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    Roma Imperiale by Profumi del Forte

    Yikes, total scrubber for me. Fail to see how this can be classified as unisex, is completely feminine imo. This type of scent really gives me headaches

    12 April, 2012


    Versilia Platinum by Profumi del Forte

    Strong scent but very likeable. Most definitely related to terre d'hermes which for me comes as a recommendation. Well done and lasting

    12 April, 2012


    Équipage by Hermès

    This is a review for the vintage EdT. On my skin it's a soft and long lasting perfume. After returning to work yesterday, I still could smell it. For me it's mostly a male floral. It evolves over time but nothing sticks out as a domínating note. A classic male scent that oozes elegance.

    04 April, 2012


    Andy Warhol for Men by Andy Warhol

    One of my favorite summerscents, clean, fresh and a lot of quality edt for the money. Definitely not middle of the road but stands out without being too daring. Give it a try

    24 March, 2012


    Mon Numéro 4 by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    This is a light and elegant scent. Wish my barbershop smelled like this. For me the drydown is the nicest part. It get mostly flowers (carnation like. allthough not mentioned in the note list) and a light touch of leather afterwards. Allthough pretty expensive, it's value for money imo. Cannot judge on projection, longevity is good, Applied it early morning and still good smell it retorning home after work.

    22 March, 2012


    Blu Notte pour Homme by Bulgari

    To me this is quit similar to the original Blv, one of the first scents I bought when I started of in the wonderfull world of scents. The blues smell like nothing else and it's a very agreeable scent. Thought it was the ginger I was smelling but I have sampled some ginger scents but I do not get the same vibe. Anyway, the lifespan of this scent is rather limited but reapply and the fun starts allover. For me a definite keeper.

    02 March, 2012


    Douro Eau de Portugal / Lords by Penhaligon's

    This is a nice one. Cannot pick out the individual ingedients but overall it 's a warm and comforting scent. Staying power id quite good, you pick up the scent ever once in a while. Certainly not a middle of the road scent, which for me already does half the trick. Recommended

    29 February, 2012


    Lonestar Memories by Tauer

    Big let down. Seems to be part of the CdG industrial range. Tar, rubber and smoke dominate. Not my cup of tea

    28 February, 2012


    Grain de Plaisir by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

    One of my all time favorites. Great opening and nice staying power. Don't quite understand why this one has not gotten more reviews, be it negative or positive. It's not your everyday scent but it makes me feel good.

    17 February, 2012 (Last Edited: 07 March, 2012)


    Weekend for Men by Burberry

    Quite like it. To me it smells like lilly of the valley and somehow this scent is connected to my childhood. I checked all other comments but I seem to be the only one that gets the lilly.

    13 February, 2012

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