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Quorum by Antonio Puig

My uncle wore this back in the day. He was a gentleman. This is a gentleman's scent. Now that I'm in my 50's, I can wear this and not feel like a boy playing dress up. This is grown up stuff. Such a great value. A fall/winter go-to for me.
27th December, 2013

The Baron by LTL

I just got it for Christmas...SCORE! My dad used to own it and I was fascinated with it as an adolescent boy. Now I'm turning 50 and old enough to wear it. A gentleman's scent, very oldschool barbershop to me. Refined but not fussy, cool and detached. I'm so glad it's part of my wardrobe now.
25th December, 2012

Lady Gaga Fame by Lady Gaga

A dark hypnotic floral/fruit mystery that continued to unfold on my skin for hours, opening to a smoky, wood/incense accord with a strange coppery note running through it the whole time. I enjoyed it and found it complex, intriguing, most definitely unisex, especially in its black heart. Will purchase for sure. This is no Justin Bieber... Don't count this one as just another celebrity fragrance. It's the real deal!
09th August, 2012 (last edited: 14th August, 2012)
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One Man Show by Jacques Bogart

In the vein of all my favorite old-school powerhouses (Quorum, Bijan for Men, Kouros) yet with its own distinct personality. Once the incense notes kick in after the first 20 minutes, there is something very compelling about this scent to me... I can't stop checking in with it at my wrist to get another whiff. Some may not know what to make of it, but it keeps me great company. Definitely a day-off-from-work scent. A favorite at a great price!
20th March, 2012 (last edited: 26th April, 2017)

Fuel For Life pour Homme by Diesel

Liked it just fine at first... I found the grapefruit opening cheery and a nice mood-lifter! Once the raspberry kicked in, I really started smiling... reminded me of Pixy Stix or warm Jell-O on the stovetop, mmmm! It somewhat reminded me of my old Nicole Miller for Men.
The downside is that it really only took about 4 hours for it to die down on my skin to just the faintest hint of heliotrope and a warm, woody basenote... at that point, very intimate and gentle. Sillage was decent at first, but that too died down after the first couple of hours. I didn't experience it as the in-your-face fruity blast that others have described here at all. On my skin, it was a lot more understated, but I think that's a good thing... all in all, a fun and upbeat scent that I will definitely wear again when I'm not looking for a serious statement scent of the day. I can see this as a year-round fragrance... the citrus notes would lend themselves well to spring and summer,while the warm fruity and woodsy moments are adding some cozy to this cold winter day.
15th January, 2012

1 Million by Paco Rabanne

GRAPEFRUIT ORANGE mint GRAPEFRUIT ORANGE mint for the first few moments.... and then the spices and rose warm up. After an hour, I found I couldn't stop sniffing my wrist. Delectable, warm and wonderful. It's not really me, so I don't know that I would actually purchase it (plus, the packaging is absolutely ridiculous), but this fragrance is a real pleasure ride. Totally yummy. Hours later, the embers were still smoldering on my skin in a woody, amber haze. Mmmmm.
16th February, 2011