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Roses Musk by Montale

Maybe my sample was bad, but all i got was a nasty tangy musk with very little rose. Subpar sillage and longevity for Montale standards. Did not like it one bit, but i repeat that it's possible that i may have gotten a bad sample.
26th January, 2012

Bleu de Chanel by Chanel

Subtle aquatic of middling quality. Doesn't really offer something new in the table. If you enjoy this genre of scent (i don't), you could do a lot better and give Creed's Millesime Imperial a shot.
11th December, 2011

Black Tourmaline by Olivier Durbano

This is marketed as feminine? What? This is as manly as it gets.

Strong woods/herbal/pepper concoction. Dark but not insufferable, just on the edge. Very Lutenesque imo, as it is original, high quality and difficult to wear for most people. Probably the type of fragrance you admire, but you never get around to wear much.
14th August, 2011
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Cologne Sologne by Nicolaï

A good traditional citrus cologne. High quality. I like it better than AdP Colonia. Longevity is what you'd expect. Probably in the top tier of the genre, but still nothing ground-breaking.
07th August, 2011

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

Easiest review ever, because, as others have already said, it's exactly what it says on the box: a sweet vanillic tobacco. Opens way too loud and crass, like it's trying its hardest to impress but mellows down rather quickly to a scent that feels just right. Not much evolution or complexity. Hard to think that many people could find it disagreeable though. Fairly versatile too imo, can be used anytime, anywhere with some moderation.

A comparison can be made with Kilian's Back to Black since they have a lot of similarities. BtB has better quality ingredients and is much more complex HOWEVER it leans closer to the "feminine" side of the spectrum imo and can have some longevity issues. TV on the hand is simpler, unisex and has very good longevity and is overall the "easy" choice.
06th August, 2011

Invasion Barbare / SB by MDCI

Typical "by-the-book" manly man fougere that is heavy on the lavender. Quite disappointed to not see any twists or innovations on a very familiar theme. That doesn't mean that it's not good, it's doesn't really raise the bar as was my expectation. Certainly not worth the absurd price. I personally find Bois du Portugal and even the much cheaper Lorenzo Villoresi Uomo to be better in that vein. Giving it a neutral rating instead of a thumbs up mainly because of its price.
21st May, 2011

Habit Rouge by Guerlain

Outdated, decadent and oh so good. If you are looking for something modern in aesthetic, look elsewhere: this positively smells like something that was conceived half a century ago and indeed it was. A good description perhaps for it would be a fresher and older-feeling, less spicy, heavier on the vanilla version of Chanel Egoiste. Very pleasant and complex but can be tough to wear nowadays for a lot of people. Not quite a classic imo, but still a thumbs up. It is worth a look if you are into vintage and opulence, steer away if you want something contemporary.
19th May, 2011

Voyage d'Hermès by Hermès

Best way to describe this is "green musk". Not particularly memorable, not terrible either, all in all...average. I got 3hrs out of this.
14th May, 2011

Back to Black by By Kilian

Very pleasant and high quality with a nice level of complexity while it lasts, unfortunately it gets a big minus for its poor longevity (goes into drydown within 2hrs). No naughtiness or hidden surprises here, this isn't really a suggestive fragrance as the "aphrodisiac" tag would make you think. Much better suited for women, i can see young New York girls from affluent families wearing this (and it's probably created for those). Even for its ephemeral quality, it still gets a thumbs up.
15th April, 2011

1 Million by Paco Rabanne

This is a passionate love letter to bubblegum, the kind we used to chew when we were kids during school recess. I won't bother describing notes and details, since it has already been done exhaustively by other reviews here. What i find interesting is the dumbfounding commercial success of this fragrance, since i can see this worn by an adult only as a practical joke, right now as i am wearing this i feel something between embarrassment and amusement. It would be perfectly fine as a unisex fragrance aimed at 8-year olds and maybe endorsed by some sort of a Disney celebrity that caters to their demographic. Hanna Montana? Shrek perhaps?
12th April, 2011

Rose 31 by Le Labo

I find this rose to be neither masculine or unisex, it's clearly a feminine fragrance in my book. And it's also not a particularly good one: quite mature and conservative, something to be worn by an aging frowny schoolteacher with her hair pulled in a knot.
11th April, 2011

Private Number for Men by Etienne Aigner

I found this in a bag while cleaning cupboards in my home today. I vaguely remember this being a gift waaay back in the year it was released, i had tried this once, then stashed away and completely forgotten its existence and even who the hell gifted me this one. And not with good reason: i resprayed today and it's an embarrassing scrubber that has nothing going for it, no wonder it has been discontinued. Some things are best left forgotten.
31st March, 2011