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Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton

i got this of a friend as a present and i never like anything to do with Paris Hilton but i actually like this fragrance very subtle smell but very pretty and summery as well she did something right LOL
11th October, 2005

Joop! Homme by Joop!

Joop is ok i dont personally like it but there are alot of fakes going around at the moment if you didnt know what it smells like you wont know packaging is identical
11th October, 2005

Cool Water by Davidoff

my fiance wears this and it drives me wild is the only scent i will allow him to wear he has tried others but they just dont cut it this is from a womens point of view
11th October, 2005
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Baby Doll / Baby Doll Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

beautiful summery fragrance i absolutly love it
11th October, 2005

Wish by Chopard

love this cant say a bad word about it was one of my first expensive fragrance purchases still wear it and love it have had a lot of great comments on it but never let on what it is hehehehe never a bad comment from anyone and Diamonds are a Girls best friend
11th October, 2005

Chloé Narcisse by Chloé

is ok but i find it to be potent and give me migraines but seems to suit my best friend more
11th October, 2005