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Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

I bought Kouros blind off the internet. I think it is safe to say that few fragrances can simultaneously elicit so much love and so much hate. So I was scared that I had just bought a bottle of pissed-on urinal cake scent that so many loathe. And then I smelled it.

Wow, where has Kouros been all of my life. This is so different, so unique, so good, so unlike everything else on department store perfume counters right now.

The opening is intense. Lots of spice, like a warm cup of chai. Powder too. Now I'll admit, the first blast of scent will not win many converts but good things come to those who wait. About 30-45 minutes after the initial spray you will be treated to a deep musky incense that is truly hypnotic.

I am 25, so this scent is on the older side for me. When I first sprayed it and my wife smelled it her reaction was, "You smell like greasy Eurotrash." Fair enough.

We went out to a crowded bar that night and about 2 hours later she got a whiff of Kouros on me after it calmed down. "Oh my God, you smell sexy." This is what Kouros does if you are patient with it.

The Good: Beautiful bottle. Heavenly dry-down. Great sillage. Monster projection.

The Bad: Takes a careful hand when spraying (one on the chest before putting on a shirt, one on the wrist if you're brave). Older smelling scent. Not for everyone.

Occasion: A date with someone you've been with for awhile (this will scare someone on a first date), bar-hopping, clubbing. Just be careful if you are in a restaurant and you don't give the Kouros time to calm down, this could ruin someone's dinner.

Season: Late fall, winter, maybe early spring if you live somewhere cold.

Get this stuff. Magic in a bottle.

10th March, 2011 (last edited: 22nd March, 2011)

Brooklyn by Bond No. 9

I got sold by the SA at Sak's and ended up buying a bottle of Brooklyn. I've regretted that buy for quite some time now.

The Good: It's different. Some people will think it's good different, others will think it's bad different. The bottle looks great. Projection is good.

The Bad: This scent is distinctly flat to me. I get two notes: Grapefruit and Leather. The drydown is just a less intense version of the opening on my skin, no real evolution from the top to the base. It's also criminally expensive.

Occasion: Definite daytime scent, but I've struggled with the proper occasion for it. I find it a bit too dressy for casual and a bit too casual for dressy.

This might be a great scent for someone, but it wasn't for me. It was different, but not necessarily pleasant. It's lack of sophistication and complexity disappointed me. Also, Brooklyn is definitely not worth it for the price, find something else.
10th March, 2011

Light Blue pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

The Good: Like every other aquatic or "blue" scent on earth it smells fresh and clean. I gave this a neutral because I still get the occasional "you smell good" when I wear this, but otherwise it is a relatively forgettable scent. If you are a guy in high school or college looking for something which is agreeable to most, Light Blue will do the job.

The Bad: This is what a high school guy smells like. To me, it's Just another run of the mill aquatic. Not much sets this apart from Acqua di Gio or Chrome or any of the other blue scents. Musk wood, incense, and oakmoss in the base? Not to my nose. Projection is weak unless you use a lot of it (see high school guy).

Season: Summer. Good for a hot summer day but that's about it.

10th March, 2011
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Chez Bond by Bond No. 9

Chez Bond is good stuff. Of course, the comparisons to GIT will continue to define it but it is still it's own scent.

This is a nice fresh green scent that just smells like spring. Chez Bond opens with a beautiful citrus blast before working its way into a tea inspired heart, and a truly delightful dry-down where the base comes through. The fragrance notes listed above are dead on and they are beautiful. There is a seamless transition from top notes to the base notes.

The Good: Excellent example of a fresh sweet green scent. Longevity is great for this kind of scent, and projection is good as well. Lots of compliments with this one.

The Bad: It's not Green Irish Tweed. The two smell close enough and are priced closely enough that if you want Green Irish Tweed, just get it. This stuff is not cheap. Chez Bond is a great scent by itself, but GIT really defines the genre and has the ooh and ahh factor. Sometimes Chez Bond can smell a bit synthetic, a little too smooth and long-lasting.

Occasion: Daytime for sure, but this one is truly an all-around good scent. Good in almost any season (save maybe winter).

If you are a young guy looking for something different, but not too different, this is the one. A great change from the aquatic scents. If you like it, it is sure to be a workhorse in your fragrance wardrobe.
10th March, 2011