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Ambre à Sade by Nez à Nez

On paper the strawberry was v. obvious and the amber took some time to develop. On skin, however, the strawberry evaporated within the first five seconds and never came back, replaced by a sweet amber that was uncomplicated but pleasant and lasted for quite a while.
Not my signature frag, but ok
22nd February, 2011

Cuir de Russie Parfum by Chanel

I'd heard so much about this, including that it was so daring and deep that I expected a somewhat masculine and overpowering scent. Masculine it is, overpowering--not.
It opens intense, a tad too strong for a younger woman, smelling of spice and comitment and develops into something softer that smells of clean and soapy leather and skin. The first time I wore this I kept sniffing my arms and shoulders, having a hard time to differentiate between the scent of my own skin and the perfume but finding they mingled perfectly into something rich, warm and natural. I smell clove, maybe a tad of cinnamon, then the leather coming back again and a sense of home and woodfire smoke. The flowers are there, but they add warmth rather than banalitly and don't stop this from being a dead-serious scent.
At first it didn't feel really "me", as if I were wearing a man's cologne. Then, about 5h after I put it on I was engulfed by melancholy. I still felt I smelled like someone else, but that someone was a (fictional) man who had left and my nose kept catching traces of him on my body and in my house. I was quite overpowered by this fiction. I'm nowhere near a breakup at this point in life, so why does this fragrance evoque this reaction in me? A little later it started settling into my skin, weaving itself into me, like a breakup that makes you stronger with time.
I have to try it again and see why I get this catharsis from it. It may be too emotional for a daily scent but I'm sure I want to retreat into it from time to time. I've tried samples of the EdT. Now I want a bottle.
19th February, 2011 (last edited: 21st February, 2011)

Belle d'Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

It tries and fails at being a dark floral. Nothing original about this and it fades within 2h. A lot better on paper though: definitely designed with the impulsive buyer in mind, but although the top notes are tolerable, it has no substance to keep it together and becomes a massive fail.
19th February, 2011
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Eau Torride by Givenchy

My mother bought this as a gift and it blew my mind: fresh, yet sophisticate, light but complex, it was my signature fragrance... until the bottle ran out. Then I went out and bought a second one and it smelled nothing like the first: banal, easy monochromatic and vulgar. It wasn't a bad bottle either: I bought more bottles and the fragrance has changed even if the name hasn't. Now it's a bad perfume that makes me distrust Givenchy marketing strategies.
15th February, 2011

Dior Addict by Christian Dior

I wanted to like this. I was looking for something richer and darker than the flowery/flowery orientals I usually wear (think Chance, Coco Mademoiselle) and I certainly got what I was looking for. It opens like a sledgehammer, with no clear notes to grab on to and settles into a creamy vanilla, rich and heady. However, it's not the one for me. It seems to fight with my natural smell instead of complement it and it's way too overpowering.
15th February, 2011