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Aventus by Creed

Oh Lord. If you want to smell like a pineapple flavoured scratch n sniff card, be my guest.....

Faaar too much FRUIT for a supposedly 'masculine' fragrance. But then I find the vast majority of Creed scents make me smell like I've just stumbled out of an eighteenth century Parisian dandy's poetry reading soiree, a liberal sprinkling of flower petals and talcum powder sticking stubbornly to my smoking jacket.
23rd February, 2011

Vetiver by Guerlain

An absolutely wonderful fragrance. Gorgeous from start to finish. Fresh, crisp, clean, yet with a whispy hint of smoky pepperishness just to keep things interesting. I've already bagged myself a bottle of this, and use it as one of my staples, throughout the year.
22nd February, 2011