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    Stardust for Men by Llewelyn

    I'm surprised to see the tepid reviews here so far, given that this one is in my Top 10.
    Well, preferences are bound to vary. I find this scent very rich and bold. It is not
    ashamed to put it's Mexican Lime, Nutmeg, Sandalwood, Patchouli accord out there for
    all to smell. The persistence of the accord is remarkable. The zing of the top notes
    lasts throughout the drydown. This scent lasts all day, and is pleasant from beginning to end.

    If anything negative can be said, perhaps it is that the development is limited. It's fairly
    linear. It finishes where it starts. With an accord this good, I don't consider that to be
    a bad thing. This is a powerhouse scent, and not one for the "I want something light"

    21st March, 2011


    Patou pour Homme (original) by Jean Patou

    This is a superbly blended, rich, and
    intoxicating scent. The fact that
    at the time of this writing all 15
    previous reviewers have given this
    the thumbs-up says it all. This is
    extremely rare in Basenotes reviews
    and speaks to the almost universal
    adulation fragrance lovers heap on this
    jewel. Please bring it back,
    Proctor & Gamble!

    24th February, 2007

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