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Dune by Christian Dior

This was the firt fragrance I ever used. Not such a good choice. The sample of it smelled great to me but the bottled perfume was different. It didn't help that I recieved comments like, "It smells like ALL SPICE!" Considering that men use ALL SPICE, I was not pleased. To its credit it is a warm fragrance. If you like bolder fragrance choices it could be for you.
02nd September, 2005

Aramis Life by Aramis

Many men's fragrances are somewhat of a turnoff for me but this one does exactly what it's supposed to. I would recommend this to any man looking for a fragrance to attract the opposite sex. Not only is it my favorite but one of the few men's fragrances I can stand. A piece of advice: any cologne can be a turnoff when it’s applied as if to douse out a fire- subtlety is the key.
01st September, 2005

Carolina by Carolina Herrera

This is a great fragrance! It wears nicely throughout the day if applied to the pulse points. I found that it also has a calming affect on me, but maybe that's unique. It's perfect for older teens and women in their early twenties. It does remind me of COCO Chanel as Vicky said below. It would be a great gift- say for a starter perfume?
01st September, 2005
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