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Angel by Thierry Mugler

YUM!!! Luckily Angel now works with me, it didn't always, I used to HATE Angel with a red hot passion! I think the reason I hated Angel previously was not only because of the mega dose of patchouli that assaulted my nose upon first spray but also because I was putting one spray on each wrist and that was just too much!! I attempted Angel again while studying up on Innocent (which I like a lot), I kept going back to reviews of Angel and was intrigued by how blank and white the reviews seemed, people either loved or hated Angel with very little so-so in between. I dug out my sample and squirted it on a q-tip then lightly dabbed it on my wrists, I did still get the strong patchouli but it was much milder and the dry down was to die for, on me it's a blend of deep dark chocolate, a touch of vanilla and patchouli. I've now graduated to one spray on my wrist then lightly rubbed on the other wrist and lo and behold I actually LOVE the patchouli now!! My husband loves it too! I think Angel really comes down to personal chemistry, it smells wonderful on some and horrible on some, I also think it is frequently over applied and that's why it has such a bad reputation, if the over sprayers would lighten up you'd probably get more compliments and less scowls.
23rd August, 2011

Womanity by Thierry Mugler

I LOVE Angel and Alien but can't stand Womanity it just didn't work with my chemistry at all, my husband commented that it smelled like Ajax cleanser (not good!).
23rd August, 2011

Nina (new) by Nina Ricci

I really love this stuff! I'm older than the "target market" of this perfume (I'm over 40) but who cares, I think this stuff smells great! On me it's apple, caramel and vanilla. I don't get any lemon or lime which is fine by me because I'm not a big fan of citrus in perfume, I also don't get the tobacco that a few have mentioned. I really think this would be great for spring/summer. All in all a very nice scent on me that is not juvenile so I will be investing in a bottle.
03rd April, 2011
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Amarige by Givenchy

I sniffed this in Macy's one day and instantly fell in love, I didn't spray any as I knew I had seen it at Sephora so I went to Sephora and asked for a sample....I already had 4 perfumes tried on that day so I had no other place to sample it.

I unfortunatly tried it on right before bed and didn't realize it was quite so powerful! I only sprayed on spritz on my wrist and got into bed my husband started complaining about and awful smell....well that smell was me so I got out of bed and showered. My husband can stand Amarige if I apply it lightly (I tolerate it better if applied lightly too!) though Amarige will never be a favorite of his on me....that will always belong to Pink Sugar.

I have the book Perfumes The Guide and get a chuckle out of Luca's review.....he states in part that Amarige is perceptable in parts per billion! I do agree with him, this is powerful stuff!

My son had the day off school today so we went on a sniffing adventure and while in Macy's I once again happened upon Amarige and just had to sniff the bottle.....Yuuuuuuuuum!!!! Funny because I'm an Oriental freak and usuakly HATE florals...Amarige is about as floral as you can get but is truely likable on me. One day I may invest in a small bottle (I still have some of my sample) as I know it will last forever due to my applying in only miniscule dabs...I spray one spray on a Q-tip then dab on to my wrists. :0)
16th March, 2011 (last edited: 17th March, 2011)