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A*Men Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler

Pure Havane is a dud.

Go light on the trigger because I found it to be very strong and cloying for the first 30 min. I got a headache because it was so strong until it settled down. Yes, this does have a similar opening to Pure Malt but a bit darker/stronger. Unfortunately, I did not get any tobacco at all. That was the deal breaker for me. Although the dry down is really nice, the lack of tobacco was a mad disappointment. I thought the dry down was delicious and reminded me of dulce de leche! That creamy milky caramel smell..yum!
Longevity is average 4-6 hours and projection (other than the first loud maybe hour tops opening) is close to the skin for me. I had to touch my nose to my arm to smell the yummy dry down.

In summation, strong darker Pure Malt opening, close to skin yummy dry down, no tobacco, average longevity & projection... I give this a generous 6.5/10

PS. No relation to TV at all. To have any similarity is an insult to TV.
06th March, 2011