm afraid. (if you read my review on 212 OI you'll see what I mean).

    Sillage is weak as well as longevity.

    Not a must-have. MI is definitely, for myself, overrated. It's not bad but it's not great. "OK" should do.

    29th January, 2011


    212 Men On Ice (2009) by Carolina Herrera

    I smell the lemon leaf although all of its bitterness is gone after a few seconds. Maybe it smells more like swiss lemonade with a spray of musk instead of a spoonfull of sugar. Anyway, I can't say there's no sweeteness here.
    After 15 min the lemony scent has already evaporated and what remains is an annoying smell, a bit orangy, though. It's not a bad smell but it's not elegant. It's too linear and indiscreet, like someone who talks too loudly when you want some quiet. After about 30 min the lemony scent shows up again and tries to sing along but it's awkwardly out of tune.

    Imagine you're playing with a kid. After one hour you're tired of playing that same annoying game and you suggest something else, maybe some other game, and the kid tells you "no, we'll play this again for 2 more hours". Ouf!

    I regret blind-buying it. It's got a beautiful bottle and a cool name but it's got a spoiled child inside.

    I use it's acrylic split box like a vase to a small cactus. That's much more fun than smelling 212 OI.

    PS: I like lemon and lemony scents.

    29th January, 2011


    Blue Rush by Avon

    It's somewhat similar to 212 on ice, but far less powerful. Sillage is very weak and so is longevity. It lasts only about 30 min on my skin.

    21st January, 2011

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