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Joop! Jump Beach Clubbing by Joop!

Jump is a modern, fresh perfume. smells like LeMale, which means good one.
21st June, 2006

Blu pour Homme by Bulgari

BLV by Bulgari is fresh and elegant. just fantastic feelings will wrap you. the Ginger-Tobacco-Musk scaling combination is elegant.
01st March, 2006

Magnetism by Escada

you want a delicious perfume, this is the one.
Escada Magnetism is warm and floral at the same time. NO woman can resist it!
01st March, 2006
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Black XS by Paco Rabanne

I only tried XS Black one time in the perfume store to decide i have to get it.
fresh from the first wave. i will never get bored of it.
26th February, 2006

Gaultier² by Jean Paul Gaultier

This is my second time with Gaultier after Le Male.
This fragrance let me feel will especially in the cold days. you are my favorite Gaultier².
26th February, 2006

M7 by Yves Saint Laurent

Yuck. this perfume is contradict with anyone who consider himself with a good taste. smells like emulsion paint.
26th February, 2006

Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

Well, i think this is the most elegant warm perfume you will sniff.
I can't but sniff my clothes and wrists.
when you wear this one, you will instantly get n the mood of an formal respectful man. very nice for the evenings.
26th February, 2006

Very Valentino pour Homme by Valentino

This perfume is to be compared only by Gucci Pour Homme. this one is very chic, desirable.
a bit spicy, a bit flowery. thumbs up.
26th February, 2006

Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin by Lolita Lempicka

This is the only one which give me the flashes of old sweet memories, may it's the effect of aniseed and cedarwood. very soft, very perfume!
26th February, 2006

Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

This is the Ultimate perfume. a little splash and everyone around will start sniffing you. awsome effect on gals.
My advice: apply after shower and the effect will be superb. the bottle seems a little fag.
26th February, 2006

Déclaration Essence by Cartier

very strange, very attractive. magnificent bottle.
if you tried this perfume then you will get addicted to it. splash wisely.
26th February, 2006

L'Eau par Kenzo pour Homme by Kenzo

This is the most fresh fragrance you will experience. fantastic for summer hot days, feels like continues cold shower. only outmatched by Paco Rabanne Pour Homme(the old version).
26th February, 2006

Cerruti Image by Cerruti

first i got fond with the bottle, it's a unique masterpiece. the fragrance is another masterpiece. addictive, fresh and clean. suitable for daywear.
26th February, 2006
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Boucheron pour Homme Eau de Cologne by Boucheron

this is a very nice perfume, new distinctive scent. ok for cold days
06th January, 2006

Casran by Chopard

really nice daytime, formal fragrance.
the bottle is so professional and awesome.
30th December, 2005