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Poison by Christian Dior

It's been growing on me

I think this fragrance depends for me upon the season. Now it's summer and I wear it behind my knee caps with shorts. It is perfect for summer because the natural sweat where I wear it soon dilutes it and it is not so strong. In winter this would not be the case - too strong lingering too long. I had been wondering what I could wear in summer as my other seasons are pretty much wrapped up. Spring it's SMN Violetta and Fall-Winter is Molinard Vanille. But summer? I wanted to avoid the usual citrusy thigns that don't last at all like 4711. Well along came the idea, 'What about Poison?'.

Pros: Distinctive alright, nothing like it
Cons: Can be a bit too tuberosey sometimes...see below"

19th July, 2013

Violetta by Santa Maria Novella

My Favorite Scent (and it's not just for women)

Well all I can say is that this is my favorite fragrance par excellence. As a botanist and ornamental horticulturist, I am partial to "botanically based", pure flower note fragrances. When I began my fragrance journey in 2011 I did a study via samples of all of the major violet scents by the various houses. The violet from Santa Maria Novella stood out as the most unique in terms of sharp, crispness of fragrance, not the cloyingly sweet scents of such violets as Penhaligon's. And not off the reservation altogether like other houses make.


The fragrance that gives violets their distinctive scent, ionones, was the first such element to be synthesized, this in the 19th century, and at that time it was popular with men, your basic "Victorian gentlemen". Nowadays any review of a violet will list it as a woman's scent. I do not agree. But it has to be the right violet and this Violetta by Santa Maria Novella is the right violet.

Pros: Sharp violet scent, not cloying; moderate lasting; High Quality
Cons: Too expensive.

17th May, 2013

Vanille by Molinard

Thus far nary a negative or neutral. That says alot. I read these reviews before "blind buying" this and I have no regrets. Just what I was looking for, and yes I am a vanillaphile! (w/ no apologies).
03rd July, 2011
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Pino Silvestre by Silvestre

"Pino Silvestre, aptly named after the genus of evergreen Pinus Silvestris (the common Christmas tree) lives up to its name".

Sorry, botanical correction: Pino Silvestre is, apparently, named for the Scots Pine, Pinus sylvestris. As for my experience of it, I received it this month from a fellow Basenoter and acquaintance, who is very pro-conifer in his fragrance preferences. I had to find out what this was all about.

This a.m. was my first opporunity to try it. I did not initially detect any citrus at all. In fact, 30 mins. in, I still smell the same notes I smelled in the first 30 secs, named "Wood". Not quite as offensively woody as some masculines, but still this just smells to me as "more of the same" old masculine notes. I just don't resonate with them at all. Not surprisingly, I am very pro-florals.

That said, IF I HAD to choose a "masculine" this might be it.
25th June, 2011

New-York by Nicolaï

I quote from Luca the Great:
"New York's exquisite balance between resinous orange, powdery vanilla, and salubrious woods shimmers from moment to moment, always comfortable but never slack, always present but never loud. It is one of the greatest masulines ever...".

I formed my opinion of it right away. Instantaneous even. I felt that this was a uniquely superior class of scent with all of the ingredients working together to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

But no wonder I like it. Luca lists two of my favorites notes: orange and vanilla. Neither of which I smell in New York. I don't smell anything individually. It's all together.
21st June, 2011

Un Jardin sur le Nil by Hermès

What is this Sycamore note we keep hearing about? I know sycamore trees. Some of my best tree friends have been sycamores. A garden on the Nile does not smell of sycamores! because why? because there ARE NO sycamores on the Nile.
14th June, 2011

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

Commenting upon the several posts comparing G.I.T. to Cool Water...
As it happens they were both composed by the same parfumer, Pierre Bourdon.
I couldn't tell from the comments if that was known.
10th March, 2011

Arden Men - Sandalwood by Elizabeth Arden

To Copacabana, the problem I fear is in the European Union Bureaucratic Dictatorship.
You have lost control of your own countries to nameless, faceless, bureaucrats, answerable to no one and in order to justify their unnecessary jobs, they sit around and think up things that MIGHT BE hazardous to SOMEONE SOMEWHERE, maybe, and then outlaw it.
07th March, 2011