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1725 Casanova by Histoires de Parfums

Right after the first spray I do get a blast of citruses which stays just for a blink of an eyes disappearing very fast to leave space to a very evident anise and an explosion of lavender. It makes me think about Boucheron Pour Homme but in a very modern and easy to please way that get's even better trough time given the appearance of a semi-sweet tone!

Anyway, a very good fragrance that can be purchase by a very reasonable price.
02nd June, 2012

cK one Summer 2010 by Calvin Klein

A delightful trip into a sweet mandarin juice combined with some other fruits. A truly summer drink scent that smells awesome. This and the 2008 version of cK One summer smells incredible good and weight just a little in your wallet.
01st May, 2012

Bamboo Harmony by By Kilian

Bamboo Harmony is the olfactive impression of a subtle sip of white tea taken in the hearth of a bamboo... moment of spiritulity.

Bamboo Harmony opens with luminous notes of bergamot, bigarade and neroli. It evolves through a comforting heart combining white te leaves and mimosa, highlighted with a touch of spices. The unique character of the trail is given by rare mate essence interlaced with sensual fig leaves and oak moss.

Well, it indeed starts with a blast of bergamot followed by an semi hernal neroli tone in a very soft type of scent which through time gives space to a tea note. By Kilian needs to learn how to do tea scents with Bvlgari.
01st May, 2012
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Water Calligraphy by By Kilian

And here's the official By Kilian description of this fragrance:
An olfactive impression of an aquatic flower sitting next to a pod of water lillies...a moment of delicacy.

Water Calligraphy is a harmonious duo of sparkling grapefruit zest and reseda blossom underlined by dewy warer lily to awaken the senses. In the heart, the majestic jasmine sambac enhances the evanescent magnolia giving an ipression of quiet water sliding over cardamom and vetiver, like chinese ink slides over rice paper.

Well Mr. Kilian, this one is indeed delicate, the flowery combination in the opening mixed with a prominent grapefruit note makes my senses tingle to a zen state in a beautiful way (like resting in one of those famous chinese lakes) but sadly the magic just stays in the opening, where in the heart we have a dull Avon's type of smell that makes me angry since the transition is so unexpected in a bad way. Neutral ratings since is does not smells bad but it is definitively not worth the money
29th April, 2012

Bleu de Chanel Eau de Toilette by Chanel

Chanel nowadays is definitively pointing towards the mass/safe/"sporty" fragrances and you can see this by their new releases, specially with this one, Bleu de Chanel. It starts with a blast of sweet grapefruit, a very well done one mixed with some ginger.

A safe and not innovative line crossed by Polge that in the final analysis it smells good and this is what matters to me. This is indeed a generic (and refreshing!) fragrance created by Chanel, but at least they do it in a very good way, with competence, instead of other houses these days...
23rd April, 2012

Aomassaï 10 by Parfumerie Generale

Aomassai opens with a rich caramel note that leaves me with my mouth watering! Right after a couple seconds the hazelnut appears giving some depth to this fragrance in a very balanced way. A dessert, a very well crafted and edible dessert with nothing exaggerated in it. In Aomassai the sweetness presents itself in a soft way that throughout time shows us the amber aspect o it.
16th April, 2012

Myrrhiad by Huitième Art

This one has a licorice vanilla opening associated with some myrrh in a soft/sweet combination. There's a strange herbal vibe in the opening which makes me not love this fragrance, but after a couple minutes it starts to fade and things as expected starts to get better leaving a very good impression on my skin with that slight sweetness aura around me.

The fragrance does not chances much throughout time, we are left with this sweet aura for a good long time. Anyway, a good fragrance with a kind of expensive price tag.
15th April, 2012

Artek Standard by Comme des Garçons

Commes des Garçons deserves my praise as a maison. They are always making audacious scents looking more into the concept of abstraction into their fragrances instead of marketing with safe fragrances and with Standard this is no different.

Here the maison strikes again where from a partnership with a Finland furniture company called Artek emerged one of the best creations I have smelled in a long time. Christian Astuguevieille and Olivier Pescheux created the personification of wood furniture in a perfect way.

Picture a small furniture workshop in a very traditional way and you will figure this fragrance out since it smells exactly like this. A work of art. Not for everyone, not for the average joe's nose. This is a well crafted gem that only a small niche of the market will realize the beauty it contains. Masterpiece, just masterpiece.
12th April, 2012

Cannabis Santal by Fresh

A great surprise indeed! What a hidden gem. Cannabis Santal despite the name has no cannabis in it. Instead we have a lovely chocolate/patchouli/plum option to the designer Angel Men. Here as a friend said and I quote, we have a green A* men which is much more versatile and easy to the nose. Great silage and longevity in this edp fragrance which is very under the radar. A must try in my opinion.
12th April, 2012

Musk Pure by Tom Ford

Musk Pure just isn't worth the price tag, that simple. This is a simplistic combination of bee wax and some spices. A very clean interpretation of musk, not sexy or enigmatic at all. The smell isn't unpleasant at all, I must say that, but the combination in here is so pure, so linear in a boring way that this fragrance becomes a flat option inside the Tom Ford collection.
12th April, 2012

Eau d'Hadrien Eau de Toilette by Annick Goutal

A lovely lemon fragrance!! This is by far the best lemon fragrance I have ever came across. So fresh, so pure. This particular fragrance shines by it's simplicity. A lemon peel note that goes through the whole life of this fragrance giving us a invigorating sensation. Perfect for summer days.
12th April, 2012

Eau des Merveilles by Hermès

Eau des Merveilles Pegase is a fresh, bright fragrance very versatile and which smells very comforting to my nose. There's no very evident orange note in it, instead we have a very appealing citrus combination. Making things short, a must try for everyone! This is a good daily fragrance! Oh, and the bottle looks gorgeous! hahahah
12th April, 2012

Elixir des Merveilles by Hermès

Elixir des Merveilles is in my opinion a good fragrance where we have a creamy orange smell giving a sweet comforting scent, but it is unbalanced compared to Eau des Merveilles which in my opinion have much more versatility than this one. Anyway, a good fragrance leaned more towards the feminine side but does not stand a chance when compared to Eau.
12th April, 2012
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Narciso Rodriguez for Him by Narciso Rodriguez

Although i'm almost unable to detect the notes in this particular mysterious fragrance, I must say that it does not match my style. There's a floral violet opening in here that is harsh to my nose. Through time things does not get better even with this note disappearing and giving space to a very subtle musk that never dominates the fragrance. Indeed a formal fragrance with a beautiful bottle but that simple does not match my style.
12th April, 2012

Piper Leather by Illuminum

Another mistake made by this maison in my opinion. Piper Leather opens up with some pepper and other spices mixed with civetta in a combination that has no appealing effect on me. I was unable to detect a bright, easy to spot leather note in this one. If you're looking for a leather based fragrance please avoid this one. Do not trust the name of this fragrance. The notes in here are so unbalanced that you will regret blind buying it.
12th April, 2012

Wild Tobacco by Illuminum

Wild Tobacco is a total mess on my skin. This one starts with a pure tobacco note! A clear not burnt tobacco resembling a real pipe aroma. Over time this tobacco mixes with a tea note, maybe a chamomile tea combination that still smelling unpleasant on my skin. Anyway, a must PASS in my opinion. Very disappointed with it.
12th April, 2012

Amber Oud by By Kilian

Amber oud starts of with a prominent benzoin note, a sweet one given the presence of vanilla mixed with a rich aspect of amber giving some depth to this particular fragrance. Through time the benzoin decays a little bit leaving space to the amber/vanilla accord, a very warm combination if I may say.

The problem is: where's oud in this one? Where's the animalic quality that Kilian mentioned in the description of this fragrance? It is just not here, the mimetic effect they tried to create in this fragrance combining different ingredients to simulate the oud smell just does not work, but hey, this isn't bad at all!

I, myself find this a good point since I'm not a oud fan but for those who pick up this particular fragrance just by the name may be disappointed.
Anyway, a very good smelling fragrance that stays close to the skin. Sadly it is too pricey for what it delivers (but I will still give this one a thumbs up)
06th April, 2012

Juniper Sling by Penhaligon's

Juniper Sling starts with a spicy combination of pepper and cardamon. After a few minutes a light citric aroma kicks in leaving a very good impression, almost like a drink right in front of you.Trough time a woody accord appears in the base giving some depth to this fragrance. Making things short, an above average fragrance which lacks a little bit of projection and longevity.
01st April, 2012

Ferrari Passion by Ferrari

This one opens up with some citrus notes specially grapefruit followed by a somehow by a lavender vibe. There is a strange "garage" aura involving this fragrance but it is nothing like a Fahrenheit (gasoline) combination, it is more like a rubber kind of aroma but a really fainted one, nothing like Bvlgari Black for example. Time goes by and there's no leather or tobacco on my skin.

Nothing outstanding, not special, just a generic fragrance that smells a little pleasant and that's it.
19th March, 2012

Figaro / L'Eau Neuve Figaro by Lubin

This one opens up with vetiver mixed specially with woodsy notes, and when I say woodsy I want to say green
pine. There's also a fruity accord attached here given by a not so well distinguished at the beginning but growing through time plum note.

Figs do appear in this fragrance but they're mixed with plum like in a drink, and it is a sweet one, not the kind of figs present in philosykos.

The drydown is a very pleasant sweet aura of figs/plum wheres the base shows us the vetiver again but here it is embracing a woody accord.
10th March, 2012

Figues et Garçons by Nez à Nez

This particular fragrance opens up with a somehow sweet pear note that at the same time looses a little bit of it's personality given the co-appearance of an evident kiwi. After a couple minutes this fragrance acquires a green slight soapy aura but it disappears after some hours.

Fig in here is a mere supporting actor present only in a very faint leafy form which also disappears fast. If you wanna buy this fragrance just because of it's name, don't do it! There's almost nothing of figs in here, trust me.
06th March, 2012

Io Capri by Carthusia

Opens up with a faint semi-sweet fig leaf note hitting almost a gassy/effervescent aroma. The herbaceous aura in here it's nothing like the pure and natural fig leaf present in Philosykos and that's it. A boring good lasting fragrance that isn't worth a bottle in my opinion. There are much much better fig options in the market.
18th February, 2012

Riverside Drive by Bond No. 9

Riverside Drive opens up with a very typical basil note, kind of sour one without any citric aspect acting together, just the herbal tone. Through time the sour aspect decays a little bit leaving space to a somehow slight minty aroma.

After a couple hours this fragrance goes into the drydown where a fruity aspect appears, the reason for what I bought this fragrance starts to show of, the pineapple, but here it is such a deception, so hard to distinguish since it is not a sweet one as I was expecting like in Joop Nightflight or Creed Aventus, instead it is a green one like the fruit was not ready to be eaten.

This drydown is much better if compared to the opening but it is nothing outstanding. I would say it is a shame given my expectation. For that reason I think this is a mediocre fragrance from the Bond Nº 9 house specially given the price tag.
22nd January, 2012

Incense Oud by By Kilian

"incense, mystic perfume, is combined with oud. Giving birth to fragrance that is mysterious and warm, yet stunningly modern."

Incense Oud opens up with a characteristic dominant incense note followed by a slight spicy combo. Nothing harsh at all instead this is quite relaxing and comforting since the incense note is nothing that screams in your face like in Avignon (which is a masterpiece but difficult to wear).

Incredibly scent made By Kilian. This along with Beyond Love would be my 2 pick ups from the By Kilian house.
12th January, 2012

Pure Oud by By Kilian

"Blending oud oil with other essential oils such as papyrus oil, gaiac wood oil and saffron oil, Pure Oud is composed as a contemporary interpretation of oud."

This one starts oud as a smoky, burnt woody aroma, much like if I was working in a woodsmith factory and after the day of work this was the smell that would be attached to me adding some saffron. The Oud note here is so pleasent and easy to wear compared to Montale Black Oud, YSL M7 (original formula) with their medicinal vibe!

11th January, 2012

Cuir Pleine Fleur / Fine Leather by Heeley

This Heeley opens up with a very warm spicy combination which just introduces us to a very well crafted leather scent combined with the delicate/almost velvety aspect of suede thanks to the presence of a very relaxing mimosa note.

I'm searching for the perfect leather scent. The type of leather that makes you think about a bright new expensive car with leather seats. Cuir Pleine Fleur is not that fragrance but nevertheless what a rich, dense and hypnotizing journey this one is!
10th January, 2012

Bleecker Street by Bond No. 9

Bleecker street opens with a delightful berries note, so fresh, so natural. After a few minutes this fruity aroma mixes with a semi-sweet tone leaving a invigorating impression. A friend of mine pinpointed a interesting comment, he said that this one resambles L'eau D'Issey, and I have to agree, at least the floral notes do remember this Issey Miyake but here they are softer and sweeter.
Sadly this nice opening combination does not persists at full power in the drydown.
09th January, 2012

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

Enough of this comparisons with Cool Water. Here I'm gonna talk about this and ONLY this fragrance since I'm reviewing it not Cool Water.

Green Irish Tweed starts very green mixed with a bright citrusy aroma (nothing harsh!). After 10 minutes this citrusy aspect starts to fade leaving space to flowers, but nothing feminine at all, instead it is a very unisex aroma if I may say.

Now on my skin there's something very oceanic and also somehow a little sweet, anyway a very, very pleasant aroma! A complet turnout from the opening.

I would also like to pinpoint that the violet here is nothing like the one we can find in Eau de Cartier Concentreé with that herbal/powdery aroma. Anyway, the perfect guy for this scent on my mind? Well succeeded young business guy wearing an expensive sunglasses, a jeans and a polo shirt driving around town in a fancy car.
08th January, 2012

1270 by Frapin

Ahh the sweetness of berries and honey...
1270 opens up with a very evident combination of berries specially plum dipped in a sweet honey aroma with a hint, just a hint of spices. Amazing opening... Just amazing!

After about 15 minutes the spices get away of my skin and the honey that already was beautiful get even more
prominent but now mixed with a resinous note giving some depth to the fragrance. Sadly the berries does not last long enough on my skin, it was such a gorgeous smell, but anyway, the fragrance manages to still good the whole time which on my skin was about 5 hours.

Anyway, a very good sweet fragrance!
07th January, 2012

Memoir Man by Amouage

Memoir opens up with a combination os green notes rounded by a somehow cold note. Could it be mint? Maybe... ater about 20 minutes the incense kicks in giving the fragrance some depth and also a dark aura if I may say.

Through time the smoky vibe stays in leaving a very nice impression. A fragrance that will not shout in your face instead will blend in a very pleasant and easy to wear way. Amouage quality!
06th January, 2012