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A Taste of Heaven by By Kilian

After a promising start, the lavendar notes leave disappear very quickly. What's left behind is vanilla that reminds me of a Body Shop perfume a girlfriend used to wear in the early 90's. For the price, I was expecting a whole lot more.
17th February, 2014

Back to Black by By Kilian

I don't normally go for sweet smelling fragrances so thought I'd give this one a try after being recommended it. Although I first thought it was very good despite the very strong honey notes, for me it doesn't develop into much else. Having worn it for a day, I still smell honey mixed with vanilla. It may be ok worn with something heavier but I won't be buying a bottle anytime soon.
11th February, 2014

Kokorico by Jean Paul Gaultier

Kokorico isn't for me. Although I like the scent, it's not bold enough. It's too safe, mass market almost & is similar to a few other brands. It would be one of those fragrances which would sit at the back of my closet, not really seeing the light of day unless my son wears it.
11th January, 2012
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Trafalgar by Truefitt & Hill

Nice spicy citrus notes. Sandalwood & cedar work well in my opinion but it just doesn't last, just like the Grafton cologne I tried yesterday.
08th December, 2011

Grafton by Truefitt & Hill

Nice traditional English gentlemen's cologne but the party's ove after a few hours.
07th December, 2011

Noir Epices by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

I love the orange & rose top notes. Nutmeg and cinnamon are warm & spicy making it, for me anyway, a winter fragrance.
21st November, 2011

Juniper Sling by Penhaligon's

Only a brief review on what I've found so far.

Although I like Juniper Sling, I'm not sure it does enough to make me want to buy it. The juniper berry top notes are very poweful, almost too powerful. I asked a friend to give their thoughts on it & they said straight away it smelt like a G&T, which I gather is the idea. I don't get the cinnamon notes at all & only a slight whiff of orange brandy. The middle note of black pepper is strong too but that I don't mind as I'm a fan of pepper aroma. Leather notes are ok but it's unclear to me whether it sits well in this fragrance. I've yet to get to the base notes so reserving judgement until then. In all, Juniper Sling for me has a very safe, mass market appeal & puts me in mind of a fragrance from the early 90's that was very successful for a certain perfume house which I also liked but didn't purchase it because of it's mass market audiance.
14th November, 2011