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Gold Man by Amouage

Smells VERY feminine to me, yes I know it is a floral, but all I get is flowery, dusty and powdery. I could imagine my grandma smelling like this. I love Reflection Man, Jubilation XXV and Memoir Man, but Gold is just too much for me, it makes me want to cough. I'm giving Gold a neutral review as it's not for me, but it may be for you. Credit where it's due, Amouage do use only the best of ingredients and you can smell it in all their fragrances. However, I don't think this one is worth the hefty price tag.
27th February, 2011

Guerlain Homme Intense by Guerlain

Imagine laying on a sunchair in a green garden, the grass has just been freshly cut and you're sipping on a refreshing mojito, cooling you from the hot sun. Guerlain Homme Intense reminds me of exactly this, refreshing, cool, and uplifting. This is one of my favourite fragrances I own. Double thumbs up!
08th February, 2011