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Eau de Guerlain by Guerlain

A masterpiece. Magnificent citrus opening almost equalling the riot that is Imperiale. However EDG is more complex and longer lasting. I could not call this genuinely unisex as I feel it favours the masculine. The musk prevails deliciously given time and the whole composition works beautifully.

To date this remains a firm personal favourite, I doubt it can be surpassed.
02nd February, 2011

Givenchy Gentleman by Givenchy

The first fragrance I purchased as a teen back in the eighties. Given its qualities and my distinct lack of them at the time, perhaps a wholly inappropriate choice. Despite this I thought it to be terribly chic and wholeheartedly masculine - at least I was correct in these respects.

I returned to GG last year out of curiosity and nostalgia. Whilst this re-awoke some happy memories it also gave a new appreciation for this wonderful fragrance. Upon application I find it to be potent but not offensively so, soon settling down into a reassuring powdery, patchouli undertone of impressive longevity. One for the well dressed gent (of a certain age).
02nd February, 2011

Quorum by Antonio Puig

This is somewhat of a guilty pleasure. I am not really sure why I like it but I do. This is one to be worn on a sultry summer night and be warned it packs a punch. In fact small mammals could be rendered unconcious through an over exuberant application.

This is as masculine as John Wayne's underwear drawer. But don't be frightened off. Its spicy, tobbacoey and has all the longevity of the terminator. Oh and it is available for silly money (in a good way).
01st February, 2011
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Eau de Cologne Impériale by Guerlain

A brief encounter... However, one you will wish to re-visit time after time. This exudes pure quality and is genuinely unisex. Despite its heritage it somehow seems contemporary and invigorating, in fact it does this better than many modern fragrances that aspire to do exactly that.

Frequent applications required, but then why wouldn't you? Its sublime.
01st February, 2011