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Success is the Essence of New York / Andy Warhol Success is a Job in New York by Bond No. 9

AW Success really impressed me.This fragrance is a sweet and a unisex scent.I'm not thinking just like other negative reviews.It stay me for a long time,great longevity and excellent performance.It was so amazing...go ahead Bond...
12th April, 2011

Gucci pour Homme II by Gucci

I haven't found so many words for this Gucci's scent PH II.Because it's a very excellent fragrance.We don't need more than words.Great job by Gucci.I have to say something,this fragrance is not freshing citrus scent,I don't agree some comments about fresh and lighting.Gucci PH II is sweety,woody,flowery and ;great mix.I recommend to everyone.By the way longevity is perfeckt...9/10
30th March, 2011

Sander for Men by Jil Sander

Sander for men is absolutly perfect...Forget another one,you can use everytime in year.Good work...I recommend really to everyone...superior-fresh-spicy-floral-fmasculen...8,7/10
26th February, 2011 (last edited: 16th April, 2011)
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