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    Chocolate Greedy by Montale

    I bet the perfumer behind this fragrance was Willy Wonka! This is not a fragrance, is a dessert! It develops on my skin in I way like I would be eating some chocolate waffle. Chocolate Greedy opens up with a waffle type of smell, that crispy crust filled with chocolate.

    After about 5 minutes we have the "inside part" of this waffle exhaling an almond aroma while the chocolate note starts to dominate the fragrance and so it stays for the whole drydown in a wonderful and pleasant way.

    Very good longevity and projection on this one. Excellent fragrance for real gourmand lovers.

    06th January, 2012


    Carnal Flower by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

    It is official, I simply love tuberose. Such a yummy and softly note which express such a delicate idea.
    Right after the first spray I gotta a very evident jasmine note combined with a smooth and almost velvety
    tuberose note, but here in the opening this note is more like a vegetable(?) one if I may say, different from the creamy coconut vibe present since the begnning in By Kilian Beyond Love (which I adore, by the way).

    Through time the coconut note appears decreasing a little of that vegetable aspect of the tuberose in here and giving to this fragrance the creamy aspect that I love in Beyond love altough there are some differences between these two fragrances (but just a few ones).

    Anyway, a solid well crafted fragrance that deserves praise! But will I consider a bottle of it? Maybe not since for me Beyond Love does a better job.

    30th December, 2011


    Philosykos by Diptyque

    My family have a farm and in there we have a lot of fruit trees: mango, jabuticaba, guava, Barbados cherry, orange and last but not least, figs! Even now I love to go there during time where these trees are full of fruits and stay the enterely day just eating those fresh fruits without thinking in anything else...

    And just after putting Philosykos on my skin, I was immediately transported to the farm! The opening of this fragrance makes me think about walking over the fig trees, smelling a fresh, natural green fig leafs while waiting to eat some of those fig dipped in syrup that my mom usually makes during christmas time (as a matter of fact, while I'm writing this review, I'm eating some! What a delicious smell and taste!) I can easily compare the smell of it to Philosykos and say that this fragrance is all about pure, natural figs.

    There's no syrup or powdery aroma attached into it. Very good fragrance for those of you who loves figs and just figs (even though in the drydown this fragrance shows a very nice and somehow unexpected coconut note which I'm a fan). Sadly after 4h this scent disappears on my skin but that's no reason for a thumbs down.

    28th December, 2011


    Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

    Polo Blue starts with a very bright and evident cucumber note associated with a fresh melon leaving a semi-sweet fruity aroma that basically means summer time! Lovely aroma if I may say. I must say that I do get a slight salty vibe with this particular fragrance but nothing annoying like in Sean John Unforgivable. Here things are in the right dose leaving as with a very good background.

    Anyway, a very good summer signature scent which smells great but lacks a little bit of longevity.

    28th December, 2011


    Back to Black by By Kilian

    "A tobacco inspiration, an aphrodisiac aroma with sweet undertones of honey"

    Reading this description you can almost imediatelly think about Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford, well and they do share similarities, but here right after the first spray we have a very evident, natural and bright honey note accompanied by a slight and very lluring raspberry aroma and a not so hard to detect chamomile note giving to this particular fragrance a different dept compared to Tobacco Vanille. Lovely opening!!

    After a couple minutes the tobacco kicks in without disrupting the beauty of this fragrance. Despite the official description, it just appears as a back component to this beautiful honey fragrance. But sadly nothing that is too good lasts forever. Back to Black after a couple hours loses potency and becomes a slight watery honey skin scent different from that beautiful drydown.

    BUT, anyhow, the thing that grab my attention and makes me love a gourmand fragrance is balance. I hate overdone sweet fragrances and thanks god this mistake was not made in Back to Black. The semi-sweet combination is just perfect.

    25th December, 2011


    A Taste of Heaven by By Kilian

    "An absinthe inspiration, the artificial paradise of poets."

    This one opens up with lavender, a sharp one mixed with a hint o rose that quicklys disappears. There are some flower notes at the opening but I sincerely cannot distinguish between then, I only know that Orange flower isn't one of it. This one opens with a green aroma combining perfectly with the juice color.

    After a few minutes vanilla kicks in leaving the herbal opening a little bit behind... now we have a mixture of vanilla and lavender, quite pleasant if I may say, but nothing outstanding. I do get a hippie aura surronding the smell.

    At the base we do have a waxy type of combination given a deeper perspective to this fragrance.

    24th December, 2011


    Straight to Heaven by By Kilian

    "A rum inspiration, a life-giving alcohol blending the heat of the Caribbean Islands."

    This one indeed opens up with a boozy rum note combined with an intense resinuous woody smell. Caribbean Islands makes me think about fruity, juicy and most important, light notes. Coconut? Lime? None of these notes are present here.

    Instead we have in the opening a blast of dense resin dipped in alcohol. But hey! I'm not saying it is a bad smell. Not at all. Straight to Heaven is the most masculine fragrance from the whole Louvre Noire collection, and so, it is just different from the others and also different from the description Kilian gave us, that's it.

    After a couple minutes the resinous opening decays a bit leaving space to a spice chord derived from nutmeg which lasts until the end of this fragrance.

    24th December, 2011


    Sweet Redemption by By Kilian

    Sweet Redemption opens up with an intense sweet suggary orange flower, a soft and delicate note almost without any citrusy aspect into it. A very pleasant and relaxing aroma if I may say.

    There isn't much change on my skin trough time with this long lasting fragrance. The sweet orange flower note just loses a little bit of it's suggary smell and that's it. Is is bad for being linear? No way! But a little evolution would be awesome.

    Thumbs up just because it smells good, but I don't know if I would pick up a bottle of it. At least not now.

    22nd December, 2011 (Last Edited: 23rd December, 2011)


    Cruel Intentions by By Kilian

    "A sparkling yet woody temptation composed with bergamot and oud."

    Right after the 1º spray we have a woody aroma mixed with a prominent dry vetiver note but nothing harsh in
    a way that will hurt your nose, this fragrance tottaly opens in a soft way.

    Trough time a distinctive smoky woody aroma kicks in leaving the impression that this is more of a mysterious Intentions than Cruel Intentions, and also I don't know why but i'm getting a suede smell in this fragrance, making me remember somehow of Daim Blond but not so feminine.

    21st December, 2011


    Liaisons Dangereuses by By Kilian

    "The delicate and sweet sensuality of the plum mixed with the roses from damas."

    With that being said, Liaisons Dangereuses opens up with a very sweet plum not combined with a slight creaminess given by coconut which appears only for a few minutes and in a not so evident form like in Beyond Love.

    Trough time a lot of notes appears at the same time, that's for sure!

    Anyway, a good fragrance for those who enjoy sweet fragrances with cinammon that shows at the end, but not the right bang for your buck in my opinion.

    21st December, 2011


    Love and Tears by By Kilian

    "The inconditional surrender of a jasmine loved in tender musk". I cannot see love in this fragrance, only tears, unfortunately...

    Love and Tears starts totally floral with a kind of semi-sweet tone. I sincerely do not have a lot of contact with floral notes, so, I have difficult to differentiated between them, but this wasn't a problem with this particular fragrance since it is dominated by only one note: jasmine!

    This is all about jasmine on my skin. Pure, dominant, overwhelming and of course, long lasting.
    A fragrance devoted specially for those who love this note, otherwise do not bother yourself smelling it.

    12th December, 2011


    Love by By Kilian

    "The devouring passion of an orange blosson powdered with glazed sugar." Yeah Kilian, I think you said almost perfectly how this scent smells.

    Love opens up with very sweet with a sugary note mixed with vanilla supported by a slight orange blossom note mixed with a hint, just a hint of iris which disappears in a blink of an eye.

    Trough time the vanilla dominates the fragrance leaving a sweet impression which stays until the end in a very pleasant but faded smell.

    Love is sweet, but with this particular fragrance, it could kill someone with diabetes. Neutral score just because I cannot see myself wearing it.

    11th December, 2011


    Prelude to Love by By Kilian

    Kilian said the following for this fragrance: "the innocent invitation of an iris freshened by citrus notes". Prelude to love opens up with a citric chord dominated by lemon with a hint of neroli. Innocent invitation? Perhaps innocent is just another word for boring...

    trough time the citrus opening decays a bit leaving space to a slight sweet orange blosson aroma mixed with a hint, just a hint of iris. A pleasant aroma if I may say, very pleasant, but is it worth the price tag? Well, for ME, the answer is no.

    06th December, 2011


    Beyond Love by By Kilian

    Given the price tag of this fragrance, I tested it already hoping to not like it, but the high quality of it spoke louder. My nose is delighted but my pocket is desperate.

    The opening of this fragrance makes my mouth water! This have never happened before with perfumes! At the top I can smell a very rich tuberose note, the best I have ever smelled, accompanied by a delightful coconut. So creamy, dense, rich in a way that I couldn't believe it was possible to a fragrance to achieve it.

    Through time the coconut aroma disappear leaving space to the star of this fragrance, the tuberose with it's sweet, velvety aspect. Beyond Love has a perfect name! Indeed, as Kilian said, it is the forbidden pleasure of narcotic tuberose.

    In the future I will obligate my girlfriend to use this as a signature fragrance. Hahahah :)

    04th December, 2011


    Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford

    This particular fragrance opens up with an evident neroli note which it's not crude, herbal like in Bois Blond from Atelier Cologne, instead it is slight sweet.

    After about 15 minutes the citric aspect at the top disappear giving space to a more comfortable, soapy aroma becoming very pleasant on my skin, but this EDC aspect makes me confuse...

    to me this fragrance is a good one, but the price tag is just ridiculous. This fragrance does not worth the price tag. If it were cheaper it would be an awesome daily fragrance.

    03rd December, 2011 (Last Edited: 12th December, 2011)


    Hermèssence Vétiver Tonka by Hermès

    Vetiver Tonka is an amazing fragrance, that I can say for sure!

    It opens up with a sensational vetiver note. Pure, earthy and resembling Encre Noire from Lalique (in a matter of fact this entirely fragrance seems to be a corpulent version of this designer fragrance).

    After a couple of minutes, the tobacco note kicks in together with vetiver giving to this particular fragrance a slight smoky aspect.

    Unfortunately the chocolate aspect of it it's not so evident on my skin, but this doesn't take away points from this wonderful fragrance.

    03rd December, 2011


    Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    Ambre Sultan opens up with a strong resinous note right after the first spray followed by a combo of myrrh and spicy notes.

    After a couple minutes a kind of sweet/ambery chord appears resembling Wazamba from Parfums d'Empire, but here the benzoin/coriander combination gives to this particular fragrance a differentiated tone much more like the aroma of Black Cashmere from Donna Karan instead of the sweet/hay present in Wazamba.

    Anyway, a very rich, dense aroma that through time develops into a wonderful fragrance. Ambre Sultan is the ultimate proof that fragrances do NOT have gender.

    29th November, 2011


    Reflection Man by Amouage

    Right after the 1º spray, we have in Reflection an explosion of a super sweet jasmine note. After 5 minutes the neroli starts to appear, but not a crude neroli, extremely herbal like in Bois Blond from Atelier Cologne. Here we have a slight sweet version of it, and that's it. This fragrance stays like that until the end without changing. Boring and without the standard quality of Amouage.

    20th November, 2011 (Last Edited: 12th December, 2011)


    Coney Island by Bond No. 9

    Coney Island starts with a very prominent melon note which is accompanied by a salty aroma and a citric note as well, thanks to the margarita mix. Here I think is worth saying that this salty note is way much better than the one we can find in Sel Marin.

    After about 20 minutes this smell disappear a little bit together with this strange transition between citric and gourmand notes giving space again to a delicious melon note, but not just a pure melon. Here the fruit seems to be soaked in a sugar syrup leaving a wonderful impression that stays until the end. Anyway, an awesome fragrance with an awesome longevity!

    13th November, 2011


    Hamptons by Bond No. 9

    This one opens up with a light citric bergamot aroma combined with a delicate combo of floral notes dominated by lime blossom, which trough time develops into a jasmine dominant fragrance and so, it stays like that for the rest of the fragrance. Not bad at all, but nothing outstanding as well, in my opinion. Thumbs down just because it is not worth the price tag.

    13th November, 2011


    L'Eau d'Hiver by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

    L'eau d'Hiver has the typical Ellena's DNA.

    This one starts out with a semi-sweet floral aspect. Very transparent, very bright, as expected from Ellena. A very delicate and well constructed fragrance.

    Like many has described and I agree, L'eau d'Hiver is like drinking a cup of floral tea sweetened with a little bit of honey and vanilla essence in a not so typical sunny morning in the winter, near a river and a not so far away orris garden.

    An excellent fragrance that does not deserves a thumbs down just because it lacks longevity.

    06th November, 2011


    Orange Spice by Creed

    Orange Spice is indeed a good fragrance. It starts out with a extremely dated aroma (which doesn't mean it is awful!) as expected, with a corpulent and synthetic orange note which makes me remember of Kouros Fraicheur, specially because after this strong opening that persists for about 5 minutes, spices kicks in with a pungent clove note taking the whole fragrance, but here the clove isn't a pure one, instead it is combined with
    that citric chord from the beginning giving another depth to this Creed.

    Anyway, a long lasting fragrance that smells refined!

    06th November, 2011


    Guerlain Homme by Guerlain

    Guerlain Homme starts of with a very prominent lemon note being followed by a combination of salty notes wheres after a couple minutes fades a little bit leaving space for the star of this fragrance: mojito, and so this fragrance goes until the end.

    A fragrance that does not offend anybody but isn't that much pleasant as well, in my opinion. Very different from the usual Guerlain fragrances which I adore.

    06th November, 2011


    Nightflight by Joop!

    This one was a very good surprise, I wasn't expecting a fragrance that good.

    Nightflight opens up with a citric note accompanied by lavender and an extremely synthetic combo that I couldn't identify.

    In the drydown, pineapple, the star of this fragrance appears leaving a wonderful impression even being too synthetic, proving that a note doesn't need to be natural to smell good! Oh, that note is followed by floral notes too, but they aren't too strong, thanks god. Anyway, a very good bang for your buck, fragrance!

    06th November, 2011


    Paul Smith London for Men by Paul Smith

    What a great surprise this fragrance was to me! London starts out smooth and comforting with the fresh aroma of mint combined with lavender where through time evolves to a herbal/creamy side thanks to the appearance of tonka bean which persists even in the base with the appearance of Cypress.

    Overall a very good fragrance that is hard to buy and to find someone using it.

    28th October, 2011


    L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

    L'homme have a citric opening with bergamot being accompanied by a dominant ginger note. A really good combination which may seems to be ordinary but it is not.

    The drydown leaves us with a sweet creamy aspect wheres tonka bean does such an incredible job giving a smooth, creamy and rich aroma to this particular fragrance. Anyway, a very good, safe, versatile and pleasant fragrance that is an incredible alternative for the common citric/aquatic fragrances for the summer.

    28th October, 2011


    Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

    This particular fragrance is dominated in the opening by eucalyptus and benzoin, which may seem strange but trust me, it is really good.

    Through time the drydown appears and then this combo in the opening is mixed with a sweet aroma of caramel leaving a good impression as well but nothing outstanding.

    So far a pleasant fragrance without any similarities to its older brother.

    28th October, 2011


    Very Irrésistible for Men by Givenchy

    Very Irresistible opens up with a dry chocolate smell (it's almost impossible that this note is note present in the pyramid) combined with a creamy hazelnut/citric combo.

    After about 10 minutes, the mint kicks in leaving the fragrance with this hazelnut chocolate mixed with the characteristic herbal aroma of mint. If the drydown was all about this combination until the end this would be an ok fragrance but no...

    after a couple hours the fragrance completely chances to a very strange semi-sweet aspect. It seems that they forgot a bar of chocolate opened for a long time and it just got bad. Pass this one, there are much better fragrances in this price range.

    28th October, 2011


    L'Eau Bleue D'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

    This particular fragrance opens up with citrus notes wheres the acid aspect is followed by peppery notes without leaving aside the typical ginger aroma (which sadly disappears very quickly).

    Not a very good opening at all, but after about 30 minutes, the drydown appears giving to this fragrance a green/herbal chord way much better than the opening.

    If you're looking into this fragrance just because you love the original, be careful since they do not have almost nothing in common!

    19th October, 2011


    Euphoria Men Intense by Calvin Klein

    A sweet fragrance that starts out with a lot of dark fruits and then through time, develops into a dark chocolate fruity scent in a very pleasant way. Sadly projection and longevity are not that good.

    19th October, 2011

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