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Reviews by rhiannon_chiana

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Musc for Him by Narciso Rodriguez

I would not want to smell this on a guy, let alone on me. It smells like a combination of subdued older man cologne and dirrrrrrrrty. I am used to the clean musks and don't mind them, whereas I found this very animalic, with a touch of spicy. The psychological effect was akin to somebody spraying some spray after using the bathroom- you're trying, so it's not totally gross, but the nasty is still nasty, and it's better just to stay away until it's gone. In other words, this is too dirty and a hint of respectable spice doesn't actually change that. I wouldn't find this scent sexy on a man I was attracted to, I wouldn't find it pleasant on a man I wasn't attracted to, I wouldn't wear it myself, and I'm not even sure who I would assign this to as appropriate (maybe Colin Farrel?), so thumbs down.
16th February, 2011