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Black by Puredistance

First, this isn't a perfume containing notes that will be easily recognizable and won't be understood by a single wearing. So ignore the negative reviews, these folks just don't get it. Sorry, but there is no way this perfume deserves anything but a huge thumbs up.

It took me quite a while to figure out what Black is all about, it's a modern recreation of a Arabic Ghaliyah fragrance, which is very old but Black is very unique and modern smelling. Ghaliyah is translated as precious and generally contains oud, musk, sandalwood, ambergris and rose among other notes. Black has these notes and the musk used in Black is the closest synthetic recreation of deer musk I've ever experienced. Most other perfumes don't come nearly as close as this. The musk in Black envelops the entire composition in a warm blanket.

Also, there is a very high quality incense note in Black that is present for the duration, and it is possible to smell an accord that reminds one of a snuffed candle. Some other notes you might find resemble leather, patchouli, a touch of vetiver. The rose is joined by saffron and jasmine, but the perfume isn't floral in the traditional way, the florals lift and brighten the composition but aren't very prominent.

Black is a kaleidoscope of notes and the blending and composition are extraordinary. Whether you like it or not, this is an objectively excellent composition, unique and artistic, smells very natural and luxurious. This is a true work of art in perfumery.

15th January, 2016