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Captain Molyneux by Molyneux

Once again I find myself in the same camp (or laundry room) as the good Mr Nitram.

He remembers the Captain as 'no hearty seadog, but a light, slight, delicate fellow who emanated a faint whiff of lavender amid the essence of clean clothes.'

I would often see the Captain peeping out from some very decent publications like British Vogue in the late 1970s where he was highly regarded. I did not encounter him personally until just this week - by now of course he has been long retired. Even so he was easy to track down via amazon uk!

If anything he is even more 'quiet, clean and mild-mannered' than when on active service I would guess. I detected a passing likeness to Worth PH in the top notes but the whiff from the good Captain was so faint it had gone within a few minutes.

Likeable but very weak even with a/s and edt applied together.

28th October, 2011

Moustache by Rochas

The eloquent Naed Nitram has just about said it all - even quoting me along the way! A 'sickly dandy' is a brilliant appellation. Moustache has the austerity of the true dandy - and the wit and above all the style. But do we appreciate him? I do, you know. And it does look like he is set to be around for a while yet.
10th August, 2006

Sybaris by Antonio Puig

Although I am a little older than late 30s I love this fine and rich creation. I certainly agree that it is potent - I could only track down the aftershave spray but it has the lasting qualities of at least an EDT! It has that typical slightly pungent Puig note, but here it is well under control allowing the warm, rich notes to win through. Superb!
03rd January, 2006
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Dior Homme by Christian Dior

As many reviewers have already said, this scent is superbly presented and of evident high quality. But - it really has very little new to say. It reminds me of a number of scents already in my wardrobe and I do wonder why I bought it. It is not unlike Azzaro Visit and has more than a passing likeness to EA Night. However, as has also been said it does seem to go down well with the ladies. My wife, who rarely passes any comment often praises this one....
07th December, 2005

Vétiver de Puig by Antonio Puig

An fine old gentleman indeed! Vetiver de Puig is unlike any other vetiver I have tried. It has that pungent Puig 'note' that is evident in the top notes and continues to dominate the dry down. To my nose it has astrong likeness to Quorum - but of course lighter. It lasts as well, but lays closer to the skin than Quorum. I bought my bottle in Spain and it seemed very well suited to its natural habitat. I have not yet worn it back in dreary old England, but I suspect it will work just as wll here.
06th October, 2005

Sandringham by Crown Perfumery

As ever the good Baron has summed it up beautifully. I do wonder what happened to the top notes? To my nose this scent almost immediately becomes 'rich, royal, sensuous and sweet'. I do not detect citrus or lavender notes. It is none the worse for that. It is a fragrance from another era but one which enhances this dull age. How could they discontinue it?
06th September, 2005

Worth pour Homme by Worth

The good Baron is right again. I would add that this elegant gentleman very much resembles his close relation (now regrettably no longer with us) Monsieur Worth. He is now clad in new attire but retains his soft, subtle and rich heritage.
21st January, 2005 (last edited: 28th October, 2011)

Balafre by Lancôme

It is all the things people have said and fresh enough to be worn in spring and autumn - but not in high summer.
It is still available from Scentdirect and the Lancome Institute in Paris (althoughit does not feature as a current scent on the official site). Lancome Paris do offer a range of their heritage fragrances including Sagamore.
John King aka Trotsky
10th September, 2004
27th August, 2004

Hero by Prince Matchabelli

Hero is aweful! It gives a lovely fresh burst initially but dries down IMO to a smell not unlike a cheap plug-in air freshener.
Without wanting to tread on Marcel's toes, I would venture to suggest that the lovely Gilberte would not have bought this scent for her little papa. What M. de Charlus would have thought of it I do not dare to think!
27th August, 2004

Vétiver (original) by Carven

I agree with Renato. I currently have a bottle of the after shave in the older style and, apart from being a bit weak (you need to slap loads on - and then again) it is a superb old school fragrance. It is refined and comfortable to wear any time.
I also have the eau de toilette in the newer style. It is no stronger than the old after shave and has lost something, perhaps depth in the revamp. I shall keep it in my wardrobe but it is not quite what it used to be.
Trotsky, England
13th July, 2004

Spanish Leather by Geo F Trumper

To me it smells like an old man's trousers! Fusty and no leather detectable. I was given a tester and gave it away after two attempts at liking it. Trotsky
09th July, 2004