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L'Eau Bleue d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

I do not recommend. This smell is terribly overrated and is an exact replica of other 'Blue' scents like Nautica Latitude/Longitude and Polo Blue. Several friends after getting a whiff said they would only use this as a last resort for backup. The original L'eau D'issey is far far better.
09th July, 2005

Weekend for Men by Burberry

The first few weeks I bought it I was in love. This is a great smell. But it does wear down on you so it's good to rotate this with other non-citrusy colognes. The perfect amount of citrus mixed with deep woods makes this the best cologne for casual outings. I especially like the way the basenote of sandalwood comes down as dull and relaxing after a few hours. Important note: Not everyone will like this scent so try it first before you buy
25th February, 2005

Romance Silver Men by Ralph Lauren

Having a keen sense of smell for something clean, crisp, and manly, it has been a struggle to find a good cologne out there.
Over many years, I have discovered that there is no ultimate smell that will please every single person. Even the best rated (i.e. Dolce & Gabanna, Versace, Armani) don't smell good to me or many women. They come as being too strong, spicy, and/or sour. Unless your strictly wearing it for formal occassions, they aren't worth it.
In any case, I recently discovered Ralph Lauren Romance Silver on the flap of a magazine. It's an update from the original Romance, which debuted late 1990's.
So I went into Macy's and tried both the original Romance and Romance Silver. Both are really superb. The original romance is slightly more muskier but I chose Silver because I don't like musk - Silver is also slightly more refreshing like you got out of a shower.
In any case, for those of you that would love something casual that you can wear for formal occassions, it is Romance Silver. No question. I had 5 of my female friends try and smell out what they liked best out of my 10 colognes without giving the brand away. Romance silver came first. The only other one that comes close is Chrome by Azarro which might give a woman some chills because it's that good.
16th February, 2005
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