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Krizia Time Donna by Krizia

Since there are no reviews here, I'll go ahead and give it a whirl.

I picked up a bottle unsniffed, because it was only a few dollars and I am quite a fan of a number of other Krizia fragrances (Teatro alla Scala, Krazy, K, Moods). What I failed to realize at purchase time--my favorites were introduced the 80's or very early 90's, an era which has produced only a handful of misses for me. The other site classifies this as an Oriental Spicy, with main accords of rose, musky, woody, floral, warm spicy & green. What is there to not like?

Well, upon application, there is an overwhelming aromachemical that screams melon/water/fresh/clean. I really cannot detect anything else and find this quite horrid, a hammer blow to the senses. I ask BF, he says 'OK', helpful, huh? I then ask my teenage daughter. She usually despises anything I ask her to smell, which entails wrinkling up her nose, emoting 'UGH!!, DisGUSTing', while dramatically waving her entire arm in front of her face, and lambasting my olfactory tastes in various ways. This time, though, she actuallly LIKES it, a lot! I ask her if she wants it and she does. She says it is a cross between Daisy and DKNY (I assume she means the one in the apple bottle, which she owns).

So although this was an epic fail for me, it all ended well. The moral of the story, if you love complex vintage fragrances that are out of style, you will probably hate this, but if you are a fan of current mainstream scents, this is a real bargain, and worth a try.
14th July, 2014

Jil Sander Bath & Beauty by Jil Sander

I was lucky enough to stumble across a small, reasonably priced bottle of the old stuff. Apparently, it's an 80's bottle (UTIF on bottom) of opaque white glass. & it is Pretty Fabulous. Sniffing the spray (spray sniffer that I tend to be!), a lovely, somewhat soft, powdery and muted light spicy aromatic. Applying on the skin, big blast of the spicy aromatic. It takes little strange detours into different but overall fun good-time territories: an Ivoire like soapiness, the slightest leather tinge of a extremely downplayed Lonestar Memories, and a hint of Magie Noire until the heart settles into a wonderful scent that reminds me of Xmas time. I wore this on a long ramble through the cooling misty autumn evening, with wet leaves covering the ground and the humidity and fog amplifying all scents. It was a perfect fit with the occasional wafts of deep forest essence. There is just nothing like it coming out today. Highly recommended.

31st October, 2013

L'Art et la Matière : Rose Barbare by Guerlain

I've been wary of putting up reviews because I am not an expert, I'm terrible at recognizing notes, I'm no writer and to top it all off, I'm both fickle and promiscuous fragrance wise. Something that was love last year could leave me cold now, and vice versa. I'd never have the patience to actually wear something a few times before forming and opinion, as there are just too many wonderful things to try and not enough time or skin to go around. Despite all that, the old new format gave me a chance to put down my thoughts in a less threatening way, and I enjoyed it.

I received a split of Rose Barbare along with 5 others new or new to me from the most amazing fragrance maven ever. I sniffed the sprays of them all this morning and Rose Barbare was the winner. Anything rose is very hit or miss for me, but this has something wonderful and powdery that softens and ages it. Rose via Violet lane, perhaps. The top is lovely, and I was happy for about an hour. Then I caught a whiff of something that screamed "ingredient from an inexpensive, modern dept. store". Wish I knew what it was, so I can avoid it like the plague. This unpleasantness lasted for at least an hour. The drydown is better, but not good enough to make up for the unhappy middle.
29th October, 2013
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