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    Comme des Garçons 2 Man by Comme des Garçons

    I was quite surprised when I tried this one out. Everything about 2man is blended beautifully from the inky encre noire like opening to the Gucci PH1 middle and the gorgeous Amouage memoir man like base. This is one that keeps your nose interested and you just cant get enough. Absolutely bottle worthy if your considering an safe incense with out the smokey in your face harsh notes like most niche carry. Thumbs way up.

    23rd March, 2012


    Jean Luc Amsler Privé Homme by Jean Luc Amsler

    Very clean smelling fragrance that can be worn on any occasion really. Not at all offensive and very versitile. A 100ml bottle can be found for under $30 and it is well worth the price. Its an overall great fresh scent that all ages can wear. I personally think its is much more complex and better smelling than MANY other designer and niche fresh frags.

    15th April, 2011


    By Man by Dolce & Gabbana

    This is my "Holy Grail" as well as my signature. I love everything about this fragrance EXCEPT the fact that it is so expensive since being discontinued and the majority of the ones on the online market are fakes so beware. This is one of the few scents I close my eyes to while taking a slow sniff and exhale a whispered "ahhhhhhh". Beastly longevity and silage I give this unique scent a 10/10.

    01st April, 2011


    John Varvatos by John Varvatos

    This scent reminds me of leathery trees in a mossy forest. I went sampling at a local perfume shop and of all the fragrances I tried on paper that day, I told myself I would leave spraying this one (JV) on my neck. Great smell but WEAK longevity. After going trigger happy with the bottle in the store, I only got a couple hours with this one. This makes a great: poker night with the buddies while drinking whiskey scent.

    09th February, 2011

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