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Touch for Men by Burberry

I've recently purchased Burberry's Touch for men. I simply Love it!! I found that Touch has a very comfortable, easy to wear fragrance that becomes part of me with each day I wear it. I've had many compliments from my co-workers..and find that it has become my daily fragrance for the past few weeks. Im also ready to purchase a few more bottles! One to have at work (for freshening up) and One for my home. Guess Im addicted :-)
17th January, 2001

Rush for Men by Gucci

At first smell, I thought it to be too woody, too much cedar..but as it dries down, it took on a completely different scent. It's quite appealing! I've received many compliments as well. One of the first fragrances that gets better after your body's chemistry blends with it! Very different..not your mainstream run of the mill scent
17th November, 2000